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News Agency Removes Report On Iran's 'Physical' Involvement In Syria

Brigadier General Ismail Ghaani, deputy commander of Iran's Quds Force
Brigadier General Ismail Ghaani, deputy commander of Iran's Quds Force
The semi-official Iranian Students' News Agency (ISNA) has removed an interview with a senior member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' Quds Force in which he said Iran had been involved in Syria to prevent the killings of civilians.

ISNA has not provided an explanation for the removal of the interview. The short interview is, however, still available on other Iranian websites.

Deputy Quds Force commander Ismail Ghaani was quoted on May 27 by ISNA as saying that "Thanks to Iran's presence in Syria-- physically and nonphysically-- big massacres were prevented."

Brigadier General Ghaani said that the Quds Force had had an "effective" presence in Syria.

"Despite all the problems that the Syrian government has -- and we have asked them to address those -- Syria is a location of resistance. The reason for all the pressure from the U.S. and Israel is that they have realized the country is impossible to occupy," he told ISNA.

Ghaani also claimed that "if the Islamic republic had not been present in Syria, the massacre of its people would have been multiplied."

The interview was removed by ISNA a few hours after it was published on May 27. But bloggers managed to save a cached copy and also a screen grab of the interview.

Iranian officials have expressed support for the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while denying reports that Tehran has been helping Syria's crackdown against antigovernment protesters.

The Iranian authorities have continued to watch events in Syria -- Iran's main strategic partner in the region -- with concern.

-- Golnaz Esfandiari
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by: Irandoost from: NZ
May 29, 2012 05:20
The real issue is that The Uprising in Tunisia and Egypt caught the US by surprise and they werent prepared for the aftermath, and hence now they are at risk of losing their biggest most powerful ally in the ME in form of Egypt to Islamic Brotherhood through democratic avenues (although they are using every possible dirty trick in the book to ensure victory for their ex-Mubarak goons). So now they wanna make sure that they are "Acting" rather than "Reacting" in reshaping the remaining key nations in the region. They realized as one door closed another few had to open and hence the manufactured "Uprising" in Libya where CIA funded and trained thugs tore the country apart in name of "Democracy"; which is exactly what they did in Iran in the 1950s and what they now doing in Syria. America has always build its ME policy on the shaky pillars of dictators, when one falls, they will erect another one or two. Their psychotic irrational fear of Iran is leading them to continue backing Sunni dictators which will either collapse again or turn on them as they have done so in the past. For one thing US can no longer pretend to be the champion of people power and free speech. Their country is spiraling rapidly towards a brutal policed state, spying/detentions/assassinations/rife police brutality/torture...list goes on. So its case of "Pot calling kettle black". Iran is sorrounded by hostile Sunni nations who are compelled by their religion to kill all apostates (including shia muslims and all other religions). They have lived and endured within their borders for 3000 thousand years, they have Bllod/cultural and religious ties with Iraq/syria/Afghanistan and Bahrain (which has always been part of Iran until the invasion of ME by British in the 1800s who annexed it and gave something that wasnt theirs to a sunni family). To expect Iran not to want to be involved in these countries, to keep them on side and as allies or within their sphere of influence is unnatural and irrational, especially when the most hostile nation on the planet has attacked and is occupying two of your neighboring countries.

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