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Kyiv's Hotel Ukraine Becomes Makeshift Morgue

The helmet of a dead antigovernment protester lies on bloody sheets in the lobby of the Hotel Ukraine.
The helmet of a dead antigovernment protester lies on bloody sheets in the lobby of the Hotel Ukraine.
The Hotel Ukraine, a four-star establishment hovering over Kyiv's Independence Square, has been a choice spot for journalists covering anti-government protests in Ukraine.

Today it became a morgue.

Here's the chronology of events.

Early in the morning, Ukrainian security personnel opened fire on demonstrators in the square. There were simultaneous reports of shots fired at the hotel.

Duncan Crawford, a BBC correspondent staying at the hotel, posted this photo.

Matt McGarry, a freelance correspondent for ABC, posted this

Soon after, demonstrators and medics began rushing wounded protesters to the hotel. 

Medical personnel set up an emergency unit.

Seriously injured protesters being treated in foyer of hotel ... on Twitpic

And then the hotel became a makeshift morgue.

Olga Bogomolets is the chief medic for the protest movement. "We have no one who was shot in the arms or legs," she said. "All of them are shot with metal bullets directly in the heart."

-- Glenn Kates
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by: Anonymous
February 20, 2014 21:10
I am sorry for the lives lost
but honestly
they wanted all this
after 3 months
when they realized that it was reaching an agreement
have launched an attack believed decisive

if you lose the capacity for dialogue
there is only one solution
because the power legally elected
has a duty to ensure public order
In Response

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
February 21, 2014 09:22
... and if the legally elected power fails to do so, the Russian army will...

by: Anonymous
February 20, 2014 21:11
mors tua
vita mea

by: olga k from: Toronto
February 21, 2014 07:06
The shooting at this window is mentioned in a sniper's conversation that was leaked at youtube:

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
February 21, 2014 09:20
Just as I was saying: Yanek is becoming another Baschar al-Assad, whereas all the friends of Angela Merkel in Ukraine are increasingly likely to end up the same way the friends of Hillary Clinton ended up in Syria...
By the way, yesterday Vladimir Putin stressed the importance of maintaining the Russian armed forces in a good shape. Yes, actually it took them 5 days in August 2008 to put the dots on the Is in the war against Mischa. And it will probably take them just a little longer should a Maidan-related action become reality :-)).

by: Kathleen Langridge from: Latvia
February 21, 2014 11:19
Is the government of the Ukraine, legally elected. I do not think so. Hence the protesters throughout the country. The citizens are speaking and I hope they can hold on until they are heard and Putin is shoved out .

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 22, 2014 10:10
Anonymous, your impudence is unbelievable!
I even saw you on an before news forum, instigating
American "right", "gun lobby" and Nazis against Ukraine!
It is Russia that provoking and carrying it out to be Empire:
So far, while Ukraine negotiating a way out, another attempt,
By Russia re-expand Empire, I have to make short remark:
As Free Ukraine try live in dignity, be in Common Wealth
With Europe, Russia and CIS, Russia tried be masters,
Put down fire they themselves start in people's hearts
And on Maidan with Gorbachev-Cheushesku bullets,
Snipers from Russia and Russian's influx in the East.
Also they bring the "Titushkas" as it once happened
During "Golodomor" - "Titushkas" grondfathers went
To East Ukraine villages and took away all food, put
On both ends of each village with one street snipers
And were killing hungry Ukrainians, if tried look there
For some frozen in fields potato, grass or tree leaves.
Will it help make peace in Ukraine? Are Russians try
If Ukrainians as Romanians, last Cheushesku's days,
Turn into vengeance of a crowd, excuse for Russians
To invade and divide Ukraine with Austria-Germany?
I don't think it will work! Ukrainian Citizens must stay
United and be masters of their own destiny, Russians!

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