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Hundreds Of Migrants Cross River From Greece Into Macedonia

Migrants Risk River Crossing To Enter Macedonia From Greecei
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March 14, 2016
Hundreds of migrants and refugees, frustrated with being stuck on the Greek border, risked their lives as they waded across a river near the town of Idomeni to get into Macedonia. Police say at least three people died trying to cross the area's rapidly flowing waters. (Reuters)
WATCH: Migrants Risk River Crossing To Enter Macedonia From Greece

Macedonia has stopped hundreds of migrants who illegally crossed the border from Greece.

Some 1,000 people left their overcrowded refugee camp in Greece on March 14 and crossed a river near the Macedonian border.

Scores of them found a way through the barbed-wire border fence but were later stopped by Macedonian soldiers.

The Interior Ministry said more than 700 migrants had illegally entered from Greece, adding that the police and army were taking steps to return them to Greece. 

Some 20 journalists who accompanied the migrants were taken to a police station, AFP news agency reported.

About 14,000 migrants have been stranded at the camp in the Greek village of Idomeni.

Macedonia last week said it would no longer let any migrants in, blocking the so-called Balkan route north.

Based on reporting by AFP, AP, and Reuters

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