Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Pakistan Restores Twitter After Block For Blasphemous Material

Journalists browse the Internet in Peshawar (file photo)
Journalists browse the Internet in Peshawar (file photo)

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Pakistan Shuts Down YouTube

A Pakistani court has blocked all Facebook and YouTube pages in a dispute over an online campaign against Islamic extremists who issue death threats for depicting the Prophet Muhammad.
The Pakistani government has blocked the social networking website Twitter because of material considered offensive to Islam.

AP quoted the chairman of Pakistan's telecommunications authority, Mohammad Yaseen, as saying the website was blocked on May 20 because Twitter refused to remove material related to a competition on Facebook to post images of Islam's Prophet Mohammad.

The Pakistani government said later that it had subsequently restored Twitter access about eight hours after the initial block.

Yaseen said Facebook had agreed to address Pakistan's concerns but officials had not been able to get Twitter to do the same.

Many Muslims regard visual depictions of the prophet, even seemingly flattering ones, as blasphemous.

A similar competition on Facebook in 2010 provoked Pakistan to block Facebook for around two weeks.

Based on reporting by AFP and AP
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