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In Macedonia, Ethnic Albanians Protest Arrests Of Murder Suspects

People protest in the Macedonian capital on May 11 against the arrest of six people over their alleged involvement in last month's murder of five people near Skopje.
People protest in the Macedonian capital on May 11 against the arrest of six people over their alleged involvement in last month's murder of five people near Skopje.
Thousands of ethnic Albanians in Macedonia have protested against the arrest of three men charged over the killing of five Macedonians last month.

The mid-April killings near Skopje and the ensuing police investigation have ratcheted up ethnic tensions in Macedonia, where at least one-quarter of the 2 million people are ethnic Albanian Muslims.

Twenty people, mainly ethnic Albanians, were arrested on May 1, and five of them were accused of the killings. They were charged with terrorism and described as "followers of radical Islam."

In Skopje, some 5,000 ethnic Albanians protested on May 11, chanting, "Muslims are not terrorists!"

Smaller protests were held in three other Macedonian towns.

In 2001, an armed conflict was fought between government forces and ethnic Albanian rebels.

A peace deal was signed in August 2001, when Albanians were given improved rights.

Based on reporting by AFP and Reuters
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by: Sam from: Australia
May 11, 2012 23:33
4 Macedonian Children were murdered not adults including 1 man who witnessed the execution it happened on Good Friday for maximum physiological effect

Note the same Jidast scum-bag with the beard you can see him in other footage with the Jihad banner. In the Protest as was the case on May the 4th Islamists with Jihad and Al Qaida Flags were ever present including chants like UCK (Albanian Terrorist Organist KLA) United Albania the Flag of Albania, and further to that chants such as ‘’Death to Christians’’ for the second time in a week has transformed our Country

Albanians dont want integration in fact they get insulted when they are referred as Macedonian Citizens whilst the Macedonian Majority are losing thier Country and Independence by constantly appeasing to their never ending demands and are looking on with fear and disgust

I thought the author of this article just needs this to be reminded
loudly to not be polite on behalf of kid killers and the Albanian Muslims that support them
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by: Greko from: London
May 12, 2012 09:50
I'm extremely disappointed that no journalist our media outlet translates the banners these so could protesters carry. Let me quote it for you "death to Christians". Secondly why do they want the murders released when the openly admit to the murders. One was quoted and recorded yelling to the judge "I wish it wasn't kids but the police instead!"
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by: Michelle from: Poitiers
May 12, 2012 17:48
I cannot believe we gave such people an own territory with one of the oldest christian monuments and monasteries. Kosovo needs to get back under Serbia jurisdiction. Serbia is not Milosevic, it is a democratic country 12 years after the revolution, that is still under our occupation. We should stop supporting such radical islamistic separatism of Albanians.
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by: Willliam from: Aragon
May 12, 2012 22:26
I am not sure the writer is doing anything other than reporting the facts, Sam, and the 3 accused are yet have to be found guilty before a court of law. Then they will be put in a Macedonian prison for the rest of their lives - not an enviable residence. As for the protesters, it is their right to protest but it will not effect the outcome and the rest of Macedonia sees them for what they are.

by: Anonymous
May 12, 2012 10:53
Now tell me eu and supporters of albanian first in kosovo then in other country any case in world where people protest abouth release the killers who make crime who is on same level like Breivik,why no one support Breivik with protest.

And majority in Macedonia must be silence,police is not alowed to react against muslim kid of amerika albanian,in 21 century we have people who kill 4 young kid and 1 older,4 mothers crying,but we must be silence because eu if police react will tell Macedonian goverment is Milosevic then you and Nato will bombard us and will make new teritory for your chilldren,but do not worry what you do that will come,what happen in Macedonia will come in eu,every country in eu have tons of muslim its time when these things will start happen there also

We support Eu and Nato,how when they do not support us(we see what they do with our name),we support democraty how when we do not see democracy anywhere in world,or democracy
is atack on Libija to steal oil or on Irak.

Instead to europe stand up and tell end to these,they silence because these your kids

by: Darren from: Canada
May 13, 2012 00:46
I would very much like to know who murdered these young Macedonians, but the Macedonian police cannot be trusted. The most likely cause is a drug deal gone wrong. Many policemen in Balkan counties are corrupt and work hand-in-hand with the gangsters. They used Albanians as scapegoats, figuring it will please the racist mobs in Skopje and other parts of Macedonia. I appeal to the Macedonian government to ask the help of foreign investigators, such as FBI or Scotland Yard. They are better equipped and without local interests or prejudices. It is the only way to avoid another civil war in Macedonia.

by: The Albanian from: Richmond, VA
May 13, 2012 17:37
This is a stark reminder on the infamous incident at Rashtak vineyards, when Macedonian security troops executed several Pakistani and Afghan immigrants. The killings were presented as country's contribution on war on terror. The aim of then interior minister Lube Boshkovski was to impress US president G.W. Bush. His idea just failed, and few months later Lube was at War Crime Tribunal in Hague. Good try my Slavic brothers but you live in bubble, and nobody buys your stories anymore. One day you may kill even your own president or head of your orthodox church just to blame Albanians. Why do you hate Albanians when they are the only people that recognizes your language, your religion and your state? I hope you don't think they are afraid, because miscalculations can lead to disaster...

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