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Son Of Podgorica Mayor Sentenced For Assaulting Journalist

Miljan MugosaMiljan Mugosa
Miljan Mugosa
Miljan Mugosa
A judge in the Montenegrin capital, Podgorica, has handed down a six-month suspended prison sentence to a diplomat convicted for a 2009 assault on a journalist.

Miljan Mugosa, a son of the mayor of Podgorica, was working at the Montenegrin Embassy in Washington when he attacked "Vjesti" newspaper editor Mihailo Jovovic, leaving her with a perforated eardrum.

Jovovic and a photographer were trying to take a picture of Mugosa entering an illegally parked car.

Podgorica Mayor Miomir Mugosa was also allegedly involved in the incident, but no charges were filed against him.

Last week, a Montenegrin court sentenced a man to nine months in jail for assaulting Olivera Lakic, a journalist with "Vjesti," over a series of articles about counterfeit cigarettes.

Based on reporting by AFP, Beta, and RFE/RL
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by: Anonymous
July 24, 2012 12:10
another shiny example of how some people in some places act.

just a 6 months suspended prison sentence for perforating the eardrum.
hasn't the guy already violated some laws through his action.
in some places criminal assault, rape, etc. seem not really to matter.
if montenegrin judges want to have a positive influence on their society they should watch out. the picture about justice and the rule of law in montenegro is already tarnished.
if it's possible to assault people and to get just 6-9 months (suspended) so in essence what's the message to the ones who organize or commit the assault?
No fine, no psychological examination, no legal caution. (well, at least no mentioned in the article)
is it typical of montenegro that journalists get beaten if they do they job?

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