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Muslims Protest In Kosovo Capital

Muslim protesters hold banners reading " Dignity, Justice, Identity" in PristinaMuslim protesters hold banners reading " Dignity, Justice, Identity" in Pristina
Muslim protesters hold banners reading " Dignity, Justice, Identity" in Pristina
Muslim protesters hold banners reading " Dignity, Justice, Identity" in Pristina
Around 1,000 people have rallied in Kosovo's capital of Pristina in a protest demanding space for a new mosque.

Religious officials say they want a more central and bigger site to accommodate growing demand in the city.

The protest also criticized the August 29 parliamentary vote against a law that would allow headscarves to be worn and religion to be taught in public schools. Kosovo is secular, but a majority of its people are ethnic Albanians who are mostly Muslim.

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by: Martin from: Australia
September 02, 2011 23:58
Islam is Tribalism on steroids......

Now we see why the Serbs fought so hard against this rising cancer.
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by: Fatmir from: Kosovo
September 03, 2011 08:03
Islam is PEACE, discover it, read the Koran!
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by: Peteko from: Kosovostan
September 05, 2011 13:52

The Serbs did not fight against Muslims but against Kosovars who wanted independence. It was a war to protect their colony from seceding.
Now the Serbs are trying to stop Kosovo's recognition through their Muslim friends in Iran, Syria, Libya (oops cross this this last one out) etc.
The problem is not Islam really, but the idiots who are using it for their political agendas. Believe me it would have been worse under Serbia.

by: Sam from: Afghanistan
September 03, 2011 11:03
Martin, the Serbians did not discriminate between Christian and Muslim people when they commited genocide. Christians and Muslims died alongside one another under Milosevic's brutality.

by: Darren from: Canada
September 03, 2011 17:52
We would live in a much better world if there was just one global religion. I suggest that the Catholic Chuch should be it, because it was started by Jesus. Hence, I urge all Serbs, Albanians, anglicans, protestants, hindus, buddhist, jews to convert the Catholicism, forv the sake of mankind. The sooner, the better.

If you have doubts, just explain to me why is Islam or Anglicanism, for instance, better than the Catholic Church? Tell me what they offer more than the Catholic Church? Perhaps in order to allow Henry the 8th to chop off the heads of his wives? Shame!

by: Alex from: LA
September 03, 2011 20:28
Islam is Peace through murder then conversion! Who is Fatmir to teach us the lessons of history! In History Muslim converted and killed those who would not convert thats the truth in the past and there is no sign of it changing ever. Just because they know what secular and democracy means doesn't mean they are those things. It's like the turkified Armenians that succumbed to Islam through Genocide, saying they are Turks, but what they really feel and are is Armenian Christians at heart.

You can put titles on things but it does not change the person from being what he/she is!

World don't get fooled by Muslim deceivers. I'm not judging Koran but I am those who follow it for wrong reasons, just like I am to those similar Christians and Jews.
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by: Fatmir from: Kosovo
September 04, 2011 14:25
Alex, really Islam is Peace! I don't know how many have you learnt about Islam, and religion in general, and from which resources. Pls be aware that often most of our knowledge comes from movies or popular media and often it is not accurate, pls read any university book (any of Oxford University Press for instance) on the history of Islam or on the basics of Islam.

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by: Abdulmajid
September 04, 2011 14:57
So, then, according to you Milosevic did the right thing in Bosnia and in Kosova? Then,with friends like you who needs enemies? And like it or not, the Bosniaks and Kosovars are there to stay, and they will never again submit to the Serb heel.

by: Martin from: Australia
September 04, 2011 13:11
In my opinion......all religions are simply childish nonsense for adults who have never grown up and are afraid of the dark and their own mortality. There are no jehovahs.....nothing.......take that on board and there is nothing more to divide us......except maybe football teams.....

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