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Swat Jirga Forces Family To Marry Off 6-Year-Old Girl To Settle Feud

Bibi Roza
Bibi Roza
By RFE/RL's Radio Mashaal
The parents of a 6-year-old girl in Pakistan's Swat Valley say tribal authorities are forcing them to marry off their daughter to resolve a family feud.

A jirga tribal assembly in the village of Ashari ruled that the girl, Bibi Roza, should be married to a member of a rival family in order to resolve a dispute between the two clans.

The parents have appealed to a Swat court to have the ruling overturned, and local police now say they will attempt to block the wedding, which is scheduled for November 11.

Swara, the practice of exchanging women and girls to settle personal feuds, is common in Swat and other parts of Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.

But exchanges involving girls as young as 6 are considered extremely rare.
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by: Anonymous
November 08, 2012 05:36
Swat means heavenly mansion in Sanskrit.

This is how the heaven works , prophet married to Ayesha a 9 year old then why not this girl could be mariied off at 6.

After all Women role in any religion is just like a fertile land for seeds to be sown and have a bumper crop.

Man can own as much land he wants same is true with women.

Anyway there is not a single women prophet in Jewish and Christian and Muslim view so even GOD gives inferior treatment to women.

further it does not has its own existence the very creation of first women according to scriptures is from rib of Adam.

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by: Anonymous from: Sacramento,California
November 08, 2012 17:37
@ Anonymous,
You are dead wrong on all counts. You are obviously a mental midget living a life of fantasy...and you need to get a real grip. Heaven does not work this way. The Torah is full of female prophets...and so is the Christian Bible. Your ignorance is laughable, and you are an idiot. Get a life and learn how to be a human being.
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by: Anonymous
November 09, 2012 05:09
Do you understan real sense.

Lady Prophets like marriam and so on .....

has to be relative of some male prophets ?

Is there any without male prophets?
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by: Anonymous
November 09, 2012 05:19
Holy Quran is word of GOD so please answer the following.

only men why ?

Just 25 men Prophets mentioned rest are in mystery whether they gave a message?

‘We did not send before you (i.e. Prophet Muhammad) any but men (rijal) whom we did inspire…’ (Yusuf 109; An-Nahl 43; Al-Anbiya' 7).
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by: Anonymous
November 08, 2012 18:02
"Anyway there is not a single women prophet in Jewish and Christian and Muslim view so even GOD gives inferior treatment to women."

Please don't make such statements without verifying them. This statement is completely inaccurate. I won't make any claims about Islam, but Christianity and Judaism both recognize the legitimacy of female prophets.

Five women in the Old Testament/Torah are specifically named as prophetesses: Miriam (Exodus 15:20-21), Deborah (Judges 4:4), Huldah (2 Kings 22:14), Noahdiah (admittedly, not a great example, Nehemiah 6:14) and Isaiah's wife (Isaiah 8:3). Judaism recognizes female prophets.

There are five women in the New Testament/Injeel who are known to be prophetesses, one is specifically named: Anna (Luke 2:36) and Phillip's four virgin daughters (Acts 21:8-9). Christianity recognizes female propehts.

Not only do we have these specific examples, but both the Old and New Testament specifically reference both men and women prophesying (Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17).

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by: Carl Thiem from: Spain
November 08, 2012 18:22
All cultures and traditions are respectable and comprehensible. Mankind is one. We are all called to Unity, the one God. But in christian faith it is very clear how in both passages of Genesis on Creation God 'makes' -creates, man both equally masculine and femenine: the one from mud; the other from a rib. There is no difference for God loves the same all creatures. And in no way the femenine was created to be 'owned', but to be loved, admired, respected. Like the Blessed Virgin, mother of our Lord, Jesus. Scriptures are to be studied thoroughly by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike
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by: Rachael from: USA
November 09, 2012 02:48
This is a 6-year-old child we are talking about. Not a woman.
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by: El Cid
November 11, 2012 23:43
This has nothing to do with Islam. Islam mandates that:
1. No girl can be married before attaining puberty.
2. No girl can be married against her will.
3. No girl can be married till she is able to give legal consent in a business contract. In Islam marriage is a contract and women have finances and property separate from their husbands.
4. No girl can be married till she gives legally witnessed consent, equal to that of consenting to a financial/real estate/business contract.
What you have in this six year old girl's case is a per-Islamic tribal custom when there was no police or legal authority except village elders called Jirga Court. If a person was hurt/damaged/killed by another the enmity and revenge continued through the succeeding generations. The elders decided that if the accused party married off their women to the victims party than continued war would be avoided and through being united in their children healing would take place.

In this six year old's case, perhaps they ran out of grown women and fell to this anomaly. In any case the Shariah Govt/Police authority has been alerted and will rectify the situation. Again this is a tribal custom to avoid enmity and prolonged fighting...nothing religious here---Pagan foundations, not Islamic.
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by: Anonymous
November 09, 2012 05:25
Ezekiel 13.17-19

Ezekiel 13.20-23
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by: Urprofhetisalie
November 09, 2012 15:00
Your entire post is based on the lies and stories from fictional books written by scared boys.
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by: Anonymous from: USA
November 11, 2012 21:16
Mary is the ONLY HUMAN GOD'S Angel's HAILED.
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by: El Cid
November 11, 2012 23:07
You seem to know or have studied Sanskrit. Or perhaps you pick up stuff from the Internet and pass it on as authentic, for none of your other observations or their tone suggest either knowledge, scholarship, erudition. For example:

1. The Prophet did not marry Ayesha when she was 9years old. Rather a chronological study of the Qur’an and historical turning points of early Islam: Significant Battle dates; Start of the Islamic Calender; Date of change of prayer direction from Jerusalem to Mecca; Prophet's forced exile and loot of his family and people by Meccan tribes; Prophet's move to Medina; His victorious peaceful return to Mecca---ALL these dated and recorded historically events point to Ayesha's age as being between 17 and 21 years old. The only report of her being nine comes from a report written over 230years after the event, from hearsay anecdotes, and attributed to ONE senile old man who was known for being a forgetful amnesiac...a report that is repeated ad nauseam over the Internet.

2. In Islam the role of women is equal and in some respects superior to that of men. Had you read the Qur’an, you would know...unless you are extrapolating from the Bible or are just a mischievous trolling ignoramus.

3. Again you are extrapolating from the Bible with that rib thing...which makes women secondary to men. However, in the Qur’an, Man and Woman were created equal and at the same time, from the same material: Wet clay. Which refers to their bodies being made from the elements, and are a product, of the Earth.

4. Further, there is no Original Sin, Serpent, or Fallen Angels in Islam. And Eve did not entice Adam to eat the forbidden fruit. In Islam Angels have NO free will so can do nothing against the Will of God. Man and Jinn have free will. Satan or Shatan was the Head of the Jinn, and thus like Man had free will.
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by: Anonymous
November 12, 2012 14:43
What will the men do with the small girl if she was 12 or 13 years old then someone may understand but for such a young girl she needs grow up and mean while get education.
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by: Anonymous
November 13, 2012 03:58
@Anonmous: “Anyway there is not a single women prophet in Jewish and Christian and Muslim view so even GOD gives inferior treatment to women.”
Skeptics and Atheists who come from ignorance---who believe that what they do not know does not exist---do their cause harm.

The Bible mentions nine true prophetesses. In Arabic and Hebrew they are called “Nbiyah”. In Greek: “Prophetis” or inspired woman:
Miriam, the Sister of Aaron, the brother of Moses[Exodus 15:20];
Deborah, the wife of Lapidoth[Judges 4:4];
Huldah, the wife of Shallum son of Tikvah[2 Kings 22:14];
Prophet Isaiah's Wife [Isaiah 8:3];
Anna, daughter of Phanuel, tribe of Aser[Luke 2:36-38];
Four Daughters of Philip [Acts 21:8-9].

The Bible specifically calls the above “prophetesses”[Nbiyah; Prophetis”]. The following are also believed to have spoken prophetically:
Rachel [Genesis 30:24];
Hannah[1 Samuel 2:1-10];
Abigail [1 Samuel 25:28-31];
Elisabeth[Luke 1:41-45];
Mary, mother of Jesus[Luke 1:46-55].
{Judaism's Talmud also considers Sarai/Sarah and Esther as prophetesses}

The Qur'an requires Muslims to believe in all the prophets of the Bible. The most important celebration in Islam is the Hadjj. It is centered around Hajjara, the wife of Abram/Abraham and the mother of his first born son Ismael. Hajjara, was an Egyptian Princess but became the hand-maiden to Sarai [Sarah] first wife of Abraham who married her to Abraham. Hajiara was watched over by God, the first woman God spoke to directly as she wondered thirsty, dying in the desert sun with young Ismael. Muslims performing Hadji follow her foot steps, as did Muhammad, between the two hills. She was a prophetess too. And the wife and mother of prophets Ibrahim and Ismael.

Islam recognizes Moses, David, Jesus as Prophets of The Book. Muhammad is the Seal of the Prophets---thousands of prophets, men and women---before him.

As an Atheist it behooves one to have conviction of knowledge, if not of belief. Ridicule often ricochets back at ones ignorance and arrogance.
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by: El Cid
November 13, 2012 07:50
The above details about women prophets was my answer/response TO comment by Anonymous:
“Anyway there is not a single women prophet in Jewish and Christian and Muslim view so even GOD gives inferior treatment to women.”

And NOT by Anonymous. Sorry about the glitch/error.
El Cid

by: majtka from: Europe
November 08, 2012 13:17
Of course, could not agree more with Anonymous.
A woman is worth only as much as many male descendants she can provide to the man and the family she married into. Otherwise, completely useless. There is no valid reason for treating women as anything better than the man's property, and certainly not as equal in rights to man.
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by: Appalled from: DC
November 08, 2012 22:13
Um, have you looked at a calendar lately? It's 2012, not 1012. Women are human beings, not cattle, and they are just as intelligent as men. You need to EVOLVE, honey. Your silly statement reveals you as a Neanderthal.
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by: Alaska from: Alaska
November 08, 2012 22:41
Do you treat your mother like a piece of property?
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by: arabrab from: canada
November 08, 2012 23:19
Ignore majtka comments - obviously an internet TROLL and not worth ones time
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by: majtka from: Europe
November 12, 2012 12:09
Not really an internet troll, arabrab, it was rather a delibarate provocation. I was really curious to see where and far this discussion would go and what ridiculous arguments could possibly be used to humiliate and denigrate women, uner the cover of religious principles and some medieval religious laws.
I am myself a white European, a non-religious individual, and a woman, and my stand can be read as exactly the opposite to what I put in my first "statement" above.

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