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Amnesty Urges Kosovo War Crimes Probes

Amnesty International is calling on the European Union to do more to investigate potential war crimes committed by both the Serbs and Albanians during the 1999 conflict in Kosovo. 

Amnesty called on the EU to beef up its mission in Kosovo, EULEX, to make such a task a top priority, including more police, prosecutors and judges. 

Amnesty also said more needed to be done to probe postwar crimes targeting Serbs, Roma and others. 

Earlier this week, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told EU lawmakers that EULEX was underfunded and that NATO peacekeepers had to police volatile parts of Kosovo. 

Nearly 13 years since NATO ousted Serb forces from Kosovo, the territory remains divided along ethnic lines.

Based on dpa reporting
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by: Jasmina from: Serbia
April 28, 2012 09:42
You should do your job better then you do it till now ,you have a time bomb among Albanian people who can explode any moment ,because they are certain in USA help in any moment no matter is it right or wrong !!

by: mrvica from: Zemun
April 28, 2012 10:10
I have a feeling that occupation of Serbia is homework for the world.We are small country but it looks that we are the worst enemy for all and only job for everyone is to amnesty war criminals , so that they open hunting season on Serbs!!

by: Dejana from: Sombor
April 28, 2012 12:56
I pray for the day when foreigners come to our country only as a tourists. My youth has passed in watching the military uniform and would not want to leave legacy like that to my children .. especially legacy that war criminals on both sides can just wash hands after killing innocent people that include NATO too !!

by: Darren from: Canada
April 28, 2012 13:53
Very good idea! Hopefully this will convince Europe and NATO that they should allow the Kosovo government to take full control of Mitrovica, by force, if necessary. Why? Because many Serb war criminals have taken refuge in Mitrovica. It is time to liberate the people of Mitrovica.

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
April 28, 2012 14:24
We certainly appreciate the efforts of Amnesty International to find as many war criminals as possible among the Serbs and Albanians ...but
I want to remind the gentlemen, that the most terrible crimes against the civilian population, after the Second World War were committed by аbkhaz bandits in the territory of Abkhazia in 1993, thousands of women, children and elderly were slaughtered on a national basis..
However, I do not hear that Amnesty International has done something to arrest аbkhaz killers ..
Does anyone can explain why?...may be Mr.Whitmore?
ay-oo-oo Mr.Whitmore...where are you?

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