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'Kony 2012' Staffer Jokes About Winning $1 Million And Keeping $900,000

The Kony 2012 campaign has become hugely popular on the web.
The Kony 2012 campaign has become hugely popular on the web.

Oh, the Internets, how they come back to bite us.

After the Kony 2012 video went so viral that even tween Justin Bieber fans were talking about African warlords and child soldiers, Invisible Children, the charity responsible for the campaign, achieved insta-stardom.

But then came the slacktivism critique, allegations of misuse of funds, and charges that the organization had a white-savior complex.
A good series of discussions about Western aid to Africa and activism online ensued, but then the story got all tabloidy again when Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell had a very public meltdown

Now, a new video has emerged, showing Jedidiah Jenkins, the "director of ideology" for Invisible Children, talking to the camera after "winning a million dollars." Invisible Children received $1 million after winning the Chase Community Giving Contest on Facebook. (There's an interview here with Jenkins defending the Kony 2012 campaign.)

Swigging what appears to be vodka, and seemingly drunk, he jokes about keeping $900,000 for himself. "Get on the bandwagon, heeeey. Africa is going to come up in the world," he slurs.
According to TMZ:
A source connected to Invisible Children says the video is a joke that Jedidiah recorded and posted on a private YouTube page right after the group won the prize. We're told the bottle was filled with water, not vodka.
It does look kind of like a joke, but probably not a very welcome one for Invisible Children right now.
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by: Prairie Wolf from: Alberta
March 27, 2012 14:17
And this is why you don't give to overseas charities.

If it isn't the charity-givers abusing/keeping the money, the recipients are buying guns with it.

I feel better buying peanuts for the neighbourhood squirrels than I do about even thinking of giving money to Africa.
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by: alfred from: bristol
March 28, 2012 01:13
Bless you, in your miserably poor understanding of things, generally I can assume, you have tried to justify your non charitable attitude towards over seas charity's. There's one problem with your argument.... Here it comes.. Ready.. Invisible Children are a Western Charity.. They don't work in Africa, don't claim to work in Africa.. I suggest you go find some dirt on a charity that does (maybe Oxfam or STC) and use that to justify your stupid morals

by: Ryan from: San Diego
March 27, 2012 19:20
Non-profits are the snake oil salesmen of the 21st Century.
In Response

by: Himbirty from: New Yrok
March 28, 2012 03:36
This Kony 2012 is open scam. I agree, keep charity donation to your local communities where people need it....Non_Profit orgs are fronts for govs and lazy one that can't work in the real's like a mafia family with a pizza store as a cover for their illegal money laundering.

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