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The Largest KFC In The World Is In Baku

The largest KFC in the world
The largest KFC in the world
Baku appears to have found the secret recipe for protecting architecturally significant buildings from demolition.

The U.S.-based fast-food chain KFC has opened what it is billing as its largest-ever restaurant in the Azerbaijani capital. The 1,600-square-meter eatery is housed in the city's Sabunchu rail station, built in 1926 after a design by architect N.G. Bayev.

The historic station was part of the Soviet Union's first electrified railway system in 1924, the tracks linking Baku with its outlying petroleum districts.

The imposing dun-colored stone station boasts Moorish influences and features two domed towers.

It had fallen into disrepair before KFC's franchise partner in Azerbaijan, AFK Ltd., is reported to have invested 3 million euros in the station's restoration.

The restaurant seats 300 people, plans to sell about 1.5 million meals a year, and is the biggest KFC out of the company's 18,000 franchises in 120 countries.

The architects who designed the restaurant managed to incorporate many interior architectural elements of the station into the layout, including cathedral ceilings featuring coffered panels painted in intricate patterns.

It's a long way from the first Kentucky Fried Chicken (as KFC used to be called) franchise, which opened in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1952.
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by: andreas drexler from: mattoon, IL
November 13, 2012 13:42
beats tearing it down. id prefer a long john silvers myself.

by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
November 13, 2012 13:43
All azeris are jumping out of joy now that they will be able to eat american plastic junk food:as they say in Kentucky-eat shi - and be happy.But is there gonna be a special kosher section???.You must also add that the local turkish bath which is the biggest one in Asia,before it fell into disrepute will be turned into the world`s biggest lgbt center.Sultan Ali Babalievich`s palace which needs urgent repair will become the worlds biggest and best honky tonky,where all customers will be personally served by azeri kgb attendants.Allah akbar!!!
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by: Anonymous
November 13, 2012 15:46
Camel, be a bit more creative, your posts look boring.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
November 13, 2012 16:04
Sorry,Anon.,I got the writer`s block,you know.How about this?:Anonimousy,thou art not thy lane,your childish rants are so so vain,the best laid posts of mice and men gang aft a-gley and leave us noth` but grief and pain for promised joy.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
November 13, 2012 20:14
I do not care about junk-food industry of any kind,
It is better to eat naturall, modest, healthy food.
I even do not care that Camel is so borring.
But pro-Russia, like the Camel's stories,
Miss not a non-Russian nation - to bite.

Whether vine-bottling place in Beslan,
Or be build electric plant in Ingushetia,
Or just any acheivement even planed
And mentioned - Russia polute media
And their bestial karateli spilling blood.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
November 13, 2012 22:22
You are only right dear Rin tin tin,and Shota Rustaveli couldnt have said it better,meanwhile is it true what they say that you were the inspiration behind `The Knight in the Tiger`s skin`-although we all know your skin is a georgian donkey`s one!!!

by: from: New Maragha, Free Artsakh
November 15, 2012 05:14

I got suspicious why couldn't they spell out the full name of the architect in this article. Why put N.G. Bayev when there is plenty of space and they are probably paid per word for such propaganda articles? Is it because the name looks Azeri Turk this way?

Well, it turns out to be a typical example of nomadic slyness. If they spelled out Nikolai Gevorgovich it would be clear that this famous architect was an Armenian like most famous architects of Baku. Of course he was pushed out from Axerbaijan and continued to create his famous buildings in Yerevan where he died in 1949.

The nomadic Turkic tribes who now dominate the artificially created Axerbaijan Sultanate could not have architects. They don't even have a verb describing building a home. That's right - they use the verb "sewing" a home because literally they would travel behind their sheep and wherever these animals found new green grass and stopped overnight the nomads would sew together their yurts.

This explains why Armenians kept returning back to their homes that their ancestors built and why nomadic Axeri Turks would run away from the Armenian villages they occupied faster than their sheep. In Maragha, Armenian survivors came back after their fellow villagers were massacred by Azeri Turk army in 1992. It took Axeri Turks literally disassemble Armenian houses stone by stone to temporarily drive out the native Armenian population. Now they fight with the remaining Armenian stones destroying ancient khachkars and churches.
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by: Free Shusha from: Coming Soon
November 19, 2012 22:36
Well done. In one comment you have not only been able to combine racism, with pseudo-historical-linguistic ridiculous theories, that with condoning ethnic cleansing, but you have also invented a new category for countries- artificially(!) created countries. What, Armenia was created naturally? by raindrops or something?
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by: RD
November 22, 2012 19:55
Shushi is free already and so is Stepanakert. Stepanakert once more is bustling with life and hope for a better future. The residents of Stepanakert do not have to worry about murderous Azeri Grad missiles hitting them. They no longer live in fear of Azeri thugs beating them and trowing them off buses and burning them on the streets. They live in peace, and so does Shushi. You should go there sometime. You will be safe. Our president does not embarass himself by making puerile comments that all Armenians around the world are our enemy. Very presidential.
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by: Free Shusha from: Coming soon
December 03, 2012 16:26
I've been to Shusha and Khankendi. The earth literally cries and waits for liberation. People have their souls imprisoned. Fear and desperation reigns. But it is to end soon. Karabakh people should have their freedom back, which they deserve, they deserve to be free from the terrorist regime holding them ransom.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
December 03, 2012 19:54
Yes,`Free Shashkъn tavuk`,Shusha is already free as azeriKgb Ilhamistan will be free just as soon.There will be a free Kurdistan,all minorities will have their federations and allahtans like you will have the chance to tend to their cattle in Mongolia.Or there will be a new Zoo in Baki,where Ali Babaly Ilham`s central harem is situated now,and aptal Ilham will have a special cage there and tourists from all turkic petrol stations will come to see a creature no one can see anywhere in the world!!!
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by: Free Shusha from: Coming Soon
December 04, 2012 14:40
A topic in RFERL wouldn't be complete without the usual troll ranting its gibberish.
Btw, Kurds too were completely cleansed from the areas occupied by Armenian terrorists. It is good to see that they don't discriminate at least in their ethnic cleansing.
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by: Jonathan from: Ottawa
December 04, 2012 17:53
I find it amusing how this article which is not racially or politically motived can create such a racially and motivated discussion.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
December 04, 2012 18:29
My dearest `Free Shish Kebab` djan,way back in the 90`s the people of Artsakh-including Shusha-had their chance to vote in a free referendum-and they chose to live without fascist sultan Ali Babalievich Ilham and his band of much more than 40 azeri kgb thieves like you.We all hope the people of Azeristan one day will have the chance to vote the current gang of azeri-kurdish kgb thieves out-Babaly Ilham,as you know is a kurd who sold his soul and rear to the devil who will soon come to take back what he bargained for-and we wonder what will you do then??? Congratulation on your excellent angwish language-where did you learn it???-at the Baki kindergarten or at the Sumgait Academy for juvenile delinquents???Meanwhile all kurds will assure you they are living very well with armenians hopng all kurds in azeri Ilhamistan one day will enjoy the same freedom they enjoy everywhere but in the turkish and azeri occupied parts of their lands.See you soon after we establish our state in Syria then in Wild Turkestan-thats Turkey-and then Cold Turkey-thats azeristan-and if you need any help,just whistle!!!
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by: Free Shusha from: Coming Soon
December 05, 2012 14:45
IF you could make any sense in any of your sentences then one would hope to have a decent conversation. But, unfortunately, at the risk of feeding this troll and doing this in hoping to deter others from doing the same, I should invite you to make at least try to express yourself clearer. I personally don't think you are Kurdish anyway, as you don't seem to have any understanding of their issues. Anyway, if you want a meaningful discussion, you should stick up to a proper standard, such as proper grammar, logic, spelling, etc.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
December 06, 2012 11:54
My dear F.Shusha thing,if you cant understand my meaning then you have a serious moonshine imbibe problem!You think I`m not kurdish-who said I am-I`m just passing thru Kurdistan.You want a `meaningful discussion` naming yourself `Free Shusha`-next thing is you`ll try to make armenians accept Christianity.But its nice to see WASP allahtan mudjahedins fighting for the moderate muslims-that means both their causes are doomed! /Shall I translate allahtan and mudjahedin for you .or will ya look it up in the dictionary???/ Talking turkey seems to be a very good business for bright minds like you and you are this week`s winner getting an electric cattle prod for your efforts.We all hope it will stimulate your thinking activities.And if you need anything else-leftover food-azeri child brides-or just a good old kick in the ass-just whistle.Sorry for the grammar-I was expelled from the Baki Academy for juvenile offenders and couldnt master it proper! Rule Brittania,Brittania rule the waves!!! And long live its breakaway territory of the land of the free and home of the brave souls like you!!! Amen!!!
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by: Free Shusha from: Coming Soon
December 06, 2012 14:31
Still not a single thing is clear. Not to me, nor to any other person, as no one bothers to answer any of your posts. At least I am trying to take you serious and you should take advantage of someone trying to listen to you. I don';t know, maybe you have something good so say, just put a little effort to express yourself better. Or ask help from someone you know. I think people like you can be won by the society if enough patience and understanding is shown.

by: RD
November 22, 2012 19:57
Very smart. You take a beautiful building and then stink it up with fried chicken.

by: RD
November 26, 2012 16:15
It is funny how Azerbaijan needs to spend millions of dollars erecting statues of its dead dictators in other cities around the world just to legitimize itself. I am referring to the statue of Heydar Aliyev in Mexico City, in close proximity to Lincoln, Ghandi etc. What the mayor of Mexico City should do is tear the cheque from Ilham Aliyev, which is bribery to erect the statue in Mexico City, the same way the previous mayor of New York tore up a cheque from Prince Walid Bin Talal after 9/11. We do not need dirty money from dictators in Mexico. I also noticed the candid resemblance between Heydar Aliyev's statue and statues of Kim Jung II and his father in North Korea. Same color also. I guess all brutal dictators shop from the same statue makers.

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