Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Russia Reverses Decision To Punish Teen For 'Gay Propaganda'

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U.S. runner Nick Symmonds made headlines last summer when he used a medal-winning performance at the World Athletics Championships in Moscow to publicly denounce Russia's law prohibiting "gay propaganda." RFE/RL spoke to him about the fine line between politics and sports.
MOSCOW -- Efforts by police to punish a teenager for spreading so-called gay "propaganda" among minors in Russia's Bryansk Oblast have been halted.

Yelena Klimova, the leader of the Children-404 group, which defends the rights of gay teenagers, wrote on Facebook on February 6 that the decision has been reversed, apparently due to negative publicity.

The online news portal and television channel said on February 2 that a probe had been launched against a ninth-grade girl in the Bryansk region in November after she openly announced her "nontraditional sexual orientation" to her classmates. published a copy of a special police commission's resolution recommending that she be punished.

The report sparked criticism of Russia's controversial law banning the "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations" among minors, which came into effect last summer.

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