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Michelle Obama’s Oscar Dress Too Sexy For Iran’s State Media

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama announcing the Best Picture Oscar to "Argo" live from the White House on February 24. (official photo)
U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama announcing the Best Picture Oscar to "Argo" live from the White House on February 24. (official photo)
Iran’s Fars news agency has Photoshopped a picture of U.S. first lady Michelle Obama from the February 24 broadcast of the Academy Awards, electronically adding material to her dress to make it less revealing.

The dress, a shimmering silver, sleeveless gown by Indian-born American designer Naeem Khan, was widely praised in the U.S fashion press.

The official White House photo is above.

In its rendering of the photo, the Iranian news agency raised the neckline and added short sleeves. Iranian state TV also blurred out the first lady's attire in its coverage of the Oscars. 
The Fars version of Michelle Obama's Oscar appearanceThe Fars version of Michelle Obama's Oscar appearance
The Fars version of Michelle Obama's Oscar appearance
The Fars version of Michelle Obama's Oscar appearance

Fars, which is affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, noted that it was unusual that Obama had announced this year’s award for Best Picture, which went to what it called the "controversial and anti-Iranian" film "Argo." Traditionally, Hollywood notables announce the winners.

The hard-line news agency said the movie is a production of the "Zionist" Warner Bros. Entertainment company.

NOT THE FIRST TIME: An Iranian hard-line website once blurred out images of alleged U.S. spy Sarah Shourd

Since its release in October, Iranian state media have blasted "Argo" for its unflattering portrayal of life in Iran following the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Here's the official "Argo" trailer:

While Fars apparently did not approve of Obama’s dress, it did like the attire of the wife of Palestinian director Emad Burnat, whose film, "Five Broken Cameras," became the first Palestinian documentary film nominated for the prestigious award.

"The interesting point to notice in the [Oscars ceremony] was the presence of the wife of the Palestinian filmmaker in Islamic hijab," Fars commented in a short news story devoted to how Burnat’s wife was dressed.

Fars, which frequently accuses Iranian actresses of flouting the Islamic dress code at international award ceremonies, seemed to suggest the Palestinian woman could be a role model for Iranian actresses.

"The comparison between the clothing of Burnat’s wife in the Oscar ceremony and the attire of Iranian actresses in international festivals is worthy of reflection," it said.

-- Golnaz Esfandiari
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by: Anonymous
February 25, 2013 19:44
is it not a political statement if the president's wife announces the award for the supposedly "best" picture that in various sequences portrays not few iranians as a bunch of radicals and psychopaths?

against the historical background of
the overthrown/dethroned shah, his extremely brutal savak (executions, rape, torture in all pathologically cruel forms (see Kapuściński et al.),
the current pandemonium and the predicament in terms of bilateral relations, it's slightly understandable that some iranians, especially in the current government (as controversial as it might be) are not very delighted about this political dimension.

michelle obama may not have known which film won the oscar, still, it seems not very sensitive in the light of all the nuclear-shmuclear-do-we-bomb-iran-do-we-crush-iran-ideas in the u.s that she could not forsee this reaction.

so, is it just film mixed with politics? ben affleck did mention the suffering of "his" friends in iran (whoever this is...).

would michelle obama annouce the award for a film that portrays saudi, russian, israeli, pakistani, chinese or japanese people or history, historical events in a precarious, awkward, delicate light?
since many decision-makers in both nations and politicians from various movements are not "best" friends,
why all this obama-PR for a film that is obviously not helping to normalize bilateral relations? deliberate?
In Response

by: Numbnuts from: Mars
February 26, 2013 00:49
Thanks Iran for doing something right.
In Response

by: Xena from: Houston
February 26, 2013 22:35
Thanks Iran for doing WHAT right?
constantly threaten US?
In Response

by: Global citizen from: ozzie
February 26, 2013 04:15
Point very well made, couldn't agree more....

by: Xena from: Burbank
February 26, 2013 22:33
That is scary that nobody thought about possibility of international incident i.e. Iran atacking USA for Ms. Obama showing up and presenting an Oscar to a anti-Iranian move. Scary!!!!

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