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Stalin Tower Painted In Ukrainian Blue And Yellow

A Moscow city worker takes a selfie while atop the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment building in Moscow to remove the Ukrainian flag mounted there overnight on August 19-20. The hammer-and-sickled star and laurel wreath was also painted in Ukrainian colors.
A Moscow city worker takes a selfie while atop the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment building in Moscow to remove the Ukrainian flag mounted there overnight on August 19-20. The hammer-and-sickled star and laurel wreath was also painted in Ukrainian colors.

MOSCOW – In the latest act of solidarity with Ukraine in Russia, a group of people have apparently scaled the heights of one of Moscow’s iconic Stalin-era skyscrapers, hoisted a Ukrainian flag over it, and painted the Soviet star at its peak yellow and blue.

The incident took place under cover of darkness in the early morning hours of August 20 at a massive 32-floor elite apartment building on the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment in downtown Moscow in the vicinity of both the Kremlin and the Federal Security Service headquarters.
It is not yet clear who was behind the stunt, although police have reportedly arrested four young Russians with climbing gear, all of them believed to be residents of Moscow and the surrounding region. 

To hoist the flag and paint the star, the climbers presumably would have had to scale the 176-meter building -- or find another way to reach its peak. 

An unidentified Moscow police official told the Interfax news agency that the group used "an internal staircase" to reach the top floor of the building and then used "special equipment" to reach its spire.  

A video posted by various Russian media purports to show one of the pranksters parachuting down from the height of the Stalin-era building after daybreak. 

WATCH: A Ukrainian Flag Flies High In Moscow

The detained quartet deny their guilt, according to press reports. An unidentified police official told the ITAR-TASS agency that the group claims they were simply thrill seekers and had nothing to do with the stunt. "The two young men and two girls say they jumped from a high building with parachutes. They say they didn't hoist any flag and didn't paint the flag," the official said. 

Some media reports suggested that the perpetrator might be the Ukrainian stunt daredevil Mustang Wanted. But he has denied involvement on his Facebook page. 

Despite the confusion, the caper was welcomed by liberal bloggers, many of whom have watched uneasily for months as the Kremlin has annexed Ukrainian territory and supported a separatist uprising in its east. 

"It's the beginning of change," a Twitter user with the handle "Reincarnation" tweeted on the microblogging site. 

Here are some more tweets from the scene.


The incident marks the latest in a series of acts of solidarity with Kyiv in Russia, despite the patriotic fervor that accompanied Moscow's annexation of Crimea and support for the separatist insurgency. 
In other examples, some opposition activists have taken to singing the Ukrainian national anthem when they are arrested. 
Last week, Andrei Makarevich, front man for the popular band "Mashina Vremeni" (Time Machine) traveled to eastern Ukraine where he performed for internally displaced children, a move that saw him branded as a "traitor" by Russian lawmakers and pro-establishment musicians.
After Malaysia Airlines MH17, en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down in rebel-controlled territory in eastern Ukraine, the liberal opposition "Novaya gazeta" newspaper ran the controversial cover page: "Forgive Us Netherlands." The majority of the 298 people killed on MH17 were Dutch.

And the popular Russian rapper and songwriter Noize MC also performed last week at a music festival in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv, with a Ukrainian flag, drawing accusations in Russia of "betraying" his homeland. 

"I went to the edge of the stage and a girl in the crowd gave me a yellow-blue flag," Noize MC, whose real name is Ivan Alekseyev, wrote on his VKontakte page. 

"As a token of friendship between our peoples...I of course took it."

Alekseyev added that by playing in Ukraine, and accepting the flag, he "wanted to show that our people are brothers and friends. What we do not need is to fear and hate each other." He added: "I've never danced to the tune of the state, no matter what kind of state it was. I am for the people." 

It is unclear whether the detained climbers will be charged with vandalism.
According to an online poll conducted by the liberally oriented Ekho Moskvy radio station, 74 percent they should be released provided they repaint the star.

In a post on his Facebook page, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko lauded the stunt, which came just days before his country celebrates Independence Day on August 24. 

"On the eve of Independence Day we are starting an initiative called 'Our Colors,' which is devoted to the Ukrainian flag," Poroshenko wrote. 

"And it is symbolic that, on this day, our colors have been painted on what is perhaps the greatest skyscraper in Moscow. I urge Ukrainians throughout the world, wherever they are, on the eve of the anniversary of our independence, to decorate their homes, offices, and cars in our national colors."

-- Tom Balmforth

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by: Tomek from: Earth
August 20, 2014 09:38
Great work !!!
In Response

by: Oleh from: USA
August 21, 2014 05:17
No doubt - it is a very powerful protest against Putin's occupation of Crimea and war in the Eastern part of Ukraine. We know about similar actions in Ukraine during the soviet era when some brave Ukrainians protested in such way against Russian occupation and KGB regime.

by: Alexander from: Russia
August 20, 2014 17:23
Vandals must be arrested or they must pay the fine.
In Response

by: bobby from: new yok
August 21, 2014 03:23
Putin must be arrested and answer for his crimes
In Response

by: Mick Freeman from: NYC
August 22, 2014 00:52
I love it! Long live the free Ukraine!
In Response

by: Emil from: Europe
August 21, 2014 06:17
Say that to Putin :-)
In Response

by: johnjo from: Dublin
August 22, 2014 03:01
I'll say it! must be arrested & pay for your crimes (in Russia & abroad) & the sooner the better. All ordinary Russian people, come on...wake up and say it too, for you are too good to be enslaved by this potentate & his Kremlin circle for one moment longer.

PS. That painting is a fine "Work of Art"!
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
August 21, 2014 22:13
As "Alexander of Macedonia" eager Russia rape his brother,
As "Eugenio from Vienna" gloating again with hate, like craw,
eager see end of Ukraine...
As Putin's brain about to explode from stroke, saved for wile,
by birds flying over, help him make his mind...
I would like to know, how many Russians realize that if Ukraine
will end Russia will parish and control their bestial hate?
2/3? 1/2? 1/3?
In case of attempt conquer Georgia it was only 1/3...

In Response

by: Mick Freeman from: NY
August 22, 2014 00:59
You, Alexandr are either evil or brainwashed by your Hitler(Putin) or both,,,

by: Andrew from: Tbilisi
August 21, 2014 03:33
Alex, we should arrest all Russia then....
In Response

by: Mark from: San Diego, USA
August 21, 2014 16:16
Andrew, that's unfair. Most Russians are decent, caring people who - if they knew the extent of Putin's crimes - would turn against him in a heartbeat. I hope that one day the Russian people trust themselves enough to make the State a servant of the people, instead of the master of the people. Until this happens in the mind of every Russian, they will still be prey for evil men such as Putin.
In Response

by: Mick Freeman from: NYC
August 22, 2014 00:56
Unfortunately mark, you are wrong. Must Russians are nor decent! Aside being brainwashed by Putin-Hitler. They applauded annexation of Crimea....they share the Putin's vision of evil imperial Russia....There is a hope though when Russia implodes....
In Response

by: Ernest from: US
August 22, 2014 01:35
What are you smoking?

Read the poll numbers: 87% poll ratings amongst Russians. Only Stalin approaches that level of love. Unrepentant, angry, Soviets have come back with a vengeance. Russia deserves Putin and Putin deserves Russia.

by: WorldCommenter from: Scotland
August 21, 2014 03:39
Then you must really punish the pro-Russian terrorists that caused the damage and killings in eastern Ukraine!

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
August 21, 2014 06:53
And in the meantime in Kiew the minister of the economy Pavel Scheremet resigned - no wonder, there will be no economy left in Ukraine this coming winter, so what's there to be a minister of?
In Response

by: bobby from: planet earth
August 23, 2014 18:30
So what's the point? I doubt this is true but if it is, does that justify violating Ukraine's Sovereignty stealing Crimea, internally infiltrating SE Ukraine with Russian Soldiers under the guise of Separatists., Russia sending "Humanitarian Trucks" without proper authorization. Russia is wrong. Russia is a bully. Shame on Russia.

by: Anonymous from: the Universe
August 22, 2014 05:27
Everywhere Russians compete in international sports events or play music or any other kind of entertainment, people in the audience should where blue and yellow in support of the Ukrainian people. The world needs to send a message....

by: Vassar Bushmills from: United States
August 23, 2014 17:52
This reminds me of Ayn Rand's poignant "The Inexplicable Personal Alchemy" (971) about Victor Kamm's New York Times article I 1968, "For Three Minutes I felt Free", about the Soviet dissenters who had protested Moscow's invasion in Praqgue. All were arrested and taken away.

As an old Cold War visitor to both Russia and Ukraine, It is good to see the idea of freedom and intellectual liberty still runs in Russian blood. Moi priyatel

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