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Lavrov: New Iran Sanctions Aimed At Provoking Popular Discontent

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during his annual news conference in Moscow on January 18.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during his annual news conference in Moscow on January 18.

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U.S. Sanctions More Firms For Iran Trade

Japan has announced it would reduce its imports of Iranian crude oil to comply with new U.S. sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says new Western sanctions against Iran are aimed at "strangling" the economy and possibly inciting popular unrest.

Lavrov, speaking at an annual press conference on January 18, reiterated Russia's opposition to further UN Security Council sanctions against Iran over its controversial nuclear program, saying UN sanctions had "exhausted" their potential.

"This [economic sanctions] really has nothing to do with the desire to strengthen the nuclear nonproliferation regime," he said. "This is really seriously calculated to have a suffocating effect on the Iranian economy and on the situation of the Iranian population, in an apparent attempt to provoke discontent."

Lavrov also said that new sanctions could hinder efforts to resolve the standoff over Iran's nuclear program through talks.

The Russian foreign minister also said Russia was worried about the prospect of military action against Iran, which he said would be a "catastrophe."

"The consequences [of a possible attack on Iran] will be most difficult," Lavrov said. "We are very seriously concerned about it because there will be refugees, a large number of refugees from Iran."

He added: "It is impossible to predict all the consequences. I have no doubt that it would pour fuel on the already smoldering fire of the Sunni-Shi'ite conflict and cause a chain reaction. I don't know where it would stop."

Western powers suspect Iran's nuclear program is aimed at developing the capability to build atomic bombs, a charge Iran denies.

The European Union is considering whether to impose sanctions on buying Iranian oil, while the United States recently targeted Iran's central bank, which handles Iran's oil revenues.

Lavrov also warned against military intervention in Syria. He said Russia has no intention of justifying its actions in Syria following suspicions that a Russian-operated ship that arrived in Syria last week was carrying ammunition.

At the same press conference, he also said Russia will not abide by its World Trade Organization (WTO) commitments with the United States unless Washington scraps a trade law that dates back to the Cold War.

Lavrov said Moscow was growing impatient with U.S. promises to repeal the 1974 Jackson-Vanik law, which denies Russia normal trade relations status. The law was initially passed to pressure the Soviet Union to allow emigration, primarily of Jews.  
"When the process of ratifying the documents about our accession to the WTO is completed, if the Jackson-Vanik amendment is still in force, then the agreements we have concluded within the WTO framework will not be applied to our trade with the United States," Lavrov said.

U.S. presidents have granted Russia annual waivers to the law since 1994, but it remains a political sticking point in trade relations.

The WTO approved Russia as its newest member in December. Russia will become a full member 30 days after its parliament ratifies the WTO agreement, with a vote expected sometime between June and September.

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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
January 18, 2012 18:32
It was yestarday an interview with Lavrov, shown on "Vesti".

The Russians in my apartment building, including telepaths
and the Forum readers always report to Russian and USA
leaders my points and reasoning.

That included my position on Iran:
Iran has to avoid possibility of bombing with help of International
Community and improved air-defence (to make arbitrary bombing too expensive), but not building A-bomb - a small angree country wth matches to light a Global feuse will not be allowed to do so.
Lavrov's position might be similar, but the shadow of expanding
Russian Empire never left his presence.

That included my position on Syria:
The "Muslim Brotherhood", backed by Chaldeans-Babilonians,
brought once by British from South Iraq, later mothered by Russia lead by fallout of Russia-Britain-Bechtel 1954 secret
pact, simce tried to take all over Muslim World.
There are anough breeding Chaldeans everywhere, except
Russian-German nazi pseudo-Archeologists tried to make the
"Title" race in Syria the Babilonians and moving through
Palestine Chaldeans, the pseudo-Palestinians.
They didn't create large anough force, thought, yet, to take over
Syria too.
Simce Lavrov hold similar position, but I am not sure wether it is
genuine (accept if Russia envy) and whether the "Third Force" is
not behind it, forgeing "Babilonian-Bagdad Halifat" ( not unlike in
"The 13 Warrior" movie)...

In other points Lavrov is no less a shadow of expanding
Russian Empire:

Russia hates Saakashvili worse than a traitor.
When Russia had to agree to CIS independence, Russians
were counting on total controll of all Eastern Block population
and total fear to resist Russian invaders, military or politicly.
They unleashed genocide in Abkhazia and expultion of
Georgian magority - Georgians dared to resist.
They invaded in 2008 again, but Georgians slowed them
millitarily and in UN (not without my help, when they frozen
Most of Russians are a boiling hate, instead of waiting for
Russian armies of death, bowing at Russian killers mercy,
they dare to resist!
Russia hungry for vengance (not unlike the "pedic" Macedonian
that tried to encircle Besso with his 100 Knights - murdering villages and whole Kingdoms) - one of the reason Russia helps Iran to make A-bomb, to kill Georgians.

Russia also hate Israel, so that Jewish intellectual and intelligencia ( the descendants of Iber) wouldn't escape
Russia's insult and plagiarist abomination - another reason
Russia helps Iran to make A-bomb - to kill Israel.

Sure Russia could do much better and atract creative and productive people if it wouldn't be race war of Varanga-Prashka
and a pair of speciments of their Quislings that hate
non-Russians and let them neither live in dignity, nor live at all...

Lavrov, "Georgian Traktat", even in impudent Russian translation, meant:

That it was Georgia and their initiative that created Russia as a new World Power;
That Russia had to repay it and Russia's neighbours to
reinforce their national Integrity by transfering part of built in Russia with help of Georgia and Russia's neighbours;
That Northern Caucasus, after removing foreign bases of
Muslim empires, would respect Georgian relatives, nations in Northern Caucasus, and their independence;
That Russia would support restoration of Georgian population, murdered by two attacks of million Mongol armies, brought in by lies of Russian provocateurs!

by: Konstantin from: Lso Angeles
January 18, 2012 18:35

Lavrov, why your words about Ukraine and other CIS countries and whole Euro-Asia cannot avoid the shaddow of expanding
Russian empire?
Your understanding of defence of Russian citizens abroad is not
interested that much about them, except Russian influx in neighbouring countries impudent demands, like in Latvia.
Wasn't 40% of Latvians expelled from their homes to Eastern exciles and camps and staffed by Russian occupiers, after Russia put under house arrest Stalin in 1947-49?
Is Russia, with the help of corrupted by Russia officials in EU
and UN, trying make those 40% Russians and Russian
speaking the "Titled" rulers and repopulators of Latvia?

Lavrov is diplomat and reflect policy of Russia

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