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Has Israel Assassinated An Iranian IRGC Official?

In recent years, several Iranian nuclear scientists have been targeted in a series of assassinations blamed on Israel.
In recent years, several Iranian nuclear scientists have been targeted in a series of assassinations blamed on Israel.
At least two Iranian news agencies and several websites are reporting that an Iranian official in charge of reconstruction efforts in Lebanon has been assassinated by "Zionists."

The official, pictures of whom have been posted by the hard-line Fars news agency, is identified as Commander Haj Hassan Shateri.

Fars, which is closely aligned with Iran's Revolutionary Guards, says Shateri was "in charge of the Iranian delegation and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan and later in Lebanon."

It says Shateri was involved in "war engineering and road building" in war zones. Shateri is a veteran of the Iran-Iraq War, where he was a Revolutionary Guards commander.

According to the report, he was killed somewhere outside of Iran on February 12 by "the executioners" of Israel.

The account gave no details about where Shateri was allegedly killed or how he died.

The news appears to be corroborated by the Abna news agency, which on February 13 reported that the head of Iran's Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani, visited Shateri's family the same day to confirm "his martyrdom" and offer condolences.

It is not clear whether Shateri was a member of the Quds Force, a special unit of Iran's Revolutionary Guards said to be tasked with conducting overseas operations.

Western governments have accused Iran and the Quds force of aiding the bloody conflict in Syria by providing military and financial support to Damascus. Iran denies this and says it has helped prevent the massacre of civilians.

In recent years, several Iranian nuclear scientists have been targeted in a series of assassinations blamed on Israel.

Shateri's funeral will be held on February 14 in Tehran, according to Fars. He will be buried in his hometown of Semnan.

-- Golnaz Esfandiari

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by: Sassan from: USA
February 13, 2013 23:15
Great news :)

by: Evan from: Brooklyn
February 14, 2013 03:50
Nice article. But I don't think you mean necessarily "overseas." Lebanon is not separated by a sea from Iran!

by: Alex from: LA
February 14, 2013 23:10
"ALEPPO.- Two Christian priests, one of them priest of the Armenian Catholic Church of Aleppo, were kidnapped by Syrian rebels on February 9.

Armenian community representative in Aleppo Zhirayr Reisian told Armenian News-NEWS.amthat other priest is from Patriarchate of Antioch.

The priests were on their way to the city neighboring to Aleppo. Both were kidnapped from a bus full of passengers.

The bus was stopped by rebels who checked the papers and then took away two priests, later promising to inform about their demands on the phone. No information has been received so far."

Where news like this from Syria??? Or does it show that US support those terrorist in Syria. Let this country to become next Egypt, Libya, and then Lebanon new Mali...

by: Davood from: Prague
February 18, 2013 10:49
Apparently Israel killed the Iranian general. A victory for Israel but as long as Israeli officials remember that "Fair Exchange is No Robbery". In other words Israel should not raise a hue and cry when the Islamic Republic avenges the assasination of the general. Soon or later the Islamic Republic will respond. But knowing Israel, the Islamic Republic's response will be considred an act of terrorism ! It is funny that Israel's killing of Iranian scientists in Tehran is not act of terrorism but a measured response often parised by Western media !

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