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Suicide Truck Bomb Kills Two Pakistani Rangers

Truck Bomb Strikes Paramilitary Forces In Karachii
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November 08, 2012
A truck loaded with explosives detonated near the office of the Rangers paramilitary force in the Pakistani city of Karachi on November 8. A spokesman for the force said at least 21 members were wounded in the attack, apparently a suicide bombing. (Reuters)
Pakistani security officials say that a suicide truck bomber has killed three members of a paramilitary security force in a suburb of the country’s largest city, Karachi.

A spokesman for the Rangers paramilitary force said 20 security personnel were wounded in the attack in the residential area of their complex on November 8.

The Rangers help Karachi police maintain security.

The Ranger spokesman said the bomber drove a truck packed with explosives into the gates of an apartment block but was unable to get the vehicle into the complex.

Several bystanders were also injured.

It was not immediately clear who may have carried out the attack.

The southern port city of Karachi sees frequent violence connected to sectarian, ethnic, and political disputes

Based on reporting by AFP, AP, Reuters, and dpa

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