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North Caucasus

Nine Killed In Volatile North Caucasus

Russian media has reported that eight rebels and one Interior Ministry soldier have been killed in clashes in the volatile North Caucasus region.

In Ingushetia, Russian security forces say they opened fire on five rebels after they failed to stop in the regional capital, Nazran. 

Russia's antiterrorist committee, NAK, says all five rebels were killed and two had belts loaded with explosives. 

NAK accused the five of plotting terrorist attacks. 

In nearby Daghestan, the Interfax news agency reports that Russian Interior Ministry forces battled rebels in a forest near the village of Kakirkent.

The report said three rebels and one Interior Ministry soldier were killed in the gun battle. 

The Kremlin is struggling to contain an Islamic insurgency in the North Caucasus and outgoing President Dmitry Medvedev has called the North Caucasus separatist movement Russia's top domestic security problem.

Based on Itar-tass, Reuters, and AFP reporting
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by: M from: Ingushetia
April 03, 2012 22:45
They were from Plievo a mother with two children and their cousin.
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by: M from: Ingushetia
April 05, 2012 16:08
Yesterday: 4 Ingush civilians killed by Russian troops
Today: 4 Russian troops brought to a hospital after their armored car was blown. 1 in critical condition.
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by: M from: Ingushetia
April 05, 2012 23:51
So, RFE/RL are you going to stick with the Russian version? or the true version of the events:
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by: M from: Ingushetia
April 07, 2012 00:43
Even the "supporter" of Russia Yevkurov realizes that Russians are criminals: "On April 4 the remains of Velhieva's body were passed to the relatives. Along came the head of the Plievo municipality Sultygov Mohammed. He said that he is authorized on behalf of Yevkurov to announce that Zina Velhieva is innocent and that the investigation into the circumstances of her death, are under Yevkurov's personal control."

by: M from: Ingushetia
April 03, 2012 22:56
RFE/RL who are you working for? FSB? Well you can report more lies that 6 years old Ingush boy was shooting at Russian troops:

by: Alex from: LA
April 04, 2012 00:25
Rebels to West and Terrorist to the Russians.

by: Jack from: US
April 04, 2012 00:50
Russians are out of control. They keep killing CIA operatives left and right. And what does Hussein Obama do? He wants Russia to allow US troops to flee Afghanistan via Russian territory! Things are clearly set for luminous republican president to take over and have few more missions accomplished. NATO minions should prepare to die for the glory of Romney the First

by: M from: Ingushetia
April 04, 2012 00:59
RFE/RL is lying. They were civilians.
Relatives and civilians of an Islamic healer who was killed in 2007 also executed: Gardanov family mother, two sons and cousin.

"On February 7, security services killed two men, Ibragim Gardanov and Magomed Chakhkiev. The two were shot in the centre of Ingushetia’s main city Nazran in full view of many witnesses, and the case sparked widespread anger.

The following day, the press service of the local FSB said it had trapped two men it described as “bandits” suspected of a number of serious crimes.

Witnesses tell a different story. They say at least ten armed men swooped on Gardanov’s car, opened all four doors and started firing at the two men inside without giving a warning. Gardanov was hit by 17 bullets, while Chakhkiev received 24. To make sure the two men were dead, the attackers shot them in the head.

For several hours after the shooting, FSB agents kept the scene sealed off. Many witnesses, including Ingush law-enforcement officers, said the two men in the car could have been captured alive.

Gardanov was well-known locally as a folk healer. His uncle Ahmed, himself a famous herbalist, said he could have accepted seeing his nephew arrested, tried and even executed if he were found guilty.

“But they shoot down our young people like partridges,” he said. “We won’t be game-birds for hunters from the Russian security services.”

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by: Red-beared-Sergei
April 06, 2012 05:17
You can migrate another country, if you do not want Russians. Chechens and İngushes are waiting like sheeps, to kill by Russian wolves. Your leaders, and your leading clans want Russia, they not let to go Russians. İf NATO or İSAF come there, surely you will fight against the NATO, by the side of Russians.

Migration is good for these "crying people", that who are waiting to kill, and after crying. Russia was deport you in 1945 to Asian lands, but you return to Caucasus as sheeps to kill yourselves. Why are you crying ? You put Russians there, your people, your leaders, your clans put Russia.
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by: M from: Ingushetia
April 06, 2012 12:50
Stupid Russian your empire will die before we move from the Caucasus.

by: Thomas from: Netherlands
April 05, 2012 12:29
I Agree with M from Ingushetia. Cmon RFERL, be a little bit more careful when you present such statements as fact. Besides, why would five rebels even travel in one car through Nazran where they know there is a good chance of being checked. No, the story that these people were civilians is more likely, and it wouldn't be the first time that the Russians present dead civilians as "terrorists" or "bandits".

by: Mike from: New York
April 06, 2012 08:40
"Sources in the Province of Ingushetia reported about a massacre committed by Russian invaders in the provincial capital of Nazran late Tuesday.

On April 3, Salman Gardanov, born 1989, and his younger brother Junaid were driving home in Nazran, the capital of the province of Ingushetia of the Caucasus Emirate, in a car from their workplace at a local brick factory. Their cousin Shamsuddin was also with them in the car.

On their way home, the two brothers picked up an elderly relative of their mother, Zina, who lived in the neighborhood. They all worked at the brick factory.

But they never came home, being executed by the Russians from death squads, and were proclaimed "terrorists".

Russian invaders and local minions from the "death squads" have riddled the car with shots and killed all the people inside. Then, they laid explosives and blew up the car.

The car and the victims were blown up to justify the massacre by claiming that that the woman and two brothers had explosives on them, and were "suicide bombers".

The Russian media launched a story of a "major success in prevention of an impending terrorist attack".

Immediately after the killing, the Russians said on their TV that "a major terrorist attack, a double terrorist attack, has been averted", and "terrorist suicide bombers have been eliminated".

Two of the killed, Salman and Junaid, were brothers of Muhammad Gardanov who had been killed before. After the murder of their elder brother Muhammad, these children were guarded. They were in no way involved in anything, were ordinary guys, working and feeding their family..

The others persons in the car, killed by the Russians, were just traveling companions who were returning with them to their home.

Meanwhile, all the Russian and Western media outlets continue to disseminate false propaganda of Russian invaders, talking about the "special operation" in Nazran."

by: Jack from: US
April 06, 2012 14:03
what is all the fuss about? RFE/RL propaganda bemoans Wahhabi terrorists killed by Russians? Russians are good at that and they will kill more US-sponsored and Saudi-financed terrorists. People of Chechnya and Ingushetia and Daghestan are grateful to Russian president Putin for restoring law and order to Muslim republics. Otherwise there will be Lybia-style chaos where gangs of Wahhabi Arabs roam, killing Chechens and Ingush who are not willing to submit to them. 95% of Chechens voted for Russian president Putin. Which is twice more than Putin got from Russians.

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