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Azerbaijani Drone Reportedly Downed Over Nagorno-Karabakh

Wreckage of what Karabakh-Armenian forces say was an Azerbaijani drone shot down on September 12.
Wreckage of what Karabakh-Armenian forces say was an Azerbaijani drone shot down on September 12.
YEREVAN -- Nagorno-Karabakh's ethnic Armenian armed forces say they shot down an Azerbaijani unmanned military aircraft flying a reconnaissance mission over the breakaway region, RFE/RL's Armenian Service reports.

The Karabakh Defense Army said in a statement that the drone was downed in Karabakh's eastern Martuni district on September 12 as a result of "special measures" taken by its antiaircraft units.

"Fragments of the destroyed aircraft are at the disposal of the Defense Army's relevant services," the statement said. "A commission has been set up to examine details of the incident and an investigation is under way."

The Karabakh-Armenian army also released several pictures of what it described as wreckage of the drone.

Armenia's Defense Ministry confirmed the information about the downed drone. There was no immediate official reaction from Azerbaijan.

Armenian and Azerbaijani forces have previously not claimed to have shot down air targets since a May 1994 truce that halted their bitter war for Karabakh. The reported downing of an Azerbaijan unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) could therefore add to growing fears of renewed large-scale fighting between the two sides.

The Karabakh statement said the Azerbaijani Air Force had been engaged in "visible activity" along the Armenian-Azerbaijani "line of contact" lately.

"In recent days, the enemy's unmanned aircraft have carried out, with fairly large frequency, reconnaissance flights along the entire length of the border zone and, in some cases, violated [Karabakh's] airspace," it claimed, adding that Karabakh air-defense forces had taken "adequate steps" in response.

Azerbaijan is known to have UAVs, most of them reportedly purchased from Israel. A joint venture set up by the Azerbaijani government and the Israel Aerospace Industries company began assembling Israeli-designed drones in Azerbaijan in March.

Armenia officially announced in June that it was also manufacturing UAVs. Colonel Armen Mkrtchian, deputy commander of the Armenian Air Force, said they were capable of "carrying out objectives deep inside enemy territory."

The drones apparently designed by Armenian engineers are expected to be put on display during a military parade in Yerevan scheduled for September 21.
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by: Parda from: Lenkeran, Azerbaijan
September 14, 2011 19:33
LOL thats what they said 2 months ago during summer. What a joke, Nagorno Karabakh is just a silly excuse of Armenia to murder and occupy Azeri lands and then rewrite history. Without the Russian base in Armenia, they wouldnt be able to keep Karabakh occupied. But not to worry Russia will collapse by 2020 as 30% of its total population will die out of old age. Then Armenia will stand alone :)
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by: Taxpayer from: USA
September 17, 2011 22:38

Unlike the nomadic Turkic bands, Russia does not fight with its population - it has nuclear weapons... The so-called "Azerbiajn" republic has about 20-year supply of oil to feed the Sultan Aliyev's dynasty and after that it will disappear from history as a nonsense. Half of Azeri population already voted with their feet preferring to move to Russia to sell carrots and tomatoes on Russian farm markets to the "prosperous" life under the Kurdish clan of Thief-Aliyevs.
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by: Nord Kaukasus
September 18, 2011 14:13
Read the comments and see it for yourself. We need to unite: Azerbaijan, Georgia, North Caucasus. We have too many enemies. Unite, fight and die together or be tortured and die slowly alone.

by: Karen from: Buchuresti
September 14, 2011 21:37
Dear author, I wonder what you meant by ‘The Karabakh Defence Army’? Do you really mean DEFENCE? Perhaps you actually referred to the Attack forces of the Armenian that occupied the Karabagh region of Azerbaijan and massacred the peaceful civilians? Are you sure you should still call it a ‘defence’ army?
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by: J from: US
September 14, 2011 23:40
Hey! Nobody massacred anyone back then. But Mr Antonescu did.
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by: Karen from: Buchuresti
September 16, 2011 00:05
Hey J! That is exactly what I was talking about! The armed personnel under the command of Mr Serzh Sargsyan committed the war crimes as Ion Antonescu did during the war.
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by: Taxpayer from: USA
September 15, 2011 04:31

Wait a minute, Mr. Azeri Propagandist,

Who attacked whom with an unmanned air weapon? It was Azeri militarists armed by Western countries that sent a Western-made deadly weapon to kill Artsakh people.

The Artsakh DEFENSE forces DEFENDED their population from an act of aggression committed by Azerbaijan in violation of the ceasefire agreement signed by the looser Heydar-baba Alieyv former KGB general and Azerbaijan dictator who happens to be the father of Ilham Heydar-ogly Aliyev - Sultan of Azerbaijan and the father of the future Sultan of Azerbaijan Heydar Ilham-ogly Aliyev Jr.

If this Kurdish clan wants to keep their dynasty ruling over this poor country of nomadic Turkic-Turk-Tartars supplying the West with cheap oil they should stay away from Armenian lands!
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by: Atropat from: Azerbaijan
September 15, 2011 10:45
wait a minute, armenian tool,
1st, whole world knows who are murderers! ASALA terrorist group is Armenian based, yep?
2nd, if we wanted to kill armenians, be sure, we would do it, we can do it and we deserve it b'cause you committed genocide in Khojaly.
3rd, Karabakh is our historical land, our internationally recognized land. It is our business to send there UAV or not. And the news is " Azerbaijani drone REPORTEDLY downed by armenian army" but not " azerbaijani drone REPORTEDLY ATTACKED and KILLED armenians". This shows that we are not propogandist, that is you tried to provoke as if azeri people attacked you.
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by: Jim from: UK
September 15, 2011 11:55
Dear Armenian Diaspora Propagandist,

Some facts for you which you blatantly ignore and twist in your favor:

1) Drone is surveillance, not weaponized
2) Azeri drone, shot over sovereign Azeri land
3) NK is internationally recognized Azeri land, numerous UN resolutions support this
4) Armenian is the occupier, numerous UN resolutions support this

In other words, stop talking nonsense, all your propaganda does is takes away from the little credibility the Armenian puppet state has left.
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by: Jerry from: USA
September 16, 2011 07:03
In response to Jim from UK's misinformation:

1) Drone is surveillance, not weaponized
Drones can perform reconnaissance as well as attack missions. Their largest use are within military applications. The shut down is fully justified!

2) Azeri drone, shot over sovereign Azeri land
Karabakh has a status quo. It's international status remains so far unsettled. Currently it is no one's land!

3) NK is internationally recognized Azeri land, numerous UN resolutions support this
B.S... Karabakh was part of USSR as Azerbaijan and Armenia were. The conflict has started before USSR's collapse.

4) Armenian is the occupier, numerous UN resolutions support this
Armenia defended the ethnic Armenian population of Karabakh from Azeri massacres. As a result of war there are buffer zones around the borders of Karabakh to provide security of population. Those buffer zones may be returned to Azerbaijan after the conflict is settled.
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by: James K from: CA, USA
September 17, 2011 03:54
"Drone is surveillance, not weaponized" -- If it is so harmless, can we survey your wife?
According to UN conventions, even a blockade is considered an act of war, let alone flying into someone else's territory.

by: JamesK from: CA, USA
September 15, 2011 05:53
Dear Azeris,
If Karabagh is an Azeri land, how would you explain the fact that there are over 1500 Armenian churches there dating back over 1500 years, and only few mosques built only recently?
Check out the 1894 census data -- 94% Armenian polulation.
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by: Atropat from: azerbaijan
September 15, 2011 10:23
hey JamesK, you think you are clever? trying to teach us history? OK, 1st, check out the ethimology of Karabakh and Armenia... Why do Armenians call themselves Hayastan? Because they know that all historical books, i mean old books, show that Armenia-( a native turkish word)- was populated by turks. the very turks that accepted christianity in III century and all churches (by the way there are not 1500 churches there) belong to turks . if you want to learn the truth, check out the letters of Russian generals in Caucasus, sent in XVII-XVIII centuries. Those letters show that Armenians were moved to Caucasus by Russian Tszar army in XVIII century. They were moved to azerbaijani lands from Iran and Mideast. If you want to get the truth check out the books written by arabian historians in VIII+ centuries, there is no word of Hayastan in those books, there is no word of hays in those books. Livinq in US and trying to teach us our history is simply ignorance or inexperience
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by: JamesK from: CA, USA
September 15, 2011 15:30
Turks accepted Christianity in 3rd century? And were using the Armenian alphabet? Than magically they accepted Islam, changed the alphabet they use. And Armenians fell from the sky, accepted old turkish alphabet and customs? You either provide serious references to back up your claims, or stop posting.
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by: Vahe from: Armenia
September 16, 2011 00:44
wow, I laugh at your stupidity. It is very funny how hard you try to make up history to make yourself feel more important in this world. What other fairy tales are you going to fabricate? Every historian agrees on when exactly the turks arrived in Anatolia (and what a dark day it was). And let me tell you, it wasn't an empty land when you showed up.
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by: Taxpayer from: USA
September 16, 2011 05:11

Azeri Turks continue continue to suffer from their deep "bustard" complex trying to find their mommy and daddy among all the ancient civilizations of the Transcaucasia region. The problem is that they are looking in the wrong place. Their nomadic ancestors came relatively recently from the Altai Mountains of what is now Russian Siberia.

Their travels and genocidal crimes against the ancient cultures happened to be on their way are well documented including their own oral history. Keep in mind that at the time of arrival to the borders of Armenia they had about 800 words (at the level of a young child) in their vocabulary (no need for more when you herd sheep and kill neighbors) and the rest they "borrowed" from the peoples they were attacking.
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by: atropat from: azerbaijan
September 22, 2011 12:17
JamesK from US, simply i haven't seen such a stupid propogandist like you and i have enough material to say this. Ok if you don't believe me, then check out the history of Christianity. I say Azeri people accepted christianity in III century, but u still dreamin' armenian alphabet. first, today's armenian alphabet was intentionally derived from old albanian alphabet. albans-turkish generation settled in Caucasus before christ. They had their own alphabet, the very alphabet that armenians claim on... Using this alphabet and falsifying the truth armenians try to create the theory of "Great Armenia from Caspian to Black Sea. Let's compare -[Caspian sea -Azerbaijan], [Black Sea-Georgia] Then Why Georgia?-because lookin' through even Georgian alphabet we may see old albanian letters. You may ask- 'if this alphabet belongs to you, then why don't you use this today? We -most of Albans accepted Islam in VII, maybe you know. but some of us-christian albans refused Islam and fled to mountainous areas( you may imagine why). today in azerbaijan we have enough albanian chuches in north and west of country. The letters on the stones of those churches exactly show that the civilization in III to VII centuries didn't belong to armenians or something other nation. what do you think ' why do thousands of christian tourists come to Azerbaijan every year, especially for witnessing the very albani churches- the oldest churches of Christianity?.

by: RD
September 15, 2011 07:03
It is easy to see what is going on. All over the Middle East, despots and tyrants are being brought down. Aliyev knows he could be next. Only way he can save face with his citizens and win their support is to re-gain control over Karabakh. If he is contemplating a military option, it will divert the attention of his citizens from his tyrant dictatorial regime to Karabakh. Roll your dice and see what comes up. Even if Aliyev wins a war over Karabakh, he will lose.

by: Hamik C Gregory from: Reno, NV USA
September 15, 2011 12:15
Azeris, in this forum, seem to have hard time accepting the fact that Negorno Karabakh is gone fore ever. They should teach themselves to think about the future!
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by: Jim from: UK
September 15, 2011 15:24
Armenians on this forum seem not able to realize that:

1) NK is internationally and legally recognized as Azeri land
2) Armenia is internationally and legally recognized as the occupier of Azeri land
3) International law i.e. UN is just that International Law, in other words Armenia is deliberately breaching numerous UN resolutions
4) Armenian economy is collapsed
5) Armenia is hemorrhaging its population
6) If Russia did not keep a significant amount of troops in Armenia, there would be no Armenia

I suggest that imbecile Armenian propagandists, like your good selves, stop dreaming and inventing facts to back up those dreams. Instead of taking flights of fancy, why not return to your homeland and see how its falling apart and maybe, do some good and work towards fixing your broken nation. If you don’t, as soon as Russia is no longer interested or unable to support its puppet state, and/or if Iran’s regime collapses, Armenia will be crushed from all sides.

In case you are not aware, out of 4 neighboring Armenian territories, only one is sympathetic to Armenia, and this is a country (Iran) with a massive Azeri population (22 million), a large majority of whom are in the local military structures. When the current Iranian regime collapses, and with the current sanctions and unrest it’s only a matter of time, then Armenia will have no friends and if Russia does not intervene or withdraws, Armenia will be blockaded from all sides and starved in to submission, which if your too blind to see, is already 90% done.

It’s quite likely that there won’t be any Armenia in 15-20 years time.
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by: greg from: virginia
September 15, 2011 18:39
Jim, to your points;
1) In 1848, Texas was internationally recognized as Mexican land. As recently as the early 2000's, Kosovo was an internationally recognized part of Serbia.
2) American texans were lumped in with Americans from the US as "legally recognized" occupiers of Mexican land (ie Texas). Kosovar Albanians were lumped in with those from Albania as "occupiers" of Serb territory.
3) International law includes the Helsinki accords (which are an accepted part of international law). They recognize the right of communities of people to self-determine their form of government, up to and including separation from a former parent country. That right exists regardless of whether or not third countries recognize those communities as sovereign states. As far as your forecast of Armenia's eventual demise, i bet it really vexes you that with all the Azeri's and Turks over there, and so few Armenians, and with the blockade and everything else, Azeri's can't even fly a drone a few miles into NKR without having it shot out of the sky. Those armo's are like ants. They look tiny and easy to step on, yet with all the baiting and spraying and stomping and killing, time goes by and you just can't get rid of them.
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by: Zoltan from: Hungary
September 15, 2011 19:09
Russia will never leave Armenia alone. Armenia is Christian therefore the only ally of Russia in the region.

If Azerbaijan attacks Armenia - as Nagorno Karabakh belongs to Armenia - Russia will intervene. Then Baku can welcome Russian soldiers just as Georgia experienced in 2008 summer.

Does president Aliyev believes that his toy army is powerful? Compared to the Russian armed forces he has only a playground.
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by: Vahe from: Armenia
September 16, 2011 00:46
Don't worry about us Jim. We've been here for three thousand years and we'll stay for another three thousand. We've been through far worse than you in history, if anything it is you that will come and go as yet another insignificant peoples that nobody will remember.
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by: Taxpayer from: USA
September 16, 2011 05:20

Stop misinforming the readers of this site! There is no such thing as "internationally and legally recognized... Azeri land!"

So called "Azerbaijan" is indeed recognized as an independent state, but the borders of that state as any other international borders are subject to bi-lateral agreements between the bordering countries.

After the brutal aggression started by Azerbaijan against the civilian Armenian population of Artsakh during the dissolution of USSR Azerbaijan lost any "right" to this territory that it didn't have to begin with.
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by: Monte from: India
September 16, 2011 19:57
Hey ‘Taxpayer’! You may be good at falsifying your tax declaration in the US. But you may not distort the facts about the launch of the Karabagh war. The previously small-scale incidents between Armenia and Azerbaijan became an international conflict after the Parliament of the Soviet Armenia passed a resolution on the Annexation of the Azerbaijani Autonomous Region of Nagorno Karabagh to Armenian SSR. And the Armenian so-called heroes emerged and massacred the civilians in Karabagh.

by: azeri from: baku
September 16, 2011 04:36
to state the truth my father has fought for the karabagh war on the azeri side and he claimed that karabagh is historically and in modern sense armenian territory and that azerbaijan was just actually taking advantage of the war
because long ago the azeri government bribed stalin to integrate karabagh as an autonomous armenian territory. Even this being autonomous does not mean azeribaijan should claim their hands on a land that has been armenian but stolen this is our the young generations problem now like it was for my grandfather when he was ordered to kill armenians living in naxichevan. When will my government learn not to kill innocent people living on their own lands and stealing their territory.
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by: Jim from: UK
September 16, 2011 10:30
Wow! Does the Armenian state or lobby actually pay you guys to spout all this nonsense. Really, who are you trying to convince?

I work for the UN and am regularly visiting both sides of this conflict, seems that some people on here have not even come within a a thousand miles. It's really quite bizarre to read some of the comments on here. Really, if you want fantasy, just watch lord of the rings, or in my case read comments here.
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by: azeri from: baku
September 17, 2011 00:33
wow really jim u visit both sides of the conflicts huh, interesting to know that someone from the uk named jim actually takes the time to post a comment so biased against the armenian side. But we all know that u live in the uk and u visit and that your very touched upon the azeri side thank you for the help, let me put it this way, this guy jim from uk lives in azerbaijan and he is trying to protray himself as some governmental worker that visits karabagh and azerbaijan obviously such a guy would dare to leave a comment on radio free europe and wouldnt be looking deviantly at comments posted so he can throw his own biased reasoning such that it is the international community reasoning also. You touched our hearts jim thank you mr. bull dudu. What i really hate is my own people talking and pretending like they know it all. This is what the government has done.
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by: Fake-hater
September 16, 2011 20:02
Hey 'azeri', you are an armenian I believe and trying to undercover yourself and generate a public opinion! Stop you fate person!
In Response

by: Jim from: UK
September 17, 2011 07:45
Oh I see. We're back to the usual Armenian propaganda strategy - 'when no factual reason or defence exists, just make something up'.

I gotta say it has really worked like a charm so far! Who needs facts, reason or international law. Armenian propogandists are a law on to themselves! What a wonderful world! LOL!

by: James from: Toronto
September 17, 2011 14:33
The crashed vehicle shows the emblem of “NovAtel” company, operating in Canada. “NovAtel” produces systems with greater precision. Israel has purchased from this company DGPS systems for unmanned vehicles a new generation of “Hermes 1500”, “Hermes 900”, and “Hermes 180”. Israel sold to Azerbaijan only devices such as “Hermes 450”, which do not use “NovAtel” systems.

Note that, during the military parade Azerbaijan mainly demonstrated types of unmanned vehicles “Aerostar” and “Orbiter-2M”. It is also reported that Azerbaijan bought from Israel and UAV type of “Hermes 450”.

Conclusion this was not an Azerbaijani UAV, but Israeli UAV shot down by Iran!!
In Response

by: Taxpayer from: USA
September 17, 2011 22:25

"James from Toronto" aka "Ricky from CA",

Do you get paid from the Mekhriban's HA Foundation for each identical post published by RFERL?

What is this about:

Identical posts under different names... a typical Azeri Turk identity crisis?

by: American Troll
September 19, 2011 03:03
Great team effort, gang. Nineteenth-century census data, a copy-paste about Israel, even an inexplicable mention of Marshal Antonescu of Fascist Romania. Karabakh threads are always digital alchemy--gold out of nothing--but this one truly delivered. AAA+++ Would troll again.

by: edward demian from: Palm Springs, California
September 22, 2011 02:34
There are plenty of Tatars and Turks in Romania. They are not much liked there either. Primitive, savage people. A real Romanian would side with the Armenians every time. I am so bored with the Tatar and Turkic rantings. After all their religion allows to swear on the Qoran with a lie with impunity. I wish they would just attack Nagorno Karabagh and Armenia. We need to finish this once and for all. Let the better men win. On a primitive level, thats how conflicts are resolved. I don't care what bogus UN resolutions gets approved by the Islamic factions at the UN. What has the UN done for anyone. It has not prevented any genocyde anywhere, or ended any famines anywhere. The Armenians in Karabagh have a truly democratic government with term limits, they are building schools, and roads. The Aliev dinasty is just robbing Azerbaijian blind. Why would the Armenians from NK want to submit to a dictatorship. Elect a Democtatic government and than the Armenians may well want to join Azerbaijian. I thought that the trans Caucasian Republic was a good idea, something like Switzerland, but I guess thats too intelligent for some primitive people.

by: Lady Liberty from: NYC
September 22, 2011 14:17
Regardint the recent military parade in Yerevan, Armenia. I think Armenian president has been playing to much Warcraft. What the hell is the point of those priests? Can they cast magic spells and shoot down Azerbaijani MiG 29s? Also note how Russian troops with their flag and their military toys were shown of during the parade. Heck Armenian defense minister even spoke Russian in the speech. This all proofs how dependent Armenia really is on Russia. Armenia might aswell call it self "Armenian colony of Russia."