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Podcast: Backlash -- Russia's LGBT Battle Goes Global

Protesting homophobia in Russia on two continents: an LGBT rights protester in Moscow (left) and one in New York.
Protesting homophobia in Russia on two continents: an LGBT rights protester in Moscow (left) and one in New York.
It started as part of Vladimir Putin's efforts to shore up support among traditionalist Russians after losing the urban middle class. But Russia's laws marginalizing gays and lesbians and an ensuing string of violent homophobic attacks have turned into a major international headache for the Kremlin -- sparking everything from vodka boycotts to calls to strip Sochi of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

On the latest "Power Vertical Podcast," I discuss the issue of LGBT rights and how it is driving yet another wedge between Russia and the West.

Joining me are co-hosts Kirill Kobrin of RFE/RL's Russian Service and Sean Guillory of the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Russian and Eastern European Studies.

Power Vertical Podcast: Russia's LGBT Battle Goes Global
Power Vertical Podcast: Russia's LGBT Battle Goes Globali
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by: Chaim from: BC
August 09, 2013 20:30
GIve it a rest people. Facts are that not everyone agrees with the GLTB claims and propaganda. Russia is protecting the traditional values of family and marriage that have built civilization as we now have it.
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by: Tim from: Atlanta
August 11, 2013 18:01
Yes, and we see how well Russian society is doing Chaim!
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by: Johnny from: CA
August 11, 2013 18:10
Facts are that bigots are now in the minority and have no further pull in society against gay people, unless it is in a country run by a dictator.
Your "traditional marriage" and "traditional families" are gone.
Live and embrace those facts.
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by: Kgrl from: US
August 11, 2013 19:58
Give it a rest? Rhetoric that spouts traditional family values is threatened should be put to rest. Honestly, someones sexual preference is not powerful enough to bring down civilization nor is it affecting your right to hate. Unless you are aware of some magic power that the rest of the world is not? Try something scientific or even an original thought rather than repeating the same old words. I thought we proved the earth was round since then?
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by: you don't know from: Terre Haute IN
August 11, 2013 23:57
First of all.. Gays brought you the modern way of living.. Our form of democracy was molded from Greek and Roman times. Aristotle was a gay man among many others. You don't know what your talking about. Traditional? Please you must be kidding me right? Our culture had done a vast amount of good it takes all kinds.. And for you to think we are going to set idly by and let people put us in closet or worse your a moron and don't deserve to be put in the human category.
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by: G. J. from: TX
August 13, 2013 23:04
Funny you should mention the very societies that were destroyed by the decadence you declare as good. You might want to add Sodom And Gomorah to the pile as well. Although, I don't agree with their politics the Russian morality is in tune with procreation. Get a clue, the concentric Elite that push Gays to be the Stoic Society just want you to stop procreating. Eventually they will have their 500 million Earth Inhabitants because you will all die off with out Issue.
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by: Derp
August 12, 2013 00:12
Except gays in Russia are being killed and beaten by these "traditionalists". So no, we won't 'give it a rest'.
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by: Michael
August 12, 2013 00:56
So rude that you won't even bother to put the letters in the correct order, Chaim? What you call "traditional values" is in reality a move to actually harm human beings. "Traditional values" are love, respect, compassion, altruism, etc. None of those have any limitations in regards to sexuality. What you call the structure of civilization is actually only the formula for making babies. Guess what? Making babies isn't the only requirement of a civilization, and homosexuality occurs in nature all over the place--not merely in the human species. It has never devastated a species because it's a minority of the population. Plus, heterosexuality isn't required to have babies. Not even love is required for babies. People DO need to be in love for long lasting interpersonal relationships--you know, the core of a successful civilization. This debate isn't about breeding, but thanks for informing others about your simplicity. I love how only homophobes "make everything about sex" in this ongoing debate.
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by: Moi from: toronto
August 12, 2013 03:54
What an unfortunate observation this is. Do you realize that gay people are being harrassed, imprisoned, beaten and killed - often by the authorities who are supposed to protect them. If you want to protect tradition, practice it yourself - don't force it onto other people. People have every reason to be outraged by this stupidity and ignorance!

by: American Troll
August 10, 2013 06:34
Russia doesn't tolerate gays, hence Russia's world-renowned 1,079% annual population growth rate and lack of debt. The American government forces mandatory gay marriages, and so the last few thousand of us left alive in 2030 will gratefully convert to Russian Orthodox Christianity and relocate to the Taymyr Peninsula, candles in hand. Also, the budget overruns on gay weddings have put America deeply into debt, but Russia proudly has no debt. You can't accumulate debt if no one is willing to lend you anything in the first place.

Ultimately, the West is doomed because a nation of chess-players thinks ten steps ahead. Like how Muscovites allow millions of Muslim migrant workers to build a total of four mosques, then wallow in panic and rage on schedule every year when Muslims literally fill the streets during Eid. As George W. Bush so eloquently said, "Strategery."
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by: Jimmy from: Maryland
August 11, 2013 18:59
I had not heard America was forcing its population into gay marriages. I thought we were just starting to let those who wanted them have them. Very different from the "mandatory gay marriages" you are suggesting TROLL.
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by: orazor1324
August 14, 2013 05:25
irony much?
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by: Alex
August 11, 2013 21:03
I was going to point out how stupid you are, but then I saw the name you commented as.

by: john from: canada
August 10, 2013 15:00
Great podcast! Russian Duma's homophobia appears to accurately reflect homophobia of Russian society, at least according to Pew homophobia survey (link below).

Guillory's point that Russian homophobia may be related to anti-Western political strategies is interesting. Putin macho theory is interesting, and I'd add the prevalence of Western-linked Russian marriage businesses that suggest Russian women prefer Western men to Russian men. This emasculates insecure Russian heterosexuals and so they strike out against the vulnerable LGBT community, equating gays with pedophiles.

Obama correct that while Russia is not as horrifically homo-phobic as in most of Africa, Russia is significantly more homophobic then Europe, North America or Latin America (cf Pew).

Combination of emerging Western policies, active LGBT groups with media access (ie, Pink news link below), and depth of gay-friendly societies, creates new challenge for Russia.

By the way, Elton John tour coming to Moscow on 6 December...

by: Erica Cook
August 11, 2013 22:05
He said Puten is not the new Hitler. Yes he is.

by: Ben
August 12, 2013 17:10
"...laws marginalizing gays" - this lie is evident because for instance the law of the American army: "don`t ask - don't tell.." about gays is absolutely eaqual to the propaganda prohibition.This law was abolished in America recently without author`s hysterics.

by: Michael from: Bellingham WA
August 13, 2013 23:14
Most Americans have a naive belief that Russia wanted Olympic Games for the same reason other countries do -- promotion of the country, its people and culture, PR opportunity, etc. Proud Russian sitizens probably did, but in reality, Olympic Games in Russia is just another mechanism for a few well connected individuals to embezzle the country and international funds allocated for the event. After the spectacular theft of Russian taxpayers money for establishing the National Nano-Technology Park (whatever the name it had), an equivalent to the Silicon Valley in the Bay Area, Olympic Games presented great opportunity. The country has already spent (wasted) incrdible amount of money, well above of any logical expense for any particular engineering project. For instance, the new road from the airport in Adler to Krasnaya Polyana, the competition site (41 km or 25 miles long), cost by some reports over USD 8,000,000,000, just meager USD 320,000,000 per km. So, some Russians have already got Olympic Gold, and a lot of it. As far as they are concerned, the Games can be cancelled anytime. who cares?

by: ManchurianDevil from: Atlanta, Georgia
August 14, 2013 00:52
One further point to note about Russia's 'anti-gay' law is that it doesn't criminalize homosexuality itself but only bans so-called non-traditional-relationship propaganda directed toward minors. In other words, the law is an additional pretext for censoring any public speech that can be construed as 'non-traditional-relationship propaganda' even if the speech doesn't call for the normalization of homosexuality in Russia. Such speech can include candid discussions of AIDS or any other issue that can be construed as outside the bounds of traditional family relationships. Since Kirill Kobrinin noted that the 'gay agenda' in Russia is a threat entirely fabricated by the Kremlin, this law against 'propaganda' is really just a pretext to further censor public speech in general.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
August 14, 2013 07:57
Why am I blocked from this topic?
Is the issue of perverting all World by the West so important?
While Russian "War of Salamandras" grab non-Russian lands,
breed in non-Russian houses the ethnic Russians and alike,
Is it USA and West, enslaving about hundred millions statutory
raped once children and youngsters to pervert them, moving
it as their own "War of Salamandras" on the East?
Isn't why you blocking me out?

by: Jimbeau from: Washington, DC
August 14, 2013 14:00
Throughout this forum and in most of the published matter concerning this issue, there has been literally no mention of the major part the Russian Orthodox Church plays in fomenting the violence and anti-gay sentiment that Putin and the members of the Duma are now legislating. How easy it has been for the Church to slip into the position, at least publicly, that it had under the tsar. It's own freedom depends upon the whim of the sovereign and it in turn, panders the Church's own doctrine to shore-up it's popular image. Sochi must be the stage for LGBT athletes from around the world to add fuel to this small blaze of justice.

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