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New Opposition Civic Union Established in Abkhazia

Former Abkhazian presidential candidate Raul Khajimba is a founding member of the new opposition group.
Former Abkhazian presidential candidate Raul Khajimba is a founding member of the new opposition group.
A civic union of Abkhaz "patriotic forces" held its founding congress in Sukhumi on January 19.  The new union, which has named itself Apsadgyyl (Homeland) is not intended as an electoral bloc for the parliamentary ballot scheduled for March 10. Instead, it will seek in the longer term to bridge what lawyer Tamaz Ketsba, a member of the initiative group behind the forum, calls the existing split in Abkhaz society.

The new union brings together an unspecified number of opposition parties and NGOs, including the radical Forum of National Unity of Abkhazia (FNEA) headed by Raul Khajimba, who ran unsuccessfully in the presidential elections of 2004, 2009, and 2011.

Addressing the founding congress, Khajimba argued that Abkhazia's sovereignty is under threat because of the inertia of its leaders, presumably meaning Aleksandr Ankvab, who was elected de facto president in August 2011 following the untimely death in May of Sergei Bagapsh. Only a few countries recognize Abkhazia as an independent entity, including Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and a handful of Pacific island states. 

At the same time, Khajimba called for "constructive dialogue" between the opposition and the authorities.

The Apsadgyyl congress addressed two formal demands to the authorities in the run-up to the March ballot.

The first was for the outgoing parliament to debate proposed amendments to the election law that would minimize the scope for falsifying election results.

One such measure is to revamp the composition of election commissions at all levels. The parliament is reportedly reluctant to debate those amendments.

The second proposal was to guarantee all parties airtime on state TV and radio even before the election campaign gets underway. 

Last fall, Khajimba addressed an open letter to Ankvab complaining that the management of Abkhaz state TV and radio routinely ignores all the opposition's demands for more extensive and in-depth coverage of pressing political, socio-economic, legal, and demographic matters as well as other issues, such as corruption.

Khajimba called for the creation of an independent public council that would advise the management of state TV on programming priorities as well as on promoting feedback from viewers and listeners while also acting on such audience input.

Ankvab rejected that demand. But he did agree to set up a "working group," which is to formulate its reform proposals by March 1, i.e. too late for them to be implemented during the run-up to the March parliamentary elections.
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by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
January 21, 2012 05:03
Firstly mr.Khadjimba!!
No country has recognized Abkhazia but Mr. Putin bought the recognition of people of dubious reputation, who are in power in some backward countries, where lawlessness reigns.
Abkhazia recognized solely for bribery....
My congratulations...

What surprises me more, why some journalists when they write about Abkhazia, forget to remind that it is a territory
where reigns
and for them it is written in their law.

Remind you also that in Abkhazia were killed thousands of innocent people by nationality, and now a bunch of thugs trying to build something there on the bones of dead people.

In Abkhazia, all built on banditry and clan, there is no law on private property and happening a mess.
Let's call the bandits bandits
Somali pirates,abkhazians- birds of a feather,simply Mr. Putin covered crime Abkhaz bandits, for the sake of his geo political interests.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
January 23, 2012 04:49
A pair of all speciments degenerates,
"think tanks" from Russian "shtaby" (headquarters),
from time to time add a name to their rediculos nazi theories
of origins of Human Civilization (after Khrutchev and Quin ordered to burn history books in former USSR).

Is "a-ps(y)-ad(y)gy-yl" a code word to hide Russian race repopulation of Abkhazia, accompanied by Adygeya?

Is it to legitimize Adyga-Afro-Pechenega genocide in 8 Century
AD against Alans (Skiffs mixed with Caucasians) from Asov to
modern Northern Osetia?

Is it also to hide that Adyga was coarsed by Jacob
tribe "Gad"?

Who knows!
What emerges in heads of mean Russians and their Quislings wouldn't wisit even heads of mad dogs
(dogs is "psy" in Russian)...

by: David from: Los Angeles
January 31, 2012 15:34
How does stupidity like the above be allowed to be posted here? Your rantings and ravings are baseless and obviously full of Georgian ire and hate. Go bark at some other dogs.

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