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New Tatarstan Education Minister Appointed Amid Language Standoff

Pro-Russian-language protesters in Kazan in 2011 protest the compulsory teaching of the Tatar language. (video still)
Pro-Russian-language protesters in Kazan in 2011 protest the compulsory teaching of the Tatar language. (video still)

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By RFE/RL's Tatar-Bashkir Service
KAZAN, Russia -- The president of Russia's Tatarstan republic has appointed a new minister of education against a heated public debate over the teaching of the Tatar language in secondary schools.

Engel Fattakhov, 51, previously served as a district governor and has no direct experience in education or science.

Some ethnic Russian residents, who make up almost half of Tatarstan's population, have recently protested against the mandatory teaching of Tatar in Russian schools.

Both Russian and Tatar are official languages in the republic.

The deputy minister of education, Lyudmila Nugumanova, resigned last month over the issue.

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by: Imzy from: London
October 14, 2012 16:30
How dare they protest against the tatar language when they're in tatarstan? I dont think russian should even be taught there as Russia is a colonial power there, but seeing as it's part of russia for now they should teach russian but tatar aswell. If they dont like it, they should move to Moscow
In Response

by: gg33 from: germany
October 25, 2012 00:59
your london is a colonial power you killed all native americans and slaved the world like india and africa. All native americans are death now ty usa uk,

russians make over 50% of tartarstan and its even higher if you count the rest like ukrainians they all speak russian, russian is the language of the future in europe and eurasian sphere, tartars speak all russian. Why moving back??? They are only 5% they are surrounded by russian territory why going steps back, ukraine even made russian official and as europe will more and more decline while russia will prosper russia will replace french and spanish in western european scools.

spanish is also very overrated spain is in austerity and all these latin american countries are very far away.

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