Monday, September 01, 2014


Uzbek Parliament Approves Document Rejecting Membership In Military Alliances

Uzbek President Islam KarimovUzbek President Islam Karimov
Uzbek President Islam Karimov
Uzbek President Islam Karimov
Uzbekistan's parliament has approved President Islam Karimov's new foreign policy strategy that rejects Tashkent’s membership in any military and political blocs.

The document also says that "no integration can be pushed on Uzbekistan externally" and therefore Uzbekistan has a right to quit any international alliance if it turns into a military or political bloc.

According to the document, Uzbekistan will not admit any foreign military troops or bases on its territory and will not take part in any military operations abroad.

In June, Uzbekistan officially suspended its membership in the Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) comprising a number of former Soviet republics.

CSTO Secretary Nikolai Bordyuzha said on August 1 that Tashkent’s decision to quit the organization "will have negative outcomes for Uzbekistan."

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