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Podcast: Russia's Gathering Storm

The Kremlin against the backdrop of a stormy sky.
The Kremlin against the backdrop of a stormy sky.
It's the last day of August. Summer is over. And there are storm clouds on the horizon.

Russia's political season is set to resume after a summer recess that was anything but quiet. And with local elections, opposition primaries, antigovernment demonstrations, and social reforms in the offing, the autumn promises to be even more turbulent.

In the latest edition of the Power Vertical podcast, I speak with special guest host Mark Galeotti, a professor at New York University and author of the blog "In Moscow's Shadows"  about the upcoming political season.


Power Vertical Podcast -- August 31, 2012
Power Vertical Podcast -- August 31, 2012i
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
August 31, 2012 20:29
Aha, beware, Putin, your last days are coming - just like the last days of Bashar al-Assad (who was removed from power last July, just as Hillary Clinton was promising), of Hugo Chávez (who died from cancer, as we know from a number of Western media outlets) or of Fidel (who died like several thousand times over the last 50 years). Stay tuned, because a lot more science fiction stories are coming on the web-site of the RFE/RL soon!!!

by: Jack from: US
September 01, 2012 13:51
by RFE/RL propaganda the storms are gathering over Russia every day ever since Stalin shot almost all US-sponsored bolshevik commissars

by: Mark from: Victoria
September 01, 2012 20:03
Gathering political storms in Russia is an arguable point, although there is no evidence at present of anything particularly ominous: "opposition primaries", for example, will be online, and it's hard to imagine they will keep the Kremlin awake nights while there is every possibility they will dissolve into farce. But it's just conceivable somebody could actually venture something like a plan which suggests otherwise than, "I would do things exactly like Putin (such as relying heavily on energy returns to grow the economy), only the leader would be different and we would have lots less corruption", and that would be interesting. Similarly, there is no evidence whatsoever that the "antigovernment" movement is more alive than Elvis, and huge "antigovernment demonstrations" is just a wistful dream. I'm not trying to be a jerk about it or to suggest that life in Russia is dreamy - I'm just pointing out that the edgy atmosphere portrayed here exists largely in the author's imagination and I have seen no facts to contradict that reality, while the situations offered as evidence of a stormy political climate are unsubstantiated.

And the photograph actually features the Kremlin at night, while the full moon suggests it is not stormy at all.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
September 02, 2012 09:31
Wheather Russians like Eugenio and Jack are lying strait,
Or ironizing, they can't help it - sounding like lie-drop-outs.
If one lies, using double-negations, it doesn't make it right.
Are they think they can pass as Academicians, or doods?
For Her? To kill my mother - as Her wish is their comand?

Jack, are you lying that Stalin was killing the Americans?
Or confirming that Russia staffed USA with aparatchics?
Are you lying again that Aparatchics, sponsored by USA,
And that they are also Bolshevik-Commissar-hlopchiks?
Isn't it Her Canada and Obama's Russian Grandmother?

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
September 02, 2012 10:09
You Russians like symbolic killings.
Like some most talented Bashkiria children,
Killed over German Sweetzerland, Romanov's village.
Like Litvinenko, descandent of UNIA of Litvania and Polland,
Killed by "Polonium". Like Polish government, killed for Katyn'.

My mother was murdered at the end of blackmailing me CIA,
Staffed and instigated by Russia, including lying on me staff,
Eugenio and Jack. I defended her two weeks, but on 7th July
They killed her. Killing started before my birthday, three days.
It ended three days after birth of America, fourth of July - raff.

Russia is Great in its symbolic far going evil. God also Great.
After 1941 Christmus, as mutneous Russians joined the war
And Germans had total superiority in arms, Stalin asked pray.
All nations and religions prayed. Same night land was frozen,
German army superiority dezarmed, battle was lost for them.

I only ask Justice. Vengance is of God - sometime symbolic.
Wasn't it 7th July, just small reminder to Russian Cossacks?

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