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Lukashenka Comes To Praise Stalin, Not To Bury Him

A poster with portraits of Josef Stalin (left) and Alyaksandr Lukashenka seen at a protest rally in May.
A poster with portraits of Josef Stalin (left) and Alyaksandr Lukashenka seen at a protest rally in May.
By Claire Bigg
Belarus's authoritarian leader Alyaksandr Lukashenka says he lags "far behind" Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin as a leader and that opposition protesters should never be allowed onto the streets.

In one of his trademark outbursts, Lukashenka on October 16 condemned what he described as attempts to "demonize" Stalin and Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin. He made his comments during a press conference with Russian journalists.

"In half a century, how will we be judged?" Lukashenka asked. "If Western trends catch on here, I will be considered worse than Stalin. [They will say I] snatched people on the street and ate them, especially women, and other things. This is exactly how Stalin and Lenin are demonized."

He suggested he had much to learn from the two leaders, both of whom are blamed for the death of millions of people during the Soviet era and the civil war triggered by the Bolshevik revolution.
If Western trends catch on here, I will be considered worse than Stalin. [They will say I] snatched people on the street and ate them, especially women, and other things.

"I am not saying I am against Stalin and Lenin," Lukashenka said. "On the contrary, I am far behind Stalin and Lenin."

Lukashenka, a former Soviet-era collective farm manager, used the opportunity to take one more jab at the Belarusian opposition, dismissing antigovernment protests as mere attempts to show off.

"They do it sometimes, just for the look of it, just for provocation. And we swallow the hook," he said. "And because we are the authorities, we start bombing, jailing, crushing, etc. We should not give them the opportunity to do this. We should actually prevent it. The fact that they act publicly is our shortcoming."

Lukashenka has run Belarus with an iron first since 1994.

Western monitoring agencies have not judged an election in Belarus free and fair since 1995, including parliamentary elections last month in which the political opposition failed to win a single seat.

Already tense relations between the West and Lukashenka, famously described by the administration of former U.S. President George W. Bush as Europe's last dictator, nosedived after he cracked down on street protests against his reelection in December 2010.

Hundreds of people were detained and many sentenced to prison terms.

Rights groups say a dozen opposition activists are currently jailed in Belarus.

Lukashenka's comments came just one day after the European Union announced it was extending sanctions against his regime to protest human rights abuses.

Claire Bigg

Claire Bigg covers Russia, Ukraine, and the post-Soviet world, with a focus on human rights, civil society, and social issues. Send story tips to​


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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
October 17, 2012 16:08
Aha, while the RFE/RL has been telling its readers stories about Lukaschenko as the "last dictator" of Europe, one can see that the number of such "dictators" is slowly but steadily growing on the continent: in Russia the US-friend Yeltsin has been replaced by Putin, in Ukraine the US-friend Yushchenko by Yanoukowitsch, in Serbia the US-friend Tadic by Nikolic, the latest case is the US-friend Mischa being replaced Iwanischwili in Georgia. One could even argue that there is a trend here: all the pro-US leaders in Eastern Europe slowly but steadily get removed from their positions one after another. Sounds like the RFE/RL is getting ever more leaders to complain about and refer to them as "last dictators" :-).

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
October 20, 2012 08:11
Article, as all World propaganda since Khrutchev,
Use Stalin as a punching bag, lying like Rashkas,
Reinstating as known truth previous "kakashka".
I do not think Lukashenka said "dictator Stalin",
Claire Biggot of "anti-Stalin industry" saying it.

Stalin was never dictator, Lenin was - idioticly.
German "Cousins", real Tyrants, synchronicly
Killed Caucasian race and Human Civilization,
Outright 100 millions just in 20th Century gone.
Lenin beaten-raped in Germany turned all mad.

Stalin was against attack on winter palace, later
Against overturning Russia Parliament, by Lenin
And against his dictatorship - he and few others
Surrounded by ethnic Russian Bolshevic's guns
And veto of Lenin's paranoid schizofrenic's rage.

When Lenin confessed Stalin, only an educated,
Was offered be a dictator replace the mad Lenin.
He refused, offered elections free states restored,
Independent nations and authonomies were build.
Stalin agreed advise job among illiterate Russians.

Stalin was president in war, by Russia conditioned,
He resigned immediately after the war. Little power
He had - even to defend himself from be plagiarized
By ethnic Russia and suplimented Kaganovich leure.
He was under house arrest since 1947 - till he "died".

Russia is sailing wolf's meat by millions to the West,
Offer imperial-resurect - torture-polagiarize for them
Us all, and dying us even in USA, profitting from best
And even by killing our parents, using health systems.
Stalin, pinning crimes of Russia on him - sold as rest.

Russians are devided only on issue of "being desisive"
And being mediocre, but merselesly brutal, they trying
To plagiarize and usurpe us all and use Stalin as jupel
How Russian Leaders must "desisivly" pop their dupel
Use imaginary Stalin and attack neigbors - often stupid.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
October 20, 2012 18:47
Continuing reading the article above, the "demonizing" game
Is a second "zamorochka" - used since begining of times
And by West and East. West use it vulgaricly for wars,
"Demonizing" puts in line the bombed-sickened door
Of the country to invade and leaders to exterminate.

East doing the same, with "deep troat" propaganda,
As much vulgar, but lying to pleased by them West,
Bribe West as cheap slave-traders, craizy "Vanda",
Forward before millions brite-educated-slaved best
Desecrated nations by lies about Stalin and the rest.

Than, corrupting USA and West by plagio-exploited,
They invade non-Russian nations desecrated alone
And danceling-gaseling on Bundershaft - as anoited
By "Cousins", new global pact expanding "zahodun",
If not pure me that slowed them down - like in 2008.

But I am only one, they already murdered my mother
For opposing their evil and trying brake me - be slave
Of plagiarist USA, which joined murder, joifully rather,
As sadistic CIA, in name of greedy government's aim
And lead by Russian liers in USA and this forums bay.

One thing was good under imperial rulers - "continuity"
Of "noble", they didn't demonize their own. Germanuity
Thought, secretly murdered the own, sadomizing them,
As they did to Lenin, ordering him as German gentlmen
Suicide (same day, for separate peace change of plan).

In our days World breed too much and cinicly demonize
All and anyone, plunder Worlds even to steal belongings
Of individual, like family home or villa and furniture aprize
Few rubles - for billions of breeding rats that are longing.

As "Nostry" said: -"Great leaders like trunks of cut trees,
Their belongins for taking and children cut in bushes of
grapes...", As bible said: - "Out of millions of sheep
And promissed land he gave, you blackmail his all,
Be plagiarized slave for 2 sheep offering a week."

Lukashenka is wrong thought, different times differen meajures.
Lenin was used as mediocre man, schizofrenized by Germany
to make separate peace in German favour - he turned monster
of "Host of Revolution" by the very "Cousins" that tried stop the
"terrible Host of Revolution".
When he was cought, he asked be shoot as enemy of the people.
Stalin said that Lenin was one of victims of Tyrants,
like millions, specially Ukrainians, that were bestially tortured, desecrated and murdered by Russia, just for speeking Ukrainian language, but Lenin was too privileged to know it, playing
In higher levels of Germano-Russian empire.
It is why he made a terrible misstake not to talk to his friends about it, he say he thought we all "macho" and will mock him
and his Russia as homosexuals.
It is enough millions he killed against our protests, one more
will not help us, just opposit.
Let's go for democracy.

As for Stalin his place in history was unjustly usurped and smeared by Russia, sailing non-Russian smeared names to
the West, to please "Cousins" by lies.
Nevertherless, his time was of hunger, war, rebuilding, dark streets, hard labour, ruins of burned by Germans cities
and villages - normal people don't want that back Lukashenka.
One must take the best principals, since 12,000 years of Ibero-Caucasian Civilization, rebuilding and liberation, like in time of Peter and Stalin - not the evil principals of Varanga that spoiling
it till present by encroaching evil, genocide and breeding in houses of the nations they destroying...

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