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Lavrov: U.S. Afghan Policy Stokes HIV/AIDS Problem

Russian Foregn Minister Sergei LavrovRussian Foregn Minister Sergei Lavrov
Russian Foregn Minister Sergei Lavrov
Russian Foregn Minister Sergei Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the United States was aggravating the HIV/AIDS problem in Russia and the rest of Europe by refusing to use its forces to destroy opium crops in Afghanistan.

Lavrov made the comment at a conference opening in Moscow today on communicable diseases in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

He said, "We must fight not only the use but also the spread of drugs."

Afghanistan is the world's top producer of poppies used to make opium, the key ingredient in heroin production.

Russia faces an HIV/AIDS epidemic that is spreading from shared needles among injecting drug users.

The United States has phased out crop eradication efforts to focus instead on intercepting drugs and hunting production operations and drug lords.

It said it made the change because drug crop eradication was putting farmers out of work, sowing resentment against foreign intervention.

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by: Jack from: US
October 10, 2011 17:18
But US government not only supervisers and protects Afghan drug production, it funds Taliban and other Muslim terrorist groups, even as they kill US soldiers. US state-controlled media called Taliban "Islamic scholars", "freedom brigades", "democratic movement" back in 90-ies. Check any state-controlled media outlet like Newsweek from around 1995-96
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by: JohnT from: russia
October 11, 2011 13:24
And what??? Jack the Ripper was a schoolboy at one time.......things change or haven't you noticed?

by: Bill Webb from: Phoenix AZ
October 10, 2011 20:37
Poppy can be eradicated just like polio or typhoid, regardless of what the merchants of death think. The means exist, now we just need the will.

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