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Kadyrov Forbids Public Display Of Stun Guns

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov wants to see less weaponry on the streets of Grozny.
Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov wants to see less weaponry on the streets of Grozny.
On one of his regular unannounced spur-of-the-moment tours of his country, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov expressed concern over the large number of teenagers walking around with stun guns in several cities.

On June 5, he called on law-enforcement agencies to curb the possession and public display of such weapons.

According to RFE/RL’s North Caucasus Service, the Chechen leader was apparently disappointed by what he witnessed, especially as he has made countless public announcements that Chechnya is gun-free.

Kadyrov cruised around the Sunzha, Urus-Martan, and Shali districts, later meeting with law enforcement officials in Grozny on June 5.

“I drove to the center and other streets," said Kadyrov in a televised speech. "The presence of young people with guns on their belts in the busy and lively areas of the city is shocking.”
Chechens can currently obtain a realistic-looking stun gun for around $500.Chechens can currently obtain a realistic-looking stun gun for around $500.
Chechens can currently obtain a realistic-looking stun gun for around $500.
Chechens can currently obtain a realistic-looking stun gun for around $500.

Kadyrov also equated his own concerns with those of his citizens.

He stated that ordinary civilians feel uncomfortable about the rising number of teenagers who sport stun guns on their belts.

He maintained that, when people on the street see an armed man, they cannot distinguish between a policeman and a criminal. 

RFE/RL’s North Caucasus Service reports that it is common practice for people in Chechnya to carry guns in public for protection.

Since the break-up of the Soviet Union, Chechnya has been marked by two wars, a rising insurgency threat, and sporadic bouts of violence.

Stun guns, which cost around $500, can be easily obtained by bribing officials.

A permit for the possession of a stun gun lasts five years.

Kadyrov, who himself owns a stun gun, does not feel the need to carry it around in public, preferring instead to keep it at home.

In the past, the Chechen leader has actually advocated the use of another nonlethal weapon -- paintball guns.

In the summer of 2010, Kadyrov ordered law-enforcement officials to use these air rifles to splatter "immodestly" dressed women on the street with paint.

-- Deana Kjuka
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by: Jack's manager from: US-russia, the new Russia
June 07, 2012 15:10
Guns are not for children. They are for men. İf you give a gun to a Chechen, he will kill another Chechen. First, the Kadirow must leave his gun, so then the others. İf people leave first, Kadirov will kill all of them. İf Kadirov leave first, they will delete him from history. This is a Chechen rule, is not ? Weak is not man ? Weak must die, so the "powerful one" can survive ? Why did that people were draw a wild wolf on their flag ? Oh Wild wild Chechnya, the bandit land, their rule is = only powerful one can lead, and he leads now.
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by: Jack from: US
June 07, 2012 21:00
The person posting above is not my "manager" but is actually a jealous staff member of RFE/RL, which is itself a Wahhabi-sponsored CIA-financed Mossad-backed NATO-supported Shiite-funded GOP-buttressed NATO minion.
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by: Jack from: US
June 07, 2012 21:44
the above post is also by RFE/RL staff member, jealous of his manager who posted above that. Both of them are CIA agents trained in terror-supporting propaganda war
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by: Jack's Therapist from: Makhachkala
June 07, 2012 23:25
Let me see... Wahhabi, CIA, Mossad, NATO, Shiite, GOP. That's pretty good Jack, you're making progress. Although the Wahhabi-shia connection is a little shaky.

Dont forget to take your pills.
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by: Demetrius M from: Jack's house
June 08, 2012 00:13
Don't forget the black helicopters man. Don't ever forget the black helicopters.
So let me get this straight, RFE is sponsered by the Wahhabi delegation as well as the Shi'ite factions?
Dude, how do you afford internet service because there cannot be a lot of employers breaking down the door to hire you.
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by: William from: Aragon
June 08, 2012 00:38
Jack doesn't need a manager. Jack is a bit of a lone wolf himself - manager unnecessary.

by: Chechen
June 07, 2012 22:33
Cool, I can still carry my AK-74 and PM?

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