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Kyrgyz Officials Reject Muslim Sect

BISHKEK -- Kyrgyz religious authorities have refused to re-register the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, RFE/RL's Kyrgyz Service reports.

Sagynbek Toktorbaev, a representative of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Kyrgyzstan, told RFE/RL on December 29 that the government's State Commission on Religious Affairs rejected their re-registration.

He said the commission's decision violates the rights of the some 1,000 members of the Kyrgyz branch of the Ahmadiyya community, an Islamic revivalist movement founded in India in the late 1800s by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Some of the Ahmadiyya community's beliefs are considered controversial with mainstream Muslims.

Yusub Baltabaev, an official with the State Commission on Religious Affairs, told RFE/RL that the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kyrgyzstan (SAMK) proposed that the activities of Ahmadiyya in Kyrgyzstan be suspended because of its alleged "threat to religious security" in the country.

SAMK official Zhorobay Shergaziev told RFE/RL on December 29 that the Ahmadiyya Muslim community is controversial and does not comply with Shari'a law.

The activity of the Ahmadiyya community, which has its main office in London, was first registered in Kyrgyzstan in 2002.

Ahmadiyya representatives translated the Koran into Kyrgyz and published 3,000 copies of their interpretation, which was not approved by the official Kyrgyz Muslim clergy.

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by: Adam Walker from: United Kingdom
December 31, 2011 00:23
The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a peaceful community which has, for the entirety of its existence, worked tirelessly to help humanity regardless of anyone's background, gender, or creed. Ahmadis are Muslims and believe 100% in the Pillars and Articles of Islamic faith with no exception. Rather than posing a threat to Religious Security, it is the Ahmadi Muslim Community which is continuously persecuted across the world. I pray and hope that the Kyrgyz Government, Kyrgyz Muslim Clerics, and all of our Kyrgyz brothers and sisters reconsider this decision. The beliefs and activities of the Community are very transparent and all are welcome to investigate the community at sites such as: and

by: jari from: USA
December 31, 2011 06:01
Here is another example of becoming God. no one else has a right to decide other's faith. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the only organization that depicts true picture of Islam, which is peace and harmony. it is sad day for Kragyz to declare such a thing. visit for more informatons or ( 24 hr channel of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community)

by: Peaceworld from: United Kingdom
December 31, 2011 11:56
Kyrgyzstan please don't restrict religious freedom.
Don't become Pakistan.
Just look at Pakistan today,
and it should be enough to motivate you not to go that way.

This is a sincere request

by: Joshua Goldstein from: London
December 31, 2011 18:52
There are some factual errors in this article.

1) The Ahmadiyya, specifically, the Qadiani branch of the Ahmadiyya, is not a Muslim sect. Not a single scholar in the mainstream accepts the Qadianis as a Muslim entity. It is certainly not for anti-Islamic entities to decide who is Muslim and who is not, and the normative tradition has every right to stand its ground here.

2) The Ahmadiyya is not a revivalist movement. It's a cult. Period. When members are banned from having personal Facebook accounts and are forced to "contribute" large sums of money to stay "within the fold", what is that if not a cult? Certainly they are more interested in political troublemaking than religion.

3) Of course the Ahmadiyya translation was not going to be approved. They routinely mistranslate key verses. This is heretical to Muslims, understandably so.

4) The Ahmadiyya has a base in Haifa, Israel from where it broadcasts anti-Muslim propaganda, the same channel routinely deceives its viewers (google MTA3 leaks) - they are politically active in the USA, where their chief political function is to malign Muslims on Fox TV and they are headquartered in the UK. Of course they are going to be anti-Muslim. The word "duh" springs to mind.

Western media outlets are in the shabby habit of repeating the Ahmadiyya's well-worn canards and would do well to do some basic research.
In Response

by: Masood Nasir from: Canada
January 01, 2012 15:01
Joshua Goldstein does not know anything about Islam and is trying to become a judge without any authority to decide who is a Muslim or not. Wow!

1) Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a Muslim sect who believes in the Messiah, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian. All other Muslims also believe that a Messiah will come in Islam. The only difference is that other Muslims are waiting forever while Ahmadi Muslims accepted the Messiah who came with Mighty Signs fulfilling prophecies of Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw)

2) Calling an open community like Ahmadiyya Muslim Community as cult in itself shows how shallow is Joshua Goldstein (a fake identity) trying to prove nothing! Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is an open community with its mosques open for all people to come and pray. There is nothing cultish about Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, however those who leave the community follow a cult called Anti-Ahmadiyya and follow secret rituals including lying and deceit for the purpose of suppressing truth. Looks like Joshua Goldstein is a member of that cult.

3) The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has published Holy Quran translation into English and 70 other languages and its translation has been praised to be best by Saudi authorities as well. There is no doubt that different sects will disagree on the translation. However if Ahmadiyya translation defends the Holy Quran and non-Ahmadi translations offend it, then it is pretty clear whose translation should be adopted.

4) Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is at the forefront of defending Islam and Muslims in every part of the world. They do not site behind computer screens to malign others like Joshua Goldstein is doing here. They go out in public to spread the true message of peace of Islam. I'm myself involved in it so I know first hand. Muslims For Life, Muslims for Peace and Muslims for Loyalty are some of the latest campaigns run by thousands of volunteers of Ahmadiyya Muslims. Nowhere in any campaign any Muslim has been maligned. However if Joshua Goldstein likes to praise terrorists and supports terrorists ideologies and call them Islamic then shame on such people who malign Islam and Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

Peace to all who follow the guidance.
In Response

by: Naeem from: Toronto
January 02, 2012 02:53
Joshua Goldstein appears to be a terrorist using a fake name and very little knowlege of Islam.
1. It is the only sect of Islam which defeneded Islam against Christian scholars who debated negetively about Islam in India during the British rule. Where were these so called "scholars "then?
2. Ahmadiyya is a true revival of Islam believing in peace and brotherhood. Unfortunately the fake Joshua Goldstein beieves in terrorism and conflict.
3. Ahmadis do contribute in the way of Allah tyo help the poor and also the propagation of Islam? No body is forced to pay any sum. People contribute based on their means. Where is Joshua Goldstein contributing? Arms and terrorism which has given Islam a bad name!
4. Besides Ahmadis, sunnis and shia also reside in Haifa nad other parts of Islarel. These are Palestenian Ahmadis. Why should they leave their ancerstrol home and go any where else?
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by: Salie from: South Africa
January 09, 2012 16:37
How can qadianism be at the forefront when everything you claim as being muslim was taken from the people before mirza ghulam? The issue against qadianis is the man and his claims, his claim that he saw he was Allah in a dream, the fact that he said he was higher than Nabi Muhamed(SAW), then he said he was Nabi(SAW), what was this guy actually, Houdini?
In Response

by: Maudood A. B. from: USA
January 02, 2012 19:10
1) Not a single scholar in the mainstream is promoted to be God to decide people's fate so the first argument is invalid

2) Cult has rituals like worshiping graves and dancing in a mosque so the second argument is invalid.

3) The translations vary so the third argument is invalid.

4) There are far more Arabs live in Haifa then Ahmadi Muslims so the fourth argument is also invalid.
In Response

by: Tarik from: kiev
January 02, 2012 20:41
Joshua Sahib: Imam Mahdi has come according to the prophecies of Syedna Muhummad (pbuh). This is the only difference. And according to Syedna Muhummad (pbuh) " No one will reject mahdi other than the religious scholars of that time" You should continue to do what you are doing And we will coninue this "Jehad"
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by: JonathanMAG from: Chino, CA - USA
January 03, 2012 00:47
When the prophet Muhammad (saw) first did a census of the religious demographic of Medina, he instructed his census takers to simply ask what religious belief the person queried subscribed to. Of course, at that time, there was only one "sect" of Islam -- now there are more than 70. But still, the Quran and the sayings of the Holy Prophet (saw) are in sync on what determines who is and who is not "Muslim." If someone proclaims the Kalima (Laa ilaha ilullah, Mummadur Rasoolullah) they are to be considered a Muslim. The Quran in 4:95 says:
. . .say not to anyone who greets you with the greeting of peace, "Thou art not a believer." And every educated Muslim knows the hadith about the companion who killed a Meccan idolater after he recited the Kalima. The Holy Prophet (saw) castigated the man at length for killing the Meccan, saying repeatedly "How did you know he was not sincere? Did you open his heart and look inside?" Meaning of course that no man can know another man's heart, and to prejudge him is to put yourself on the level of God.
It astounds me how so many people, Muslims or not, feel justified in condemning groups based not on Quran or Sunah but on the consensus of mere mortals like themselves -- and if Muslims today consider the ulema to be righteous or even sane, then they are truly deluded. The state of Muslims for the past several centuries has cried out for reformation by the Hand of God. They beg God for it, and when it comes to them, they reject it with all the zeal they previously invested in calling for it in the first place. All of "Joshua Goildstein's" charges are patently and provably false -- all that is required is for Muslims to investigate for themselves (as prescribed by God in 4:95) -- go to for starters -- and listen to their hearts instead of their mullahs.
As a convert to Ahmadiyya Islam, I have a standard answer to all those Muslims who say I am in a "cult" and I need to "come back" to the real Islam. I say to them, OK, show me a better Islam than Ahmadiyyat and I'll be happy to sign up. Haven't found it, haven't seen it, haven't got the T-shirt. That failure rests squarely with the rest of the Muslim world and their various versions of Islam, from the apathetic, secularized, gender-mixing to the fanatic, intolerant, extremist and violent Jihadist types indoctrinated by the Wahhabi / Salafi crowd. Are these the choices you offer, Mr. "Goldstein"? No thanks. I'll stick to Ahmadiyyat until something better comes along -- but wait, that "something" was promised by Allah in Surahs 61 & 62 and represents the Jamaat of the Imam Mahdi and Promised Messiah, right? The Jammat that all sincere Muslims say will be raised by God in the beginning of the Muslim 14th century, which would be in the latter part of the 19th by our Calendar. So. . . that means that the Imam Mahdi should have already come by now. . . So where is he? Oh, I know, let's check out those pesky Qadianis and see if that's where the Imam Mahdi is. Why, alHamdulillah! There he is -- Mirza Ghulam Ahmad!
Thank you Mr. "Goldstein" and all the other anti-Ahmadi Muslims out there in "La ilaha ilullah" land (as opposed to "Laaa ilaha ilullah" land) for proving by your words and your actions that I have indeed chosen the right jamaat within Islam.
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by: saleem khan from: Ellicott City, Maryland
January 03, 2012 21:29
Irrespective of the 4 reasons enumerated by you, I can say that some of my best friends are Ahmadis and I am not . Treat humans like human beings and not like Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank. I am supporter of a safe Israel but at the same time I believe that Palestinians should have their own country too .

by: Qamar Zaman from: Calgary, Canada
January 02, 2012 06:47
Practising one's religion is a personal matter and even verily protected by real Shariah Law given by Quran , Sunnah and Hadith. If Ahmadi Muslims wish to be recognised as Muslims No one should have any problem with it, as according to Quran and Hadith they are Muslims and are respected peace loving people in many countries. Not registering/recognising them as Muslims is like taking Shariah in your own hands. we must not forget about those countries who started cornering some religious communities and ended up in a 'religiously chaotic' situation. Because this is not going to end here ! and those fanatic people who are inciting this government against Ahmadi Muslims will get encouragement. they might target some other minor communities after Ahmadi Muslims. We should be aware of this , as this was one of the main cause of sectarian killings in other counties like Pakistan, Afghanistan etc..

by: Shahnaz Latif from: Dallas USA
January 02, 2012 21:30
Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a peaceful Community, who believes that The Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) is the last law bearing Prophet. Holy Quran is the last revealed book By Allah. Islam is the last and perfect religion for whole mankind and for all time. The only difference between Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and all other Muslims is that, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the only Islamic organization to believe that the long-awaited messiah has come in the person of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908) of Qadian, India. Ahmad claimed to be the metaphorical second coming of Jesus of Nazareth and the divine guide, whose advent was foretold by the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (pace and blessing of Allah be upon him). This Community believes that Ahmad sent like Jesus, to end religious wars, condemn bloodshed and reinstitute morality, justice and peace. He divested Muslims of fanatical beliefs and practices by vigorously championing Islam’s true and essential teachings. Please don't condemn this community in your country like pakistan visit to get the real picture of Islam. We are a peaceful community our Motto is
“Love for All Hatred for None”.

by: suhail kausar from: usa
January 02, 2012 23:31
State should not interfere with religious beliefs. Its basic job is to treat all of its citizens with equity and justice which cannot be achieved if it starts discriminating its own people on the basis of their beliefs. They should learn lesson from the devastation which some of the countries have suffered because of this approach. Kyrgyz should not go there. To know about true Islam, go to
Suhail Kausar USA

by: Humanity from: USA
January 03, 2012 01:00
Instead of taking a unilateral decision on this subject why not have an open debate on National TV to determine who is representing and practicing the true peaceful teachings of Islam?

by: ITouchTheFuture from: USA
January 03, 2012 08:40
Alas, it is a perilous path that the Kyrgyz authorities have chosen to follow. There is no Quranic injunction nor any Hadith which the Ahmadis violate. Let God himself judge whether they are Muslims or not. To prevent their re-registration is to open the door to further arbitrary, Draconian prohibitions against other sects.

Readers will please note that when, prodded by Z. A. Bhutto, the Pakistan Legislature (the only national legislative body to be foolhardy enough to do so) labeled Ahmadis as non-Muslims, it did add that it was doing so "by majority vote". This would have been laughable, had it not ushered in a new dark age in that nation. What simpletons! A political assembly, with no religious credentials, deciding on a religious issue! Later on, of course, Ziaul Haq imposed further cruelties on that stoic community. And what became of these champions of religious intolerance and bigotry? Even more sobering, what ever-intensifying maelstrom has Pakistan whipped up for itself since then?

To add my personal details here, allow me to state that, here in the truly-admirable U S of A, where the government cares not one whit as to what religion I profess, I, an Ahmadi, proudly call myself a Muslim, freely attend religious services in a mosque, and reverently study the Quran as MY holy scripture. I was privileged to be one of the 10,000-plus individuals nationwide who donated their precious blood to support the Ahmadi Muslim Community's September blood drive, 'Muslims for Life". Those would-be detractors of the Promised Messiah, whom we Ahmadis have been privileged to recognize, should, rather, study the positive effect on society our humble efforts are producing; we Ahmadis credit all our big and little successes to having received true Islamic teachings from our community.

Seekers of truth will find a treasure-trove of knowledge at They can also watch

Peace to all!

by: Abu Abd al-Rashid from: Kuwait
January 03, 2012 18:01
More than 35 years ago, in 1974, the Government of Pakistan declared Ahmadis "non-Muslim" via a Constitutional amendment, and thus began its foray into the religious sphere and into religious discrimination. Look at Pakistan now. Every sect is at each other's throat, with religious violence beyond anything to be seen anywhere. If Kyrgyzstan wants something different for itself and its people, it will not bow before the bigoted "ulema" that reject pluralism and religious tolerance.
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