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Nearly Two Of Three Respondents In Iran State TV Poll Want Nuclear Enrichment Stopped

A Radio Farda screen shot from July 3 of Iran's website with the polling showing 62 percent of respondents in favor of stopping uranium enrichment to remove international sanctions.
A Radio Farda screen shot from July 3 of Iran's website with the polling showing 62 percent of respondents in favor of stopping uranium enrichment to remove international sanctions.
More than 60 percent of the respondents in an opinion poll posted on the website of Iran's state television news channel on July 3 said they were in favor of Iran stopping its uranium-enrichment program in return for the gradual removal of international sanctions.

The poll has been since removed and replaced by another poll about soccer, apparently after the results became apparent and received attention on social media.

The poll looked like this, posing a single question and offering three choices:

What method do you prefer for facing the unilateral Western sanctions against Iran?
1. Giving up uranium enrichment in return of the gradual removal of sanctions
2. Retaliatory measure by closing the Strait of Hormuz
3. Resistance against the unilateral sanctions for preserving nuclear rights

The majority of respondents -- 63 percent, by early evening, when the accompanying image was made -- had chosen the first option. Meanwhile, 20 percent had voted in favor of the closure of the Strait of Hormuz and 18 percent had chosen the third option.

It is unclear how many people took part in the poll on, which is one of Iran's major news sites. The results appeared to contradict official claims that virtually all Iranians support the country's nuclear ambitions despite unprecedented pressure over its nuclear activities.

Today, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said a plan by Iran's parliament that calls for an effort to shut down the Strait of Hormuz in reaction to European Union's recently enacted oil embargo reflects Iranian public opinion.

Mehmanparast was quoted by ISNA news agency as saying that the actions of the lawmakers "demonstrate the mentality of our people and reflect their opinions and views about the hostile measures against our country."

Iranians are a proud nation, and indeed many people support the country's nuclear program -- cited by some as a symbol of national pride. But there are also those who think the price has been too high and that Iran should compromise over its nuclear program. Their views, however, are being seemingly ignored by state officials.

The rising pressure and new sanctions that are making life increasingly difficult for ordinary Iranians could lead to more citizens questioning the cost of the country's sensitive nuclear activities.

As one 30-year-old man in Tehran told me: "We should have a nuclear program -- scientific progress is definitely important -- but many are asking what is it good for when we don't have food on our tables?"

-- Golnaz Esfandiari
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by: s
July 03, 2012 23:13
Brilliant. Just another day in lala land

by: arash from: UK
July 04, 2012 01:07
I bet they'll never dare to ask the Iranian people if they want to get rid of the regime as the answer would be a resounding YES, as we saw how the regime had to resort to an electoral coup detat to stay in power.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
July 04, 2012 18:59
At any rate, Arash from the UK, it looks like they forgot to ask for your valuable opinion and probably if you asked them "why?" the answer would be a resounding "who gives a damn about opinions of bankrupt losers from the UK/US/EU/NATO?" who are only good to lose wars and complain on "discussion" fora.

by: Anonymous
July 04, 2012 06:57

by: an Iranian
July 04, 2012 18:52
Thank you, Miss Esfandiari for your excellent coverage of Iran.

by: Jossef from: USA
July 05, 2012 18:28
The sanctions are clearly acheiving their intended results. The only question is whether the Western countries will maintain their unity long enough for the public opinion in Iran to force the Islamist regime in Iran to blink. Thanks to the threat from Israel, the Western countries will think twice before they start to relax the sanctions. Thanks to the internet and Al Jajeera the Iranian regime will not be able to hide the poll for very long.

by: JohnWV from: United States
July 08, 2012 15:33
Iran is only Israel's current fixation. America's entire electoral system has been corrupted by Netanyahu's Israel, AIPAC, Israel Firsters and ingenious distribution of enormous amounts of Jewish money. Our representative democracy is nearly defeated and the destruction of America as we know it well underway. Termination of the criminal treachery and treason demands immediate priority. The Government of the United States must again serve American interests, not the Jewish state's relentless pursuit of invulnerability, territorial conquest and apartheid supremacist empire in, and beyond, the Mideast.

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