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Podcast: Perestroika, Putin-Style

Is Putin offering the Russian elite a new deal?
Is Putin offering the Russian elite a new deal?
Is it the winds of change, or just changing political winds?

President Vladimir Putin's campaign to compel Russian officials to repatriate their foreign-held assets represents a major change in the unwritten contract between the Kremlin leader and the broader elite.

Under the old deal, officials were allowed to line their pockets and bend the rules in exchange for unswerving loyalty. But if this is no longer the case, then what is the new deal? And what are its risks?

In the latest edition of "The Power Vertical Podcast," I discuss these issues with co-host Kirill Kobrin of RFE/RL's Russian Service and special guest Andras Toth-Czifra, a Brussels-based political-risk consultant and author of the blog "No Yardstick." 

Power Vertical Podcast: Perestroika, Putin-Style
Power Vertical Podcast: Perestroika, Putin-Stylei
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by: Idrian from: Surrey, BC
March 02, 2013 02:54
It's a good thing the podcast has mentioned Limonov, even if for a short time. Would it be possible for The Power Vertical to either have a blogpost or podcast about the lesser-known figures and organisations of the Russian opposition, especially those who are not on good terms with what is headlined as 'the Russian opposition' like the abovementioned Limonov? (Other Russia, Russian Soc. Mov't, the anarchists etc)
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by: plots in mahabaleshwar from: Pune
March 04, 2013 04:36
Political wind is blowing in russia.
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by: La Russophobe from: USA
March 04, 2013 13:01
Not sure what you mean by not having good relations, but Limonov and Zyuganov were allowed to participate with the so-called opposition from the beginning, and that was it's biggest mistake. Thoughtful analysts realized from that one sign alone that the mainstream opposition leaders were both helplessly weak and hopelessly incompetent, and that there could be no hope that they would actually make any real change in Russia. The best proof of this has been the fact that Udaltsov, yet another hardcore wacko, has risen to a prominent place in the current "opposition" and that even Navalny can be tied to any number of very unsavory nationalist ideals.
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by: Idrian from: Surrey, BC
March 05, 2013 22:19
Limonov did join up with the opposition at the beginning, but left when he realised they won't accept his plan of continuing all the way to Red Square, that's what I've heard from him. He's now in no good terms with them.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
March 03, 2013 17:12
If there is anything in today's world that reminds me of the Gorbachev's "catastroyka", it is the process of austerity that a number of NATO member states (such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, US or Italy) are going through these days: all these societies have run out of money and have to cut spending severely, which leads to an irreversible societal collapse.

by: Escalator India from: Pune
March 04, 2013 07:24
I feel that President is doing real good work for that we have to praise him.

by: Ben
March 04, 2013 11:51
Western support of the oppozition,Magnitsky list,foreign property,bank accounts of elite are the cause of some measures of the "patriotic" style so the"`s corruption fight" have begun from the dismissal of the disliked by the militaries-Minister.Patriotic reaction on the West influence for the national unity will be the dominat.Successors` intrigue-is the Russian usual carrot.

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