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Podcast: One Year After The Protests

"Swindlers And Thieves, Return The Elections" -- An opposition rally in Moscow on December 10, 2011.
"Swindlers And Thieves, Return The Elections" -- An opposition rally in Moscow on December 10, 2011.
It has been a year since Russia's season of dissent kicked off in earnest following the disputed State Duma elections on December 4, 2011.
Much has happened since, from Putin's reelection to the Pussy Riot trial to the legislative crackdown on dissent to the current campaign against corruption.
And as a turbulent 2012 draws to a close, it's clear that Russia is in the midst of an important transformation. What isn't yet clear: a transformation to what?
The new edition of "The Power Vertical Podcast" takes a look back at the past year and ahead to what we may expect in 2013, with co-hosts Mark Galeotti of New York University and Sean Guillory of the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Russian and Eastern European Studies.
The Power Vertical Podcast -- One Year After
Power Vertical Podcast - One Year Afteri
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by: Anonymous from: USA
December 09, 2012 02:08
I have never heard the words 'twinkly' and 'avuncular' used in the same sentence in order to describe somebody before. Mark has a creative vocabulary, too bad he is describing somebody that is probably guilty of some heinous official crimes....

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