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Russians React To John McCain's Op-Ed

U.S. Senator John McCain (Republican-Arizona) talks to reporters after leaving a closed-door meeting about Syria at the U.S. Capitol on September 4 in Washington, D.C.
U.S. Senator John McCain (Republican-Arizona) talks to reporters after leaving a closed-door meeting about Syria at the U.S. Capitol on September 4 in Washington, D.C.
Following an op-ed in "The New York Times" by Russian President Vladimir Putin, U.S. Senator John McCain promised to write a response for the Russian website It was published on September 19.

* CORRECTION: The Storify text initially mischaracterized the "Lev Sharansky" Twitter account.
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by: JC from: US
September 19, 2013 12:15
So funny McCain. All the criticism you are aiming at Putin, I could aim at Obama and the U.S. I guess government in general is the problem whether it is the U.S. or Russia. It seems the bigger it is, the more problematic. Remove the mote in your own eye before turning to your neighbor.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
September 19, 2013 13:35
Jeezus,JC,please,rise and shine,you cant compare your mother Russia to the USA.The USA is ,however imperfect a democracy-Russia isnt and will never never never be.And now we would like to see Eugenia from Vienna write an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal about the man he loves to hate-big bad imperialist stooge McCain!!! Will tovarish citizen Murdock oblige???
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by: JC from: Austria
September 19, 2013 17:20
I lived in both Russia and the U.S. I worked a poll worker in the 2004 elections. I saw election fraud. The U.S. is not a functional democracy. The difference between the U.S. and Russia is that those in the U.S. are still deluded into believing they have a democracy. Your ignorant statement proves my point. I would rather live in Russia.
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by: Anonymous
September 20, 2013 02:20
JC witnessed electoral fraud in 2004, posts about it in a comments section. What did he do in 2004?
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by: Anonymous
September 19, 2013 13:57
The funny thing is that the article mentioned reaction Lev Sharansky. Lev Sharansky is not a dissident. Is a fictional character, and making fun of russophobia dotage of U.S. policy even here in such an absurd articles McCain
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by: cert_is_good from: New Brunswick, NJ
September 19, 2013 15:38
Didn't McCain lose an election .... This means collectively The American people refused to see him as a leader....Why does he still blabber his mouth around.. Someone needs to tell him he is a loser... Obama even reminded him that "election is over" in one of the memorable televised debates.. Even then he McCain doesn't seem to have learnt his lesson. No one cares about OR need to bother about what he has to say.
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by: Елена from: Russia
September 19, 2013 18:48
Thanks to Americans for sensible comments. It is a pity that your government considers you sillier, than you are.
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by: JC from: Austria
September 20, 2013 08:09
I worked for Moveon driving people to the polls to vote. Talking to the poll workers, revealed the Diebold machine backup tapes never arrived. They told me they had no way to know to verify the votes and they suspected the worst. Also the Democratic party officials were all morning removing flyers found in the poorer neighborhoods saying the election had moved to the next day. The exit polls said Kerry won that district, however when the votes coming from the machines said Bush won by a 1% margin. Later it was proven that those machines could be easily hacked and no one would have known it. Given the Diebold letter Hillary found that said they would help Bush win the election, although we couldn't find the people who did it, we knew that Nevada had been thrown in 2004 in Bush's direction through fraud. I gave up after that. I gave up on the U.S. and left the country. I would rather live in Russia than the U.S.. However, I chose instead to move to Western Europe. I am looking for an even smaller country. The smaller, the better. Switzerland is the only country that does democracy right. The rest of the world might as well just be monarchies, because the illusion of democracy is more dangerous than anything else.

by: Vladimir Nikolaev from: RF
September 19, 2013 13:51
>The Twitter account said to belong to Lev Sharansky, a former Soviet dissident, posted an iPhone screenshot with positive reactions to McCain's op-ed.

Facepalm, no-no-no! Triple facepalm!

by: Anonymous
September 19, 2013 14:21
Dear author of the article! I can't read without tears you, and you know why? You don't targeting our bloggosfere: Lev Sharansky isn't a Soviet dissident. Is a fictional character, making fun of the opposition. Last comment - it's trolling to the article McCain. Ira Zabrovskaya ridiculed scale content article which supposedly has been "open the eyes of the Russians."Comment certain "Join or Die!" - Is a good example of audience makes fun of Lev Sharansky. Maxim Kononenko isn't a blogger, protecting Putin. On the contrary, very often has a friendship with members of the opposition, except Navalny. Imagine, in opposition to many really don't like Navalny! In his comments, he was right about McCain. We all believe it dull.
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by: Vladimir from: Russia
September 20, 2013 08:33
Shut up, you, renegate! Lev Natanovich Scharansky i a real dissident and anti-Putin activist!!
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
September 22, 2013 10:34
Getting old, Vladimir? Loosing touch?
Nobody questioned weather Sharansky was for real,
Or just a legend, forged by Russia-West co-existence watch.
How real Russian knows he is Natanovich? Did you willed,
In those days, his immigration? Maybe "Lev", but old...
On another hand, "anti-Putin" is a narrow approach,
As Russia expands to breeds in our houses...

by: Russo Turisto from: UK
September 19, 2013 15:27
Your "Soviet dissident" Lev Sharansky is nothing but a parody account trolling the Russian opposition. He usually exploited the figure of John McCain as a typical US Warmongering Russophobe who happens to be connected to the pro-Western opposition.
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by: Andy
September 19, 2013 16:48
* CORRECTION TAKE 2: Thanks "Russo Turisto" and others pointing out our mischaracterization of the "Lev Sharansky" Twitter account. Our apologies on the erroneous reference. The author has now correctly CORRECTED :-)) the Storify text.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
September 22, 2013 10:56
Is he a parody? Made by Russia, long ago? Troll opposition,
With such a phobia of the long arm of Russian assassins,
That he still pay dues to official Russian "Putinisto"
By making happier "Caring-Polonium Turisto",
Discredit opposition by anti-Putin writings,
Too narrow - while Russia is annexing.

by: Sally Edelstein from: NY
September 19, 2013 15:59
Just in time for #throwbackthursday, the cold war is being taken out of the deep freeze.

Having caught a cold war chill I never could quite shake, the current frosty relations between the US and Putin send a shiver down my spine, as childhood memories of the cold war are quickly defrosted.
Uncle Sam was certain that the Soviets were not only concealing the truth but waging a campaign of hatred against us and our peaceful motives, embarking on his own campaign to dispel the lies and promote the American way of life. The deepening mistrust and accusations of lying between the US and Russia feels like deja vu all over again.Is the cold war being defrosted? A visual look at truth, lies and the cold war

by: American Troll
September 19, 2013 16:07
Putin is grateful for this, because nothing pleases the domestic audience like Yankee criticism. Frankly, that's Washington's best course of action if the only alternatives are populist fascists-in-training like Navalny.

Russia isn't evil or in error; it's terminally ill, and the appropriate response is hospice care. Keep the patient comfortable. Do nothing to agitate it. Cater to its short-term desires. Our biggest mistake is to chase phantom liberals in Little Russias like Georgia, Moldova, and God forbid in the 'Stans. Quarantine them all. Let them drink and bathe and paint their homes in petroleum while the rest of the world moves on to renewables. Their own self-chosen demographics will take care of themselves over the next two decades. If the survivors all speak Mandarin or Farsi or even Chechen, so be it. They'd be happier that way than by becoming part of the West. I don't pretend to understand why, but it's probably something to do with gays or uppity women or too many dark-skinned people, those being all Russians' three favorite topics of conversation besides vodka.

by: tomj from: az
September 19, 2013 17:45
Hopefully the Russians will ignore and laugh off McCain's hatefulness like we do here in America. The United States government should inform the Russians that McCain is a sick, and dangerous madman. That the American people realize that McCain is a old, warmongering fool.
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by: Anonymous
September 19, 2013 18:13
Yes , but pay attention
Mc cain is the opposite side of the same medal

are not a few in the USA
those who have his same own way of thinking

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by: Chester from: Boulder
September 19, 2013 19:34
He is a fool for pointing out that there are very few freedoms in Russia and they are being run by a tyrant? Go ahead lock up a Pussy Riot here in America and feel good about how young and non war mongering you are I suppose.
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by: Anonymous
September 20, 2013 22:53
I want to say only one thing

For a moment this perfect idiot

could become president of USA

Meditate people , meditate !

by: Anonymous
September 19, 2013 18:07
John McCain .... broken disk

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
September 20, 2013 02:12
...a big mistake of McCain is, that he did not say anything about the abkhaz bandits.
We know that the abkhaz bandits declared russian people as inferior race in accordance with article 49 of the abkhazian constitution and today they killing the russian diplomats and their wives and rob tourists.
Since Putin has recognized аbkhaz bandits, then he is responsible, together with the аbkhaz criminals for crimes against the russian people.
Аlso in Abkhazia racism and apartheid...

If McCain would talk about it every day, then Putin will have a "good mood", and the people in the world will know what "good people" recognized Putin....

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
September 21, 2013 11:07
Maybe Oleg Kozyrev and Senko are right, indeed McCain is more close to Russian people than ruling Russia
Not only a strait individual like McCain, but even Napoleon
was closer to Russian people than Russian tyranny at the

On more serious note, McCain was always a controversial
figure for Nazi-pseudo-Chauvinistically smelling Russia:
They hated him as prisoner of war in Vietnam (do not interfere with Russian imperial conquests);
They hated him for trying be republican president and stop friend of "Russian saviors of oppressed people", Obama;
They admired him as a son of a big man, American admiral (Russian mentality);

They loved him for his running mate, from Alaska,
Russia thought they "get back" with help of Rashka,
Vice President from Alaskan Russian village "Vas'ka".

Old Sharansky even less realistic than was the young one,
McCain has nothing to do with opposition, regim still there.
Still, McCain sense American and World interests and run
As strait as born officer of his country - now Senator - fear

Slegel, on another hand, one of Fuhrers of Russia-Nashi,
Probably of German extraction, aims be Fuhrer of Russia,
Reverse logic, accusing McCain of trying "Rule the World"
For help me and Georgia holt Russian Hitlers - "Vo daet"!

Kononenko, of coarse, proven a Russian twisted "Canon",
Use his own stupid head to blame as it is opponent's head
And loud-speak it as big Russia, as did here your Eugenio,
Called to kill Putin, always smeared US, president Obama,
And lied I did it under his name for KGB-CIA kill my mama!

McCain is a political representative of his class and country
With some limitation in knowledge, as we all are - like laws
That prohibit homosexual propaganda to children, probably
It reflects difference of Western Rome and Caucasian East.
Still he sensed that law made to blind Russian annexations.

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