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Rhode Island Legislature Calls For Nagorno-Karabakh Recognition

Lawmakers in the U.S. state of Rhode Island have passed a resolution calling on President Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress to recognize Nagorno-Karabakh, the predominantly ethnic-Armenian separatist enclave in Azerbaijan.

The resolution, adopted by the state's House of Representatives, encourages Nagorno-Karabakh's "efforts to develop as a free and independent nation."

Robert Avetisyan, Nagorno-Karabakh's self-styled U.S. representative, voiced hope that the resolution would inspire other legislatures in the United States and elsewhere to adopt similar measures.

Armenia and Azerbaijan have been in conflict for around three decades over the territory, with a fragile cease-fire holding since 1994 after Armenians seized control of most of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Internationally mediated negotiations have failed to result in a resolution.

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by: Phil from: UK
May 18, 2012 11:29
I doubt it will happen. Too many economic and strategic interests for the US to anger Azerbaijan with such a move. On top of that, Armenia supourts Iran which will not help this case.
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by: John Harduny from: Reston, VA, USA
May 19, 2012 00:57
US recognition of Nagorno-Karabakh's independence - which was declared 21 years ago and successfully upheld since then de-facto - will not happen this year or next exactly because of the reasons that you mentioned. But it will happen inevitably.
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by: Rafi
May 19, 2012 15:54
It will never happen probably. Nagorno-Karabakh have never been independent, de-facto or otherwise. It is fully occupied by Armenia, is militarily, politically and economically on Armenia. The irony is that the same is true for the relations between Armenia and Russia.
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by: John Harduny from: Reston, VA, USA
May 22, 2012 03:23
The Nagorno Karabakh Republic's political tradition rests on 1600-year-old reality of uninterrupted Armenian demographic and political domination in the region. Nagorno Karabakh is the place where vestiges of Armenian statehood were preserved through the ages. The Nagorno Karabakh Republic was weakened by the war, true, and requires nourishment from the rest of the world to stand on its feet again - as it did for many centuries - without any support. Azerbaijan left deep scars in the region but they are healing fast. Let God continue keeping the sacred land of Artsakh in his watchful sight.
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by: Ray from: Los Angeles, CA, USA
May 24, 2012 17:17
Armenia has NO choice but to support Iran. We are neighbors. Imagine how many bombs will go off in Yerevan, Armenia with these suicidal lunatics running around with bombs strapped around their chest. We are not stupid people. We are for the interest of Armenia and no other. The US and the rest of the world can go fight your war. This is not our war. We have no war with Iran. We have been neighbors for thousands of years, and will continue to be neighbors for a thousands more. Good luck.

by: Anonymous
May 18, 2012 13:05
Unfortunately, peace is still far far away...

so, why not exchange Nakhitshevan for Nagorny-Karabakh like Pakistan and India did (just with no casualties, of course...). sounds crazy?
well, what about an autonomy within Azerbayjan?

anyway, kosova (bye), abkhasia and ossetia (bye), maybe soon a part of macedonia (bye), kurdistan (?bye)...
It's sad, but in some places people do not judge other people by their actions, perceptions...but by their tribe, language, ethnicity, religion...
some(!?) or many (?!) people in places like Nigeria, Bosnia, Macedonia, Abkhasia, Azerbayjan, Syria, Libanon, Bahrein, Tamil Eelam Nadu, and many more nations...prefer to live in purely homogenous societies...
why encourage a dissolution? why not instead encourage and inspire conflict resolution and management...
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by: Anonymous
May 18, 2012 17:17
exchange Nakhitshevan for Nagorny-Karabakh? how could you change one with an other? Nagorny-Karabakh is populated with Armenians. Nakhitshevani Armenian population was forced to leave their homeland long time ago. They even destroy the Armenian cross-stones there. Anything that Armenians built in Nakhitshevan for almost 3,000 years is being destroyed by Azeris.
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by: Zardost from: Iran
May 19, 2012 18:54
Yerevan, historically known as Erevan, had a majority Azerbaijani population in earlt 20th century. Armenia purged all Azerbaijanis from Yerevan. This is fact and you cannot ignore it.
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by: Guest from: US
May 18, 2012 18:13
Your suggestion ignores many factors in this complicated situation. Armenians will never be able to live in peace under Azeri rule. Consider that Nakhitchevan before Aliyev Sr. had a huge Armenian presence - for centuries Armenians lived on those land and had a strong cultural heritage there. Over the years, the Armenians and all the signs of their presence on those lands were removed by Azeris. If NK ever goes back to Azerbaijan, they will have the same fate. If Azeri president and government publicly pronounce Armenians of the world as their enemies #1, how can you possibly negotiate with them and rely on their willingness to achieve peace? Alas, you are right, peace is far away...
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by: Rafi
May 19, 2012 16:03
So, to ensure their safety Armenian forces occupied twice large the area around Karabakh and expel 800 000 inhabitants.
No Azerbaijani president have declared Armenians as people as their enemy, however, it was the current Armenian president who said that Armenians can not live with Azerbaijanis, which is a blatantly fascist statement in a world when people learn to live side by side.
Karabakh and its Armenian inhabitants would be way better off within Azerbaijan, they know that too, if only Russian imperialistic policy was not against peace and stability they would have thrown off their occupiers long ago. But eventually they will, it does not seem possible or likely that Karabakh will ever be detached from Azerbaijan.

by: Gharapaghtsi Hrair from: Stepanakert, Armenia
May 18, 2012 20:07
Could you please stop saying Nagorno Karabakh is an "enclave in Azerbaijan" (whatever it means) and begin calling it by its official name, The Armenian Republic of Mountainous Gharapagh? Thank you very much.
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by: Anonymous
May 19, 2012 15:56
More properly it is a REGION of Azerbaijan. Thank you very much.
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by: Gharapaghtsi Hrair from: Stepanakert, Armenia
May 20, 2012 15:10
To avoid misundrstandings, I'd like to point out that Nagorno Karabakh is NOT an "enclave in Azerbaijan" or "a REGION of Azerbaijan." Nagorno Karabakh is an ARMENIAN REPUBLIC, whose official name is THE ARMENIAN REPUBLIC OF MOUNTAINOUS GHARAPAGH, ԼԵՌՆԱՅԻՆ ՂԱՐԱԲԱՂԻ ՀԱՅԿԱԿԱՆ ՀԱՆՐԱՊԵՏՈՒԹԻՒՆ in Armenian.
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by: Anonymous from: US
May 20, 2012 18:14
Just be happy with what you have. Stop your Mongolian attitude and try to take over something that does not belong to you. Nagorno-Karabakh was, is and will be Armenian. Just because you had it as a gift from communist for 70 years it does not make yours. Armenian lived there for 3000 years so be quit and enjoy your 100 years old country.
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by: Rafi
May 21, 2012 06:19
This racist attitude should be stopped. It is disturbing that for some reason there is a trend of denigrating Azerbaijanis or seeing them as guest or something. Azerbaijanis have been living in this land for thousands of years, including all parts of Karabakh. So, it is time to stop fascist attitudes and come to a sensible solution, which clearly includes finding a proper realization of the rights of Karabakh Armenians within Azerbaijan.

by: Ray F. from: Lawrence, KS
May 19, 2012 15:58
I think the Azeri government should recognize the ‘Independent Union of Beer-Drinking Bowlers of Providence, Rhode Island’ and their demands for greater freedom to smoke in the bowling alley.

by: Ty from: PH
May 19, 2012 18:56
This action is proof of corruption within US senate. Senators and Congressmen can be bribed and manipulated to work against US national interests. The senator has comitted national treason!
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by: Ian from: Littleton, CO
May 20, 2012 06:16
Actually, it's a member of a state government, This is not a federal action (although the individual states occasionally have relations with foreign powers, it is the province of the US Department of State to make such determinations). That said, the territory in question reminds me a bit of Alsace-Lorraine (and East Timor, come to think of it).
It will eventually wind up part of Armenia, as that is how the people see themselves. How long this takes and how much blood is shed over it, though, will only be determined by the Azerbaijan's recognition of this fact.
If you aren't familiar with that, please read up.
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by: Donovan from: PA
May 22, 2012 03:21
and also Saarland. Returned in 1957 after a plebiscite.

by: Nagorno-Karabakh from: US
May 20, 2012 18:16

by: David from: Georgia
May 22, 2012 05:53
I think the only real and fair solution to the Karabakh problem is very clear both to Armenians and Azeris: Nagorno Karabakh should be given highest level of autonomy within the internationally recognized borders of Azerbaijan. Any other solution can be big disrespect to one of the two - Azerbaijan or Armenia. Only this solution can guarantee respect of the rights of Azeris and Armenians.

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