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Uzbek Man Charged Over Obama Threats


A U.S. federal grand jury has indicted an Uzbek man for allegedly threatening to kill President Barack Obama and possessing illegal firearms.

U.S. officials said a grand jury in Birmingham, in the southern state of Alabama, indicted Ulugbek Kodirov, 21, on July 26 on four counts of threatening Obama on four separate occasions earlier this month.

The statement gave no details about the alleged threats.

It said the Uzbek was charged with "repeatedly threatening to kill the president of the United States and with possessing grenades and an M15 machine gun."

The statement said Kodirov was arrested on July 13 at a motel in Leeds, Alabama, after buying the gun from an undercover agent who was working with U.S. authorities.

He faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison on each count of threatening Obama, and 10 years for each weapons charge.

Officials said Kodirov has been living in the United States illegally after his student visa was revoked in April, 2010, after he failed to enroll in school.

compiled from agency reports

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July 27, 2011 08:40
The death threats and the obvious evidence of firearms discovered from the Uzbek man shows the level of advancement security has attained in the USA especially information gathering.
It is rather sad that the world is continuously experiencing sad developments :what on earth could prompt a young man to embark on such a devilish enterprise ?what again must have led the Norwegian Anders to kill ,miam & injure his fellow men &women.
Could it be the want to make name _Guiness book of record ?

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
July 28, 2011 19:33
Since 1954-56 Russia trying discredit and colonize neighboring countries.
They still looking for all this years to find at least one bad Georgian that attacks USA or to find a "Stalinistic" spy (usually with help of Brits) - they didn't find one, thought they tried to create impression during "Aims case":
They sent one of many of archive's of "MID" secretaries, a Russian with a Georgian name (his grandfather married a Russian in Moscow), to collect
papers in USSR Ambassy after a diplomat connected with "Aims case".
(I heard about the guy on streets, at least since 1960th or 70-th - crowds of Russians were excited that they leured him to "MID" and will use one day the Russian from Moscow to discredit Georgians)
Russian extraction reporters offered such slender against Georgians right away, making a big deal with Georgian name of non important archive's Russian - and they were wery excited, along with Russians and Brits!
When Bush was in Georgia, Russians recrouted Armenian to throw granade to his direction.
They hoped that hospitable Georgians would be ashaimed to pronounce the Armenian name of a non Georgian - but they did...

Did Uzbek threatened all during one day?
Usually, if Muslim machine is used, they might brainwash such man - Russian forums and "YouTube" are filled with such unbelievable lies that
even a pudel can loose his mind and turn into a mad German sheppard.
Who was arround him before and during the alleged threats?
Russian telepaths, backed-up by Bechtel's telepaths, backed-up by
CIA and FBI agents and telepaths, danceling and heazing
on "Bundershaft"?
It is how they tried it on me since I came in USA in 1980, and I am a
(Specially in Santa Monica little market and supermarkets)

Because of his threats, weather genuin of not, he probably was set-up
by government agents - that is understandable, if they thought the threat was real and genuin and tried to act upon it.
However, depending on degree of set-up and (if any) telepathic pressure, courts have to consider also the validity and number of illegal arms.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
August 02, 2011 21:17

By the way, techology they use is simple.
They intimidate by threats, "non-letal weapons", telepaths
and "Lemurs", werbal attacks and insults.
At some point, in a public place, a man has to respond as a man.
(specially a man from Caucasus, or Central Asia, like "U-Ze-Bek")
When one try to answer that it is unfear - the "Lemurs" squize his throat
and chock his breath, while only phraze they put in his mouth would
come out - as it is last words screamed by dying man.

They also very arrogant and among many excuses they usually say;
"Agency must reckroute tis man! It is standard procedure!"
They doing it to me since we came here in 1980 - to plagiarize
my Intellectual Property.

They got me a few times - but I wouldn't go beyound " Yanky!"
So, I desided to be better prepared and pre-recorded my demarch on a
tape recorder, shortly explaining my story and nailing the perpetrators.
I used it in such situation few times - they were furious!
They broke into my apartment, destroyed the tape recorder, stole my valet with all documents and stole some papers with an invention.
The agents were "reji", agly smelling telepath (looked Romanian but said he was from Canada) and his (Russian loking) wife - they were going after
me since 1950-th in Kishinev (Moldova), by secret pact between plagiarist
Russia, USA and UK.

The "Rand" (think-tank of USA plagiarists in Santa Monica, staffed with Russians) went after me for a while, trying torture out of my head explanation of the invention - anyway, they patented it in Canada, as compressor, in a filial their's, company "Rand" - owned also by Russia and USA!

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
July 29, 2011 06:05

It was once a movie about Sentral Asians,
At end of WW2, specially Uzbeks, in Soviet army,
Contributing to end of Fuhrer and nazi Germans,
YouTube say abusing German mammies.

It was once a movie, involving Birmingham,
KuKlusKlan, killing Blacks, and a federal agent,
Bringing guilty to justice, making angree hams.
Movie was shown in USSR, educate nazis.

It was once and is Russian's propaganda
That equate Sentral Asians to people of "color",
Even most non-Russians in USSR. Nazi odor,
Accompanied by visions of craizy "Vanda".

There were World nazi-kkk "simposiums",
Including Russians, pushing their lack in USA.
They support each other and the "old good UK"
Busting-up, using the English language feums,
Non-Ruso-Germo-Brito-rose-buts - all the way,
Hypnotize them during all schools entry exams.
As they pulled on me, in 1980-th, in USA.

Do I say USA is a racist country? No, but,
They use it mostly on Caucasians - true white,
Plagiarize them for Neanderthals rose-grey ass
And lately, somehow the smell of Russia mess
Grows as expand-Russia - also into West.

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