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Emir Kusturica To Make Film On Kosovo Organ Trafficking

Emir Kusturica has already said that the film will be shot in Russia because he is aware that he wouldn't be allowed to film on location in Kosovo.
Emir Kusturica has already said that the film will be shot in Russia because he is aware that he wouldn't be allowed to film on location in Kosovo.
It is certainly not the first time that well-known and at times controversial Bosnian-Serb film director Emir Kusturica has found himself in the middle of a controversy about his work regarding the complicated past of the Balkans.

Almost a week after Kusturica announced that he was planning on recording a film about organ trafficking in Kosovo, the head of Kosovo's association of film artists, Lijirak Celjaj, announced that he wanted to make Kusturica persona non grata regarding his announcement about his upcoming project. He described Kusturica as a director whose film scripts are favorable to the Serbian government.

However, Kusturica already said that the project, which he envisions will take him three years to complete, will be filmed in Russia, because he is aware that he wouldn't be allowed to film on location in Kosovo.

The majority of the scenes will be shot in Russia, the location of the plot. The film will also allude to themes in Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky's books.

Already in June, Kusturica is due to begin filming "Love and War," featuring actress Monica Bellucci.

Kusturica's 1995 film "Underground," which tells the life story of three friends from World War II to the Balkan wars in the 1990s, was awarded the Palme d'Or, the highest prize awarded at the Cannes Film Festival.

Besides receiving accolades, the film was also criticized by French critics for offering a "postmodern version of the most drivelling and lying Serbian propaganda."

In an interview with Tanjug news, Kusturica said that organ trafficking was one of the major topics of this century and "the most brutal act and strongest sign of a return to pagan times."

In October 2012, the EU special task force that has been tasked to look into the alleged organ trafficking that took place in Kosovo and Albania in the 1990s announced its plans to begin interviewing witnesses in Serbia.

In 2010 Dick Marty, who at the time was the human rights rapporteur at the Council of Europe, released a report linking former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK), including current Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, to trafficking in organs taken from Serbian prisoners following the 1998-99 conflict in Kosovo.

However, it was the former chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Carla Del Ponte, who initially made these allegations in "The Hunt: Me and the War Criminals," a book she published in 2008, shortly after she stepped down as chief prosecutor. 

-- Deana Kjuka
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by: Mladen from: Lekovine
April 04, 2013 16:02
This film surely has to be labeled as Sci-Fi as there's no one in the Balkans with the intelligence and training to harvest organs, especially for profit.

Scandanavia, Western Europe maybe... SE Europe, not happening.

Genocide, ethnic cleansing, atrocities against neighbors and family, now these are Balkan trademarks!
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by: Frank
April 05, 2013 13:56
Your evidence Mladen on the former having to do with human organs for profit?
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by: serb from BG from: banja luka
April 06, 2013 18:29
"Love and War," featuring actress Monica Bellucci and predsednik RS was filmed at hotels across banja luka and pale ,,,,well payed ....dodo will love it ....i don't know about wife

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by: Abdulmajid
April 05, 2013 19:51
Very well said Mladen.
The whole stupid propaganda lie falls flat on its face.
Oh, I read reports during the war they did force Bosniak prisoners to donate blood for Serb soldiers but it's much less of a technical effort to take blood than organs, and maybe even that was done more with the intention to humiliate them.
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by: Makedonski from: Makedonija
April 06, 2013 18:10
its okey to Make Film On Kosovo Organ Trafficking but he should also make a film of and about genocide in Bosnia,Croatia,Kosovo and how serbian army raped,tortured and killed innocent Bosniaks,Croats,Albanians and Serbs who not supported their vision of great serbia and ''only serbs'' mentality....make a movie abou Omarska,Manjaca,keraterm....but he Kusturica won't because he only does what Moscow,Belegrade and '' only srbes'' idologes tell him tio do....its so sad and waste of talent
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by: Frank
April 07, 2013 15:29
There're the propagandistic likes of "Makedonski", who highlight trumped up anti-Serb claims, that range between half truths and outright lies, while downplaying the faults of nationalist anti-Serbs.

by: peteko from: There
April 04, 2013 21:45
He could use some of the money that went "missing" when he was the director of that park.

by: Fatmire from: London
April 04, 2013 22:14
Why he is not making a film about the victims of war rape in Kosovo?
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by: Frank
April 05, 2013 13:53
Maybe because that claim isn't as well established Peteko.

Keep in mind that the rape claim in Bosnia has been shown to be an over-hyped crock.
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by: Abdulmajid
April 05, 2013 20:27
Because he is on the side of the aggressors.
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by: Frank
April 07, 2013 15:30
Kudos to Kustrurica, who annoys nationalist anti-Serb hypocrites and liars.
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by: Abdulmajid
April 08, 2013 17:03
Frankie, go take your medication, get off the Kool-Aid, there's a good boy.
Have you anything with which you can prove that the Greater Serb Genocidal anti-Bosniak Crusade was, as you say "over-hyped crock?" Just think for a moment about what you say. What if somebody did anything half as bad to YOUR daughter? have you ever thought about that? And note I have never seaid that the Bosniaks didn't kill anybody; the only practical difference is that they did not commit genocide and the Serbs very well did, and not just once in the 20th century - three times at least.
As for Emir Kusturica, he does not annoy me. I just despise him, like I do with all serbofascists and all self-hating Bosniaks. The other prominent one is Fikret Abdic, the Serbs' would-be Ramazan Kadyrov (btw., that's Putin's Islamist; like in "He is a s.o.b., but he is our s.o.b." True, an American used this expression first, I think it was Eisenhower; but Putin makes use of exactly the same). He3 is no better . As for Emir "discovering his Slavic roots" - why, aren't those Bosniaks who at least nominally remain Muslims, Slavs too? Do you mean to say that by their ancestors having taken the Muslim faith, today's Bosniaks have no right to exist, and to live in their own country, Bosnia-Herzegovina??? If that is what you think then you are truly inhuman.
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by: Abdulmajid
April 12, 2013 13:29
Dont you DARE judge my great-great-great grandfather. Dont you DARE look down on me for what he was or what he did.
And don't try to fool me. So now you say 600 years was a "misprint". And 383 years is close to the 400 years you quote now. And what do you want - to make Ottoman rule undone? By destroying peoples and historic landmaks? you can't. You claim Bosniaks as Serbs, let me tell you they are as Serb as the Americans and Cansadians are English. Yopu essentially say that you have a right to force them back to Christianity, or kill or expel them, like the Catholic Kings of Spain did with the Spanish Muslims in the 15th century. It's exactly thesame thing. When Bulgaria and Serbia became independent the first thing they did was to get rid of the Muslims. If they didn't do it in Bosnia it was only because the Austrohungarians did not let them. So the Serbs tired a century later. You say "no one's supporting revenge on the sins of their forefathers" but first the Serbs have proved the contrary more than once in the 20th century and that was ever only always just a pretext. The Serbs see us balije as "undesirables" and want to get rid of us and until they honestly distance tehmselves from the genocidal Greater Serbia project I will not believe otherwise. As long as that abomination "RS" exists I will not believe otherwise either. And you can diatribe against me and smear us as evil as much as you like.
As for Kusturica I don't mind his having become a christian, it's quite appropriate for a character like his. it was only the icing on the cake. But his becoming a voice for Milosevic and for Greater Serbia. That is unforgivable.

by: malay from: kuala lumpur
April 04, 2013 23:37
Emir is a Muslim name. How can he be a Serb?
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by: Abdulmajid
April 05, 2013 20:11
Because he reneged from his faith and from his people. He had himself baptized as "Nemanja". he made anti-Bosnia propaganda during the war. I have said that here often enough but since he is such a great movie director (i don't think his films to be bad, in fact "Arizona Dream" is great, but I find his stance disgraceful.) it seems that it is forbidden here to say anything bad about him. I mean, like as if I was insulting Akira Kurosawa or Sergei Eisenstein or some such (and talking of Eisenstein, great and immortal classics as his films are they were thought for and are essentially propaganda films for a totalitarian oppressive system.) I hope here they will make an exception because all I have to say about him is based on fact, not on what I think of him.
Essentially he is a self-hating Muslim, or a self-hating Bosniak. For what reasons I will not speculate on. I don't want to know and I don't care.
So of course now he calls himself a Serb. That is his decision. I would not condemn him for it, after all her is not Salman Rushdie (I may think of him what I want but it is not up to me to condemn him and much less to carry out judgment. Worse things have been said about Islam and Muslims and they're still there; and the number of converts to Islam is still higher than that of converts from Islam. The only thing I know is I don't want such a person in my family.) and I am not the Ayatollah Khomeini. But to turn one's back on his own people in times of war is something that can't be forgiven. Much as I welcome back to Bosnisa all those Bosnian Serbs and Croats whpo have a clear conscience and no Bosniak blood on hisd hand, and as much admiration and respect I have for those Bosnian Serbs and Croats who love and cherish Bosnia-Herzegovina and fought to prevent it from being torn apart, the less I care for such Bosniaks who collaborated with the enemy. Fikret Abdic is another notorious example. That Vuk Jeremic has Bosniak ancestors is a disgrace for him but not for his ancestors or for Bosnia or Bosniaks.
Surely, quite a few Bosniaks ARE descended from Orthodox but if they really had been forced to become Muslims by the Ottomans they would have reverted to Christianity as soon as Ottoman rule was removed, and that was over 120 years back and it didn't happen.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
April 06, 2013 09:56
Abdulmajid, how can one possibly "renegate" what one does not have??? Kusturica is man from the 20th - and not like yourself from 15th - century. Religion is for him - just as it is for any normal person - an EMPTY UNINTERESTING CONCEPT. He is not a Muslim and has never been one. He is a normal Socialist Yugoslav, just like so many Yugoslavs who live here in Vienna and continue loving Communist Tito and his "regime".
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by: Frank
April 06, 2013 13:55

I'm not so sure that the ethically talented Kusturica is such a great admirer of the Red Habsburg Tito.
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by: George from: Canada
April 06, 2013 23:18
Ottoman rule lasted 600 years this is probably why the Islamised Serbs did not convert back to Christianity. Maybe it was Kusturica's great great great ancestor that "reneged" from his faith and people when he chose to convert to Islam. Did you ever think of that Abdulmajid?
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by: Abdulmajid from: nobody else's business
April 08, 2013 19:14
Eugenio, those Serbs who committed genocide against Bosniaks ARE from the 15th century because like the Catholic Spaniards of the 15th century did with the Spanish Muslims, they want a racially and religiously pure society and state.
Since you seem to stand for those ideas too I don't see you are any better, so don't try to teach me morals.
And don't insult the Bosniaks by calling them Serbs. They are as much Serbs as those Latin Americans who descend from Castilians are Spaniards.
And another thing: the wars in Bosnia-Herzegovina, against the Bosniak people were NEVER about religion, but about getting rid of an "undesirable" population, the Bosniaks, to appropriate their belongings and their land and to rape their women in the bargain. But like the poor marksmen they are they keep missing their target. The Bosniaks are still there and they will never again be brought to their knees. I would very much like to see what you will do against that. How would you face up to real, live Bosniaks. Fighting on thew www is easy, but on the front line, I'm pretty sure those of your ilk would be utterly useless as soldiers. Except in the rape camps or shooting unarmed, bound prisoners, there they would be real "heroes".
And like it or not, as long as they continue to defend, justify or belittle the anti-Bosniak genocide that is how I will see them: as murderous, barbarian robbers, rapists, ruffians and murderers. Sure I know the Serbs are actually no better nor worse than all other people in the world. So what? I still despise those who see themselves as genetically, morally and in generally superior to my own people and think they can walk all over us. As for the majority of the Serb populace who still refuse to distance themselves from the anti-Bosniak Genocide, I do not hate or despise them. I rather pity how misguided they are. And it is not my intention to commit murder against anyone. Only to make harmless those who threaten my life and that of my people. And here, to refute those who continue to insult my brothers and sisters with genocide denial, xenophobic hate speech, Muslim-bashing, Bosniak-baiting and generally crude anti-Muslim jingoism.
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by: Anonymous
April 08, 2013 19:32
Ottoman rule did not last 600 years in Bosnia. From 1495 until 1878. That's 383 years, not 600. You are as poor in math as you are in history. Not even 600 years in Bulgaria, that was from 1348 to 1878, that's , but there a majority of people is, and ever was, Orthodox. But then of course, over one million of Bulgarian Muslims were run out of the country or killed after 1878. Yet, if the Turks didn't force the Bulgarians to become Muslims then why should they have forced the Bosniaks? and if the Bosniaks chose to become Muslims that's nobody's business but their own and certainly nobody has a right to take revenge on them for anything their ancestors and the Turks did centuries ago. And much less to demand that they change their religion or leave the country, or be slaves. If that's the way you think, remember that it can be made to work on you too. Or do you think you will be the stronger ones forever? Do you think you are invincible??
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by: George from: Canada
April 12, 2013 01:19
Oh sorry Mr. "anonymous" only 300 years of Turkish rule well that's just peanuts and must of flew by. You are right about one thing, 600 was a misprint (should have read 400) but 300 is incorrect as well. The Battle of Kosovo was 1389 therefore we are talking 400 years of Ottoman rule and yes it was forced conversion to Islam. Why would Bosniaks have Serbian names or Islamised Serbian names ending in "ich" Why do Bosnijaks speak the Serbian language and look more like Serbs with fair skin and hair than they resemble the darker Turkish complexions. No one is supporting revenge on the sins of their forefathers but Kusturica has the right to choose his own identity as well. You are the ones attacking his choice and meddling in his business. Unlike Bugaria the Bosnijaks were not forced out of Bosnia after Serbian independence therefore they still exist today, hence I do not get your Bugaria/Bosnia analogy. Maybe your math and history is not that great either Mr Anonymous, no wonder you cannot reveal your real name. Why don't you pick a name perhaps your great great great grandfathers's name before he sold out.
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by: Abdulmajid
April 08, 2013 19:15
And Frank, the only reason why you despise Tito is because he was not a Serb, but a Croat.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
April 05, 2013 09:17
Wow, great news - his previous movies (such as "Underground", "Black Cat, White Car" or "Life is a miracle") were just increadibly good! I am wondering, in this story of kidney-trafficking - who will play the role of the Kosovo-Albanian "Prime-Minister" Hashim Thaci :-)).
To MALAY: Malay, Kusturica was born in Bosnia (where Muslim Bosniacs are the biggest group), but given that he is a talented man (and not one of those guys with Medieval mentality on the payroll of Saudi Arabia) he left Bosnia and installed himself in Serbia - a country where talented people have possibilities to develop themselves (unlike some countries where people just dedicate themselves to sitting in mosques).
To the Forum Administrator: Guys, after you have once made a smart mistake (that you never corrected) by claiming the that WWII "started in 1941"; you made another one now in your Quiz on Kim Jong-Un by claiming that "the DPRK has the biggest army in the world". No, it does not: the PRC has the biggest army in the world - about 2.000.000 servicemen. The DPRK has "only" 1.200.000 servicemen, which - however - will be more than enough to put an end to the US military presence on the Korean Peninsula in the near future :-)).
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by: Moderator
April 05, 2013 11:38
Thank you for bringing the quiz error to our attention, Eugenio. We have amended the quiz to include a new question instead of the erroneous one.
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by: Abdulmajid
April 05, 2013 20:13
Better the Americans with hunger than the Kim Il Sung system, Kaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Mao, Fidel, Assad and all your other friends with BLOOD!
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
April 06, 2013 09:50
Abdulmajid, WHY are the Americans "better"??? Are they "better" because they have spent the last 12 years bombing children and marrige parties with their drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan??? Or because they have been helping Israel to carry out its genocide against the Palestianeans ever since 1948??? Please explain why you like them so much!!!
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by: Abdulmajid
April 07, 2013 21:42
Eugenio, you eulogize Kim Jong Un and similar such bloody dictators. No wonder you idolize Milosevic and his criminal enterprise in Bosnia. No wonder you stand fro genocide against Bosniaks. That says all about you. WHat I said was a paraphrase of some Cuban opponent of Fidel Castro who said, and I think with justification "Better Batista with hunger than Fidel with blood". Which I think is right, while your support for those who committed genocide against the Bosniaks is just plainly inhuman. Besides that you are a hypocrite too because if you stood behind what you say you'd be living in Moscow or Belgrade. And because here you support Muslims and as far as Bosnia is concerned you wish them to Hell. If there was someone with ideas like yours in my family I think I would do more than disowning him.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
April 09, 2013 08:16
Abdulmajid, that's all you have to say - as a supposed "Muslim" - about the genocide your US bosses are carrying out against the people of Afghanistan and on the occupied territories in Palestine??? Weak, Abdulmajid, very weak - and what your words reveal first and foremost is that YOU DO NO CARE when your US bosses kills Muslim children. I hope you are at least getting paid well by the Beavuses for supporting their criminal policies.
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by: Abdulmajid
April 09, 2013 12:32
Like I said, when Americans kill Muslims you say it's a crime - and as far as innocent bystanders are concerned it IS a crime, I know very well sometimes they shoot them on purpose - BUT they didn't do it on orders from their President or as part of a general plan to get rid of all Muslims. There is no such thing as an American anti-Muslim Genocide, just as there was no American anti-Japanese or anti-German genocide. The Serbs on the contrary did just that: and here you say they not commit genocide but they did right. YOU do not care that your Greater Serb buddies killed Bosniaks and raped Bosniak women. You can't be for Muslims when the Americans are wronging them and against Muslims when the Serbs or the Russians are doing just the same. Yet you do that, without blinking. And the Serbs are keeping the Bosniaks as downtrodden as the Israelis the Palestinians. There is no difference. So you can't claim that you are better than me. Maybe I'm not better than you but certainly no worse. So get off that high moral horse of yours and admit that "your genocide is my freedom struggle" and "Your terrorist is my freedom fighter" and "Your hero is my s.o.b." So the saintly Serb nation can do no wrong, and when they do it's right. To that I say “fiat iustitia et pereat mundus – let there be justice and if the world perish”; that's what the Bosniaks and all those who love and Cherish Bosnia-Herzegovina should make their official motto. of course my notion of justice is very different from yours. Let me explain you why: since you say the saintly Serb nation is always right then I can say the Bosniaks can do anything to make justice for themselves because neither the EU, nor the Americans, nor NATO, and certainly not the UN or the Russians will ever give it to them. So, then the Bosniaks too are excused of anything they do. They are tired of turning the other cheek, of being on their knees, they do not need to sacrifice themselves for “peace in our time”, and if Europe or the whole world goes up in flames. If Armageddon starts not in Palestine but here. In a way Bosnia is Palestine too and its inhabitants are Palestinians too.
And yes I do prefer to live in a society where at least I can say what I think of the mighty, and not be put in a gulag for saying it. So whoever is a friend of the Milosevics, Pol Pots, Kim Jong Uns and Bashar al Assads of this world can never be a friend of mine.
The Serbs, Russians and Chinese are NOT better than the Americans, their system is more openly repressive. I see no reason why I should show them any sympathy. They do not represent humanity vs. inhumanity, and the tripe of the "Yankee = enemy of mankind" is an old one. However I do have to admit that with the rise of anti-Muslim notions and islamophobic ideas in the West it becomes increasingly harder to tell friend from foe.
Anyway let us see if you would come out in defense of the Greater Serb cause with more than words.

by: femi from: London
April 05, 2013 12:11
Emir is a Muslim name. How can he be a Serb?

You are right. He is a Muslim from Bosnia but lives in the Serb capital now. He is a complete sell out. Serb gov give him a few dollars and throughout the Bosnian war he supported the genocide and the killing of the Bosnian Muslims that went on by Serbs. These includes even the mass murder of Srebrenica where 8000 man and boys were killed. In other words he applauded the killing of his own blood.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
April 05, 2013 12:45
The name of the man,dear mooselem doves is Nemanja-when the peaceful turkic tribes invaded the land a few centuries ago they converted most of the local population-quite peacefully,of course to their most peaceful of religions,and the locals changed their names with turkic ones-in the most peaceful of manners of course!!! Most christian churches underwent similar conversions becoming mosques in the process and a few million locals accidentally fell under turkic yatagans-these were big knives used to convert some uppity giaours-infidels to the right religion.Now Emir`s had a touch too much pot and he has sold out to the bad old serbs and christian infidels,which calls for another bombing of Serbia and I hope this time the NATO boyz and galls will oblige and solve the problem once and for all!!! Allah akbar!!!
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by: Abdulmajid
April 05, 2013 20:25
I really wonder why you are like that and where you came out from.
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by: George from: Canada
April 06, 2013 23:12
Emir like most other Bosnian Muslims is of Serbian/Croatian Heritage. Many Serbs were forced to convert to Islam during the Ottoman rule, hence their Islamisized Slavic/Serbian surnames. As many African Americans were given English names during slavery the Bosnian Muslims have adopted these names and passed them down to generations to come. These Islamised Serbs also took on the Muslim faith as to better survive during Ottoman occupation. Kusturica no doubt found evidence of his Slavic heritage somewhere back in his family tree prior to the Ottomans seizing the region.
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by: Abdulmajid
April 09, 2013 23:20
" ...another bombing of Serbia and I hope this time the NATO boyz and galls will oblige and solve the problem once and for all!!! Allah akbar!!!" you say.
Heh, heh, heh, haven't you ever heard of the Chinese saying "be careful what you wish for, because you might get it?"
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by: Frank
April 05, 2013 14:00
It's nice to know that there're talented people like Kusturica who don't buy into the pro-Bosnian Muslim nationalist deceit, like the one which dubiously claims as fact that a figure of around 8,000 Muslim males were summarily executed at Srebrenica.

Never mind the earlier lies of Bosnian Civil War rapes in the tens of thousands and casualty figures ranging from 200,000 to 350,000.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
April 06, 2013 11:45
So,the inventors of Genocide against civilians are crying wolf at the alleged serbian atrocities against the Horde which invaded their lands ,killing millions in their wars,enslaving millions of local natives,plundering their wealth and all this because they have the equally murderous colonial west prostituting itself for cheap oil on their sides.Thats very fair,Franky,I suggest you go back to your original name of Chenghiz or Kublay or Mad dog an!!!
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by: Abdulmajid
April 05, 2013 20:24
Yes, I have been saying that all along. I used to know quite a few Bosniaks during the war and they all said his name was despised among them. And yet here they always prevent me from saying what he really is. You said it better than me: a sell-out. I said he is a traitor and a renegade because he turned his back on his people in times of war and reneged from the faith of his ancestors. That would not have been that problematic if the Serbs hadn't been committing genocide against the Bosniaks at that time. As it is such a behavior is unacceptable. Everything I have to say about him is based on fact, not on what I think of him. Only so much, I wouldn't want to have a person like that in my family.
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by: Anonymous
April 06, 2013 11:59
wow! fact-finding mission as its best.

what have these words to do with fact mr. abdulmajid?

it's pure allegation and YOUR individual highly distorted and BIASED statement:

Kustorica denominated as "a self-hating Muslim, self-hating Bosniak".

if you do not become a jihado-robot, brainwashed and wishing to get huris you become a "traitor"?

should he as a director and muslims in general get radicalized (by radicalized muslim friends, in mosques), sometimes convert to islam (if they aren't already muslims)?

get more and more brainwashed, dream of violent jihad and "dark-eyed", "full-breasted" "houris", "a special creation".

should he become a jihadist like other apparently brainwashed "jihadists", take a plane to somewhere to take part in violence.
like jihado-robots, in some way or another, be really naive/indifferent/bored or whatever as to believe that if they kill infidels and if they get killed in battle houris wait for them.

no coincidence that the fascists in europe considered islam to be a great religion since it manifests the power to capture the desires of soldiers who go to battle. soldiers then are verifiably not afraid of dying.

what is more seducing than some "beautiful, dark-eyed houris", "untouched", "on beds", "a cup" close, "full-breasted", "a special creation".
37:48; 44:51-5; 55:56-7, 60; 78:31-4; 55:70-7; 56:22-4, 56: 35-6.

what do some radicalized people who obviously are dramatically influenced, programmed and auto-piloted by racist and fascist ethnic and radical religious affiliation?
myriads of brainwashed jihado-robots waiting to die and to kill while dreaming of some houris in paradise.
what a disgrace.

why not make a movie about human trafficking, the illegal traffic of organs which are truly essential subjects and challenges in this very world!

by the way, actually, not a fan of this director, but this film due to the subject sounds already intriguing!
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by: Isuf Voli from: Kosovo
April 06, 2013 16:09
Dear all readers of this page I want to announce you this so called Serbian film maker Emir Kusturica is a great manipulative person who favors Serbian internal inelegance politics. I want to disprove his latest project on making, a film on “ORGAN TRAFFICKING” in Kosovo. This is a complete Serbian propaganda that is pretending to achieve some political objectives, because this is not the first time that Serbian internal politics influence, incite and inspire artists to work for them. Let us consider one fact very simply, how could Kosovo Liberty Army (KLA) do trafficking in those hard times and conditions. You had had the opportunity to see on TVs the conditions they organized the war. They didn’t have those sophisticated technical opportunities to carry out those operations. Indeed, KLA army didn’t have time to do that. They had to protect their population and carry out their war strategies. Anyway this is not surprising, Serbian propaganda has always been attempting to hide crimes genocides, rapes, tortures before the world and controversy present themselves in side of victim.
Obviously, this “Boat doesn’t float” dear reader. The entire world is the witness of the torture, crime, genocide that Serbian regime made in Bosnia, Croatia, and finally in Kosovo that as result were thousands and thousands of people killed, massacred, raped. I am saying this because it has been proved. Today we have hundreds of original filmed scenes taken originally by the crime sites that the entire democratic world has seen.
While with regard to Organ Trafficking that Emir alludes, there is no any evidence either in a written or filmed form. So it is simply a clear and filtered propaganda that directly derives and sponsored by Serbian internal politics to achieve its political objective against Kosovo.
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by: Anonymous
April 06, 2013 22:50
Its about time that some one like Kusturica, bring the problem of organ trafficking to the light of the wider audience.I wounder,would the movie include the ^ cemetery of numbers" issue too,since the Muslim community is largely divided on the issue and legitimacy
of " organ donation/transplantation".
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by: Adrian from: Antartica
April 07, 2013 08:39
This article is a statement from General Lewis MacEnzie who was at ground zero in Bosnia and testified at the ICTY with the same statement but was censored by Western media.
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by: George from: Canada
April 07, 2013 16:33
Comments such as Isuf Voli's are meant to sway the truth and whenever someone one chooses to hide facts they, like Isuf, try to redirect the conversation to another topic. Instead of discussing organ trafficking he sways towards the topic of "genocide" in Bosnia. It is well known that Bosnian propaganda has inflated the numbers and the term "genocide" has been misused in order to draw attention to untruths and fabrications. Organ trafficking is REAL and has been orchestrated by the Albanian mafia aka KLA. It is a profitable black market business for organized crime, along with sex trafficking, forced prostitution and other operations used by the Albanian Kosovo liberation army!
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by: Martina from: Espana
April 07, 2013 16:51
Dear Isuf, a train can hide another, a propaganda too ...He's right to evocate these criminal facts. Carla del Ponte cannot be considered as a pro-Serbian ! And they prohibited her to speak about what she suspected. Places of torture disappeared with the complicity of occupying occidental authorities. Dick Marty's report has been impeded and minimized. One can lie a bit to few people, one cannot lie always to all the world ! Serbs cannot be always all black, and the others always all white. Seeing only this awful Kouchner, the monstruous Gauleiter, laughing at the face of the Planet is in itself a reason for not giving up. Fortunately, life with the heart of a victim, even paid very many € or shekels, is not so easy and the true story (existing book and next movie) is that this German rich man was overwhelmed by nightmares but also beautiful dreams which put him on the way for truth, God exists and sees all, to Him we cannot lie ! Thanks to accept that a conflict is not so simply, so merely manichean ...Nemanja Kusturica is right to go ahead.
In Response

by: Abdulmajid
April 07, 2013 21:34
To that cowardly anonymous and to all Greater Serbofascist anti-Bosniak serborthodoxofascist anti-Muslim supremacists here:
1.) I refuse to discuss with declared enemies of my people whose intention is to rid the Earth (or at least the Western Balkans) of all Muslims.
2.) I'm not taking back anything I said about Nemanja ex Emir Kusturica. If there was someone like that in my family I would disown him. Of course I'm 100% sure none in my family would ever consider doing that.
3.) Whatever reasons or motives the ancestors of today's Bosniaks had to take up Islam instead of Orthodoxy, Catholicism or Judaism, nobody in the world has a right to attack today's Bosniaks for that or to demand from them to become Christian or whatever. And much less to attack, rob, kill or expel them under the pretext that their ancestors became traitors to Orthodoxy. To begin with, most people in Bosnia were NEVER Orthodox.
4. Socialist Yugoslavia is DEAD and GONE and will never come back (and I for one do not miss it in the slightest.)
5. I would like to see how those big mouths would face up to Bosniaks if they should dare insult them to their face, or if they would come over to fight for Greater Serbia with a weapon in their hand, but I am 100% sure they are all cowards.
In Response

by: Dorothy
April 08, 2013 16:10
@Abdulmajid - I take it that you approve of the genocide of Serbs at the hands of the Nazi Croats and Bosnian Muslims during the 1940's?
Prior to that genocide the Serbs made up the largest ethnic group in Bosnia.
Afterwards it was the Muslims who made up the largest group, as they still do after the phoney 'genocide' of the 1990's.
( Obviously not as bad as the one the Serbs suffered )

So Kosturica is a traitor who reneged on the faith of his ancestors but Bosnian muslims aren't?
What were their ancestors before they converted to Islam?
Mostly Orthodox.
Catholics had the option of moving to the protection of Hapsburg Croatia if they wanted to live as first class citizens.
The Orthodox Serbs had no such choice except for maybe moving to Krajina and being second class soldier citizens in a Catholic country.
Some betrayed their faith and converted for the privileges that came with being Muslim.
Other Bosnian muslims moved to Bosnia from Serbia during the Serbian revolts against the Turks in the 1800's.
Alija Izetbegovic's ancestors came from Belgrade during one such uprising. Their forefathers of course were Orthodox.
Croatian Nazi ideology from the 1940's holds that Bosnian Muslims are actually descendants of Croatian Catholic converts to Islam.
I see that you are an enthusiastic proponent of such views yourself.
You only need to add that Bosnian Muslims are actually Visigoths and therefore Aryan like the Croats.
When you do you will be close to the ideology of the Bosnian Muslim SS and Croatian Ustashi of the 1940's.
Not that you're far off anyway.

In Response

by: Abdulmajid
April 09, 2013 13:04
Dorothy -
YOU said that not me.
So anybody who opposes the saintly Serb nation is a Nazi.
Any further discussion with the likes of you is pointless.
Karadzic and Mladic had Srebrenica committed so that there would be no reconciliation between Serbs and Bosniaks.
I do not think most Serbs are evil. Their leadership certainly is. But for the most, these people are just misguided. If they could be made to open their eyes see what a monstrosity a raciallly, religiously and ethnically pure society and state really is they would recoil from it in horror. If they would finally see that the Bosniaks are human beings too, not, as you say "traitors". Then I take it that for you it is all right for the Serbs to slaughter the Bosniaks. Don't try to deny it, you have already said as much.
You refuse to see it, and most of them refuse to see it too. Then, none of both can live while the others survive (the Greater Serbofascist anti-Muslim supremacists that is, NOT the small percentage of Serbs who aren't like that! Even though I still haven't lost faith that they will become more)
AND no, I don't care what anybody is as long as they are on my side. Let them be Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, as long as they sand by me in times of war I will standby them too.
Don't ever come up again with alleged or real atrocities of centuries past as a pretext to waste my brothers and sisters in Bosnia. If you persist in that then the Bosniaks of 1000 years hence are entitled to take revenge on the Serbs of that time for what happened in 1992-95 too. You can't seriously want that. because you don't know if you will always be the stronger. You are not invincible, much as you seemed it back in 1992.
As for Emir Kusturica he is a traitor not for having become a Christian, that is not relevant at all, there have always been more converts to Islam than from it. But for being on Milosevic's side. THAT is unforgivable.
In Response

by: Abdulmajid
April 09, 2013 20:12
I also want to point out that General Lewis MacKenzie (not MacEnzie; how about learning to write or at least to spell correctly, ha?) is NOT a "neutral" observer of the Bosnian War. He is totally biased against the Bosniak people, if not to say he is an outspoken and outright Enemy of the Bosniak people.
Having him testify about the anti-Bosniak genocide has as much credibility as having David Irving testify about the Holocaust.

by: Isuf from: Kosovo
April 08, 2013 17:05
Dear George and Martina,
Thank you for your comment with regard to my post.
I think it is not professionally to be liked or valued someone’s view because he/she wrote it. It should be valued if that particular point of view is convincingly supported with facts and examples.
I just want to give you some further facts as far as “Organ Trafficking”. You both argue that Nemanja is going to reflect a truth as what happened during the war in Kosovo. Dear Jorge, I am not trying to shift the “Organ Trafficking” topic with that of Bosnia. Of course there was genocide in Bosnia and there was genocide in Kosovo too, and it is totally unacceptable if trying to minimize that. Because it is something that you might have seen with your eyes and you still have real evidences to prove that. This is why international community intervened. This is why Serbian army was expelled from Bosnia and Kosovo. Do not forget that Serbians made crimes in Croatia too. It is Serbia who initiated war in the Yugoslavia. It was Serbia who tried to occupy Slovenia too, but Slovenia was a “bitter lemon” for them. What did Serbia want in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and finally in Kosovo?. I am not saying that all Serbians are bad people. But Serbian regime at that time was like that, and unfortunately they are still trying to walk along that way.
Dear Martina, you mentioned Carla Del Ponte and Dick Marty. Of course they are very well known personalities and influential ones, but what were their evidences, why they stopped their arguments, did they offer any real fact that can’t be disproved, of course not. Why Carla Del Ponte didn’t raise her voice while she was working in Tribunal? She made that after she left her post. Back to topic, “Organ Trafficking” , there is one fact we had a war not conflict as some other call it, but not with organ trafficking, it doesn’t mean that KLA hasn’t made any killing. It might have happened ,because their families were killed and massacred every day by Serbian troops. But there is a clear fact that we were in our homes. KLA army didn’t go in Serbia, but Serbians came in Kosovo. If Kosovo was the land of Serbia, why international community expelled Serbian troops from there.
Anyway, dear George and Marian you should give facts and examples when you try to support someone’s position.

In Response

by: Abdulmajid
April 09, 2013 13:13
Dear Isuf, You are 100% spot on. I have been saying that here and other places for over 20 years all along. If I use strong words and sometimes might get carried away it is only because the attitude of the defenders of Greater Serbia and Serbdom is like "yeah, so the Serbs killed and raped Bosniaks, so what? they are "traitors", their lives are of no account. The life of a single Serb is worth much more than those of a couple of balije and albos. And we can sweep the floor with them." Surely, most Serbs are not evil by nature but if that is the message they get every single day...
In Response

by: George from: Canada
April 12, 2013 01:45
KLA did not go into Serbia but they went into Serbian homes within Kosovo. Serbians were once a majority in Kosovo not sure why or how their numbers diminished while the Albanian numbers increased so dramatically. Maybe Albanian illegal immigration and a huge birth rate is part of it as well as a criminal intimidation of the dwindling Serbian population. Either way the point is that no side was completely innocent. Dating back to WWII, the Serbs were the only non-fascist group in the Balkans. The Croatians had the Nazi puppet ustasa party, the Bosnijaks had Nazi units and the Albanians had the Nazi Skanderbeg divisions therefore one could argue that the Serbs too were victims of genocide in WWII. My question is why all the destroyed Christian churches and monasteries? Why must the remainder still be guarded by KFOR units. Also, I am not sure how impartial Kusturica's film will be but I think organ trafficking needs to be further investigated and not ignored until it is disproven.
In Response

by: isuf from: Kosovo
April 12, 2013 22:23
Mr. George , I see you either do not have enough information or you do not want to admit the truth. You are saying that KLA went to Serbian civilian homes. But who did they kill? How many massacres did they make ? Do not forget we had a lot of internationals during that time in all cities of Kosovo. Why they didn’t report then? Today you STILL have many recorded massacred that you can see on YOUTUBE THAT SERBIANS MADE. Let me give you just one example. Do you know that Serbian police made a massacre in a village called Recak ,where there had been killed over 40 civilian. Thad day there were international observers who see all the massacred people. It was William Walker who declared a clear massacre in front of all international media. You still can see that scene, just go to YOUTUBE and click Recak massacre by Serbian military. Please give me any example that I could how KLA did killings on Serbian civilians. You also argue why KFOR guards Serbian churches. Of course they guarded a t first, and it was normal. Do you forget that we had a terrible war, where more that 70% of all houses in Kosovo were burned by Serbian military, so it is quite expected a kind of irritation towards them those churches? I am totally sure you would do the same if you were instead of Albanians after all those sufferings. Now I see you have no information, today KFOR is not guarding churches but our police, some of them are not guarded at all.

by: Anonymous
April 08, 2013 20:35
Well, it's impossible to stop the TWERPs here on this and other web forums from constantly bad-mouthing and insulting the Bosniaks. But I am of the opinion that fascist statements are not an opinion but a crime, and should thus not be entitled to "freedom of expression". That does certainly not include what I have to say about the Serbs because: 1.) I do not see the Serbs as an evil or genocidal nation, there are no such, only genocidal individuals, but if a majority of the Serbs are just that, or just fellow-travelers it's not my fault but theirs. it is their own horrible behavior towards the Bosniaks and Albanians, not just of 1992-95 but of the whole time since 1804, as shown in history and reflected in the writings of their most prominent writers, from Njegos over Andric to the contemporary ones. THAT's what I object to, not their being Serbs, or Christians or Orthodox or whatever they want to be. And their horrible notion that they are entitled to mete out collective punishment against other peoples for alleged or real offenses committed against the Serbs in the past, to be prosecutor, judge and executor on their own behalf all in one. Such a behavior can't be tolerated. People who are like that should be rendered harmless by all and any means if they pose a danger to their neighbors; the Serbs have proved more than once in history that they did and continue to be willing to do just that. 2.) Fascism is not an opinion but a crime and most of what the TWERPs here have to say is just that: Crude, primitive, jingoist, xenophobic, criminal hate speech. Yes HATE SPEECH!!!! And in the case of Kusturica, also TREASON! OK we can't prevent them from spewing hate speech and indirectly or directly calling for continued genocide or (at least) treading on the Slavic Muslims, or Bosniaks. because they have the undeserved privilege of, ah, free speech. We can't even prevent Kusturica from becoming Orthodox if that's what he wants because there is liberty of religion (even though I would disown anybody in my family who does that, one cannot expect of me to tolerate all things.). It is of no consequence,the list of prominent non-Muslims who over time came to Islam is longer that that of those who did the opposite, so it really doesn't matter much. What is unacceptable is that he committed treason by making propaganda for Milosevic.
In Response

by: Lee from: Isreal
April 12, 2013 02:24
Well anonymous, I am sure you can find plenty of hate literature and fascism within Bosnijak writings and WW11 history so I am glad that you do not condemn races but individuals in stead. All ethnic groups in the Balkans have horrible notions of entitlement to inflict punishment based on retribution. Bosnijak affliation with the Nazi puppet ustase and collaboration with Nazism during WW11 is case and point that the Bosnijaks were not opponents of fascism and genocide. Jasenovac was a concentration camp located near the Bosnian Croatian border in WW11 that was run by Croatian and Muslim fascist therefore the Bosnijak history of inflicting genocide cannot be denied. Milosevic propaganda is not a far cry from Izetbegovic propaganda and the crimes of the Serbian militia is no less offensive that the crimes of Oric or other Bosnijak war criminals. During WW11 the Serbs were the only Yugoslav nation that were on the side of the allies. Serbia did not attack neither Bosnia nor Croatia in 91 but rather the Serbian minorities took arms in defence. Yes crimes were committed but committed by all. Unfortunately the people of the Balkans chose war over diplomacy.

by: Abdulmajid
April 08, 2013 20:38
In more civilized countries xenophobic, fascist and jingoist talk in public or publication of such talk is not just forbidden, it is a felony, a criminal offense, and that is what they should do in Bosnia too, make any genocidal anti-Bosnia or anti-Bosniak hate speech in public or publication thereof in the media a crime punishable by up to 5 years in prison and simultaneous revocation of citizens' rights, at least they should do that in the part of the country they still (barely) control, but unfortunately it will not happen, what with the Bosnian Serbs being given the right to veto anything they happen not to like. Why, they might even force the Bosniaks to institute anti-hijab or anti-mosque laws or even force them to abandon their religious practice in public. Indeed if in South Africa it had been like in Bosnia then Apartheid would have prevailed, Mandela would have died on Robben Island, forgotten, the Apartheid clique would still rule the land, and non-white South Africans would be forced to live in Bophuptatswana or some such and be serfs and second-class citizens. Exactly what the TWERPS want, and have almost achieved, for the Bosniaks. A Bophuptatswana, or a Gaza Strip, for Bosniaks. It is clear that I am willing to do anything, anything at all, to make this undone, and that the lives and well-being of those who instituted Bophuptatswana for Bosniaks are nothing I particularly care for. I think what I have said is most reasonable and that I have done my best to avoid hate speech and expressing genocidal notions myself. But what they did to Bosniaks and Albanians, in 1913, 1941-45 and 1992-95 is so monstrous, so horrible, so beyond good and evil, it only comes second to the Holocaust. because even if "only" about 100.000 Bosniaks were killed and dispersed around the world, out of a total of 1.5 million people that's quite a lot, like 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust from a total of about of 20 million. And it would infuriate even Jesus himself, if I am permitted that analogy. So, dear keepers of freedom of expression, of etiquette and good manners on this and other web sites, I ask your comprehension. And I have said TWERPs only because by that I want to express that I do NOT see ALL Serbs as genocidal obtuse ruffians. I only mean those who are and their worldwide supporters. And it's certainly easier than trying to type "Greater Serb genocidal anti-Muslim propagandists" or some such all the time. As for those who think they must respond to this with insult and invective: i haven't used any here, so kindly refrain from doing so yourselves. Try with some facts instead, but there aren't any in your favor.
In Response

by: Abdulmajid
April 09, 2013 13:15
How strange, I thought I had put in my name before posting this. but anyway, they surely have recognized the style.

by: Abdulmajid
April 09, 2013 20:49
All that Islamophobic diatribe I can read here and on other concerned forums as well, all that anti-Bosniak hate speech, the crude xenophobic anti-Muslim jingoism, the invocation of the Serbs' right to eternal revenge against the Bosniaks, the justifications for trying to destroy the Bosniak people ("they wanted to create an Islamic republic", "Bosniak ultranationalism" "genocide half-truths and lies"); the denial of their existence and their right to exist (by calling them "islamicized Serbs, traitors, turncoats, Turks" etc.) I will not try to refute it here; it has already been refuted by more knowledgeable writers and falls flat on its foolish face because those who utter it condemn the Bosniaks for things they see as right if the Serbs do or think them. I will not waste my time speaking out against it yet once again.
But instead it all should be collected, translated into Bosnian when necessary, provided with names and sources where possible and:
1. The most egregious pieces of it should be made mandatory reading for all Bosniak schoolchildren from age 12 up. (if they are younger it would be too much for them to stomach.)
2. The most xenophobic and inhuman statements should be put up on large billboards across the country, with pictures of the prisoners of Omarska, the mass graves at Srebrenica, the sniper victims, Ratko Mladic and Karadzic gloating, etc.
3. The names of known and condemned Serb and Croat war criminals should be listed against the names of known and condemned Bosniak war criminals so everybody can see who did worse. Likewise, all intercepted military communication of the war should be published so everybody can see for themselves who is the aggressor and who is the victim.
4. The anti-Bosniak diatribe and hate speech should be regular subject of TV talk shows and newspaper columns. Emir Kusturica's films and statements should also be shown in cinemas and on TV so that the Bosniaks will see what he is like (those who are too young to have known him)
5. Opinion polls should be made regularly among the Bosnian Serbs, the Serbs of Serbia and abroad and the general public about what they think of the Greater Serb Genocidal Anti-Bosniak Crusade, about Bosnia-Herzegovina and about Bosniaks or Muslims in general. They should regularly be published in all Bosniak media and also debated at school.
To refute all those who now will say that I incite to hatred against Serbs I will add that all this should not be commented: just the undiluted, raw substance. Maybe juxtapose it with the Serb atrocities of this and other wars, and with Serb literature from Njegos on. Yes indeed the "Gorski Vijenac" should also be mandatory reading at Bosniak schools for that reason. I'm not inciting anybody to hate, just that they give themselves to no illusions about what the people who have resolved that there be eternal enmity between Bosniaks and Serbs, or that there shouldn't be any Bosniaks, really think.
And I think I may be forgiven for hating those who bad-mouth me all the time. So should the Bosniak people.
In Response

by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
April 10, 2013 15:02
Dear AbdalMuu,thank you for telling us what to do,what should be done ,etc.,etc,I suggest we start doing these things in Saudi Arabistan,then proceed in all other mooselem demockracies-that is-first put your bailje houses in order,then start teaching people demockracy.Your glorious posts are like the swirling dervishes-you seem to swirl all the time causing irreversible brain damage to your bailje head,so as the future 3-in-1 Sultan-Eunuch-Grand Vizier of Turanistan you should be more careful,please!!! Abdal akbar!!!
In Response

by: D. Berisha from: New York
April 10, 2013 15:52
just let him make that film. the albanian mafia will catch his ass and he will be vanished without a trace
In Response

by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
April 10, 2013 18:22
Long live the Albanian mafia and its Langley virgin overlords-the pillars of modern Demockracy-what would we do without them??? Swirl like Abdalmud till Kingdom Come,I suppose!!!
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