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Massive Israeli Drone Crashes

The Israeli military says one of its most sophisticated drones has crashed.

An army spokeswoman said the huge drone -- the size of a Boeing 737 -- had crashed into a field by accident.

No one was hurt.

No official reason was given for the crash, but Israeli media said a wing had broken off.

The drone, called "Strong" in Hebrew, can fly 36 hours without refueling.

The Israeli army only has a few such craft.

compiled from agency reports
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by: Brett Keiller from: Not the Middle East
February 02, 2012 22:28
This news item lacks realism. just like the dream of having 200 nukes. best Radio Liberty , laking more realistic evidence or at best citation of the original 'news' item in hebrew, keeps to subject matter around "what is democracy, and why its good for your country" or better yet, entice arabs to talk constructively about the benefits to our world from clean energy, as it is poorly managed oil revenue that fuels extremism and nuclear proliferation.

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