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Podcast: The Comeback Kid

Putin's Olympic kitsch
Putin's Olympic kitsch
Suddenly, Vladimir Putin seems to be having the time of his life.

He is visibly relishing the Sochi Olympics, which -- at least in the eyes of the Russian public -- are coming off much better than expected. There has also been a noticeable, and predictable, backlash against foreign criticism in the run-up to the games.

And, oh, by the way, Putin's approval ratings are steadily and clearly rising.

In the latest Power Vertical Podcast, we discuss the Putin "resurrection." Is it real? Is it an illusion? Is it a trend?  Or is it a blip?

Joining me are Kirill Kobrin, editor of the Moscow-based history and sociology magazine "Neprikosnovenny zapas"; Nina Khrushcheva, a professor of international affairs at the New School and author of the forthcoming book "The Lost Khrushchev: A Family Journey into the Gulag of the Russian Mind”; and Kevin Rothrock, project editor for RuNet Echo at Global Voices, author of the blog "A Good Treaty."

Also on the podcast, Kirill, Nina, Kevin, and I discuss the economic storm clouds appearing on Russia's horizon that have suddenly gotten Putin's attention.


Power Vertical Podcast -- 14 February, 2014
Power Vertical Podcast -- February 14, 2014i
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
February 15, 2014 13:34
Ah, this is just disgusting: cozying up to little tigrillos, drinking Austrian beer, hugging kids... And in the meantime, millions of Russian gays are being slaughtered in Gulag concentration camps on the Kolyma rivers and in the Magadan region!
And I am not even mentioning the fact that so many athlets who were unwise enough to take part in those damn games have been killed by toothpaste tubes that exploded in their hands in Sotschi.
Let alone the toilets installed upside down, dust in the schnitzel, gay athlets locked in their rooms who then have to jump out of their windows on the street (as if it was September 11th!)...
Please, somebody, stop Putin and prohibit Russia from organizing anything at all in the future! I propose that from now on all the Olympic events should be organized in the city of American renaissance - Detroit :-)).
In Response

by: CJ from: USA
February 16, 2014 06:46
What proof do you have of your accusations?
In Response

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
February 16, 2014 14:27
I don't need a proof, CJ, I have been watching CNN and they said so. So, it MUST be true :-)).
In Response

by: Asehpe from: The Netherlands
February 17, 2014 00:46
They didn't say that, of course. Not that it matters: what difference does it make what CNN actually said, when you just KNOW? After all, if Eugenio says it, it must be true...

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
February 15, 2014 20:06
By the way, guys, on one web-site I found some interesting info concerning these horrible Olympic Games: it looks like quite a few medals that were won by Russian athlets during the Olympics were won by reps of ethnic minorities: Grigoriyev, for example, is a naturailzed Ukrainian, whereas An is a Korean. I guess this info fits the image of Russia as some kind of intolerant disgusting country where minorities "have no rights and cannot achieve anything in life" because of the "chauvinism" :-)).
In Response

by: CJ from: USA
February 16, 2014 06:48
You are correct sir!

by: Anonymous
February 15, 2014 20:23
I would like to know ... who follow you in his paranoic power vertical soap opera ?
In Response

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
February 16, 2014 08:21
There are enough of brainwashed primitive Beavuses from North Carolina, Texas, Alabama and other rotten cloakas - they do follow :-)).
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 20, 2014 04:44
Another proof that Nazi Russia (They like be called Chauvinist,
Gluing themselves in race war to Gentlemen-"Chistodel" - Brit,
"Gentle Bernard Show's bossy the flower-girl", not too beasty).
Putin, showing West they don't mind better homosexual threat,
Let out mildly "Sramnoy", even most of Russ is also like that.

"Mildly Sramnaya" isn't US, where one is homosexual slave,
Deserving have nothing, vulgar "normal" is doing the same,
Only in snobbish-pathetic-romantic manner - suck-vawe,
Than do the same as homosexual. And "sinless" game
Of rich and powerful - do it secretly - rest be blamed.

Putin gave too much prison to "Pussy Riots" women.
If Russia is "sramnaya" - why not imprison them all?
If it's for critics on Putin - how much tyranny gained?
If it's for critics in a Church - where is its mercy goal?
Released for wrong reason - please homosexual aim.

However, when they came to Sochi - no free speech.
If not publicity and a pledge to West - they'd be killed.
Cossacks, cursed tribes of Gad and Sam, -Russ-bitch.

Sochi staffed long before attack on Georgia by beasts
That genocide Georgians since time of Lenin to breed
Ethnic Russia, Varang, Prussians, and Cossack greed,
All Sochi is Russian SS-Gestapo army and spies-brats.

Russia murder at will - hate of race of inferior macaque
To all Caucasians, slight possibility of protest murdered
By Russian occupiers, blaming it on terrorists they forge,
Pogrom's "Oboroten" baby-killers Russ-GRU-Spetcnaz.

By the way, Queen Mother was at error on her extraction.
Is Her majesty aware? She isn't the "Germanica Inferior",
Mixed with Prussians from Russia, why cover for Russia?
She knows where from are Saxons, Ings, Avars, Allans...

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 15, 2014 22:57

Regarding prizing a young Russian skater, Lipnitcky:
It was a young American girl of a Polish extraction, Lapinsky.
Went professional theater, no Poll - said US Russky-Britsky.
Opportunity goes around tyrannies, using genes of Lipnitcky,
Like stolen few of my genes - spy-plagiarize - East and West,
Around my apartment walls reverberate, Russ-Brit steal best.

Regarding Russian skier without underwear:
Tyrannies go around, like Canadian that tried kill Berezhnaya,
To beat Berezhnaya's Georgian partner, robb her "sramnaya",
Exciting. So is Russia, "sranmnaya" annexing, "bogohul'naya".

Regarding prizing Russian pair of “Imperial” skaters:
Abomination, Russian looks of the double-faced "stervyatnik",
Like Baryshnikov, humanized by Ukrainian, "karatel'-ofitcerik"
Of the Empire - annexed by Lenin Georgian Sochi, next lands,
Abkhazia, Ossetia. Is it please Brits and Germs, imperial ass?
Or Pushkin’s anti-Ukrainian-anti-Polish “Mazepa” Nazi writing?
Also, what is pose of hand, neither honor to himself, nor to us?
Is it impudence, gas "Cheremushka", or Zhirinovsky's "p.....s"?

Regarding said by Georgian team, no Olympic spirit in Sochi:
Sochi was staffed by Russian armies-shtaby, invade Abkhazia,
Only they are there, expand-breed Nazis to conquer Caucasia,
"Union of Russians" army and Spies lie, to gas for self Imperia.

Regarding Plushenko, leaving Sochi, made statement:
Sochi is not Russia! Is he really said "beloved Russian land"?
I thought he was Ukrainian. Is he, Cossack? Is he a Quisling?
Cannot skate, or found they a real Russian? Ivan Stinkovich?

by: American Tolerasti
February 16, 2014 00:52
"Now REMEMBER, Vladimir Vladimirovich... Taste the beer, pet the cat, hug the kid. Say those back to me... Good. This time the cameras will be there, so for God's sake, get the order RIGHT this time."

by: Chu from: NM
February 21, 2014 14:15
Eugenio is most likely on crack or meth. Side effects can be devastating.

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