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Kosovar Anticorruption Prosecutor Arrested For Corruption

Kosovo's top anti-corruption prosecutor has been arrested over allegations he took bribes to drop corruption charges against powerful individuals.

Police in Pristina say Nazmi Mustafi was arrested at his office on Monday.

The investigation into Mustafi's activities is being carried out by the European Union's rule of law mission -- EULEX -- which has the power to step in and prosecute cases considered too sensitive for local courts.

Two others have also been arrested as a result of the probe.

Mustafi headed the special anticorruption task force established by Kosovo's Prime Minister Hashim Thaci in 2010.

His biggest case focused on Hashim Rexhepi, the former governor of Kosovo's central bank.

That case collapsed last December when a court refused to confirm the indictment against Rexhepi, citing a lack of evidence.

With reporting by AFP
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by: Johnathan Smits from: Toronto
April 03, 2012 18:33
This is a Monty Pythonesque bit of news. The corruption is truly endemic in the this sad excuse for a State.
Maybe next, the West will arrest the Kosovo leader Thaci, for being a terrorist and organ trafficker. But somehow I doubt that will ever happen.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
April 03, 2012 22:49
The West will arrest Thaci when the latter outlives his usefullness to the West: the same the West did with Saddam (supplying him with arms to fight against Iran in the 1980s - executing him 20 years later), with Gaddafi (kissing up to him to sign oil contracts in 2004-2005 and executing him last year) or with Mubarak (financing him for 30 years - only to ditch him after the people of Egypt rebelled against him).
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by: Jonathan Smits from: Toronto
April 04, 2012 15:49
Eugenio, Good point. These thugs get propped up by the US for being good clients. But I must agree, when he is no longer needed, he'll get axed. Sadly, the local people suffer and in this case the Serb minority living in their NATO-protected ghettos. Shameful indeed.

by: Blake from: usa
April 03, 2012 20:47
This state seems to be doinga good job cleaning up the mess the serbs have caused. Glad to see that.

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