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Podcast: Two States. One Revolution?

Takin' it to the streets.
Takin' it to the streets.
It's an uprising fueled by the young.

It features an odd alliance of nationalists and pro-Western liberals.

It's taken to the streets in unprecedented numbers and has baffled the regime with its mastery of social media.

It's goals are to replace a corrupt authoritarian regime with a more pluralistic and inclusive political system.

Wait. Are we talking about Russia or Ukraine?

Or are we talking about both?

In the latest Power Vertical Podcast we ask whether Bolotnaya and the Euromaidan are two parts of the same incomplete post-Soviet revolution. Joining me are co-host Mark Galeotti, a professor at New York University and an expert on Russia's security services and author of the blog "In Moscow's Shadows," and guest Sean Guillory, a fellow at the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Russian and Eastern European Studies and author of "Sean's Russia Blog."

Also on the podcast, Mark, Sean, and I discuss Aleksei Navalny's return to the headlines this week and what awaits him in the coming political season.

Power Vertical Podcast -- January 31, 2014
Power Vertical Podcast -- January 31, 2014i
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
January 31, 2014 19:31
Well, I see that it's not only that Vladimir Putin is about to suffer a humiliating defeat at hands of Navalny and Senator McCain. Yanek will also be ousted - by the Ukrainian Holy Oposition Trinity. Let alone Bashar: his days are numbered anyways, just ask Hillary Clinton.
So, really, congratulations to the United States and the RFE/RL staff: you, guys, have achieved all your policy goals. At least in the cyber-space :-)).

by: PermReader
January 31, 2014 20:26
Russian saying: lubov zla - polubish i kozla ( approximately:love me,love my dog).Navalny in the center of the photomontage and in the center of the author`s mind, though he uttered no word about Maidan.The simple slogan: Ukraine is not Russia is too complicated for the author.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 02, 2014 00:17
Double-faced Eugenio congratulates RFE/RL in victory.
Presuming the protests in Ukraine and Russia kicker,
That looks like "Nazi collaborators" and pro-West
Boosted Germani-Austria Hitler's with "the best".
Nazi Russia only needs excuse expand stinker.
PermReader - your translation is not too close:
"Love bad, it'll make you love even stinky goat"
Because in this case, indeed, Author did loose
A Maidan perspective - or rather never bought.

His message - Russia-Ukraine is same Empire,
We, RFE - see only Austria-Germany - formally,
Beat Russia-CIS to expand Eastward Germany,
Give excuse repopulate CIS by Russian "Czar",
And be paid by CIA for beating "reds", normally,
Another excuse repopulate CIS - by lying swine.

by: G from: X
February 01, 2014 00:01
This was a generally cool debate, with objective observations and appraisals according to the menu of the day. Difficult to be otherwise, given the weird situations and reactions in the hemisphere up for discussion. However, it is more than clear to see that the Ukraine mind-set has nothing to do with the current Russian psychology. Your dialogue, worthy of the best educational institutions, unfortunately has certain flaws. Not in analysis, oh no, that was almost perfect. However, perhaps the feminine touch or whatever was somewhat lacking in the whole analysis overall. Meaning quite a lot more emotion and humanity in the overall appraisal of current events, revolutions, street protests and suchlike. Everyone knows that young people will take to the streets and protest against whatever; that is their nature and every student has participated! However, when you see elderly grandmothers on the freezing streets of Kiev, kiddies, young and old alike, there is something seriously wrong. Something not seen (or perhaps not yet shown in the media) in any RU demonstration. In other words, there is a clear distinction between protests in Russia and Ukraine. At least for the time being. In spite of all the media hype, the fact is that Ukraine NSEW looks towards the EU for survival ie. freedom. There is no other scenario. EU is not at all perfect, unfortunately, with corruption as its base thanks to the banks but a preferable alternative to the rampant dictatorships towards the east. Something dreadful presents itself in Ukraine, getting worse by the day with the spectre of the worst dictator of the last century resuscitated - meaning in Russia! Obviously, the creature has many disguises and stunt acts but at the end of the day, the animal is the same, albeit with a different coat of spots. You are all so erudite and talented, it is such a pleasure to listen to your arguments and doubtless, there is only truth in your dissertations. But, no matter how you put all the historical pieces together, you are likely to arrive at the same, unique conclusion. There is an autocrat looming in the midst of your dissertations and no matter what theories your like to expose, you will remain in stalemate while the poker player carries on challenging the world, yes the world, with insane moves without either rules or regulations to monitor its progress to greater and more sinister power and dominations. You may laugh to see caricatures on expensive magazine front covers and giggle thinking you are in possession of the truth. You may also know much more, culturally speaking; who does not know more in the presence of dictators? They have no regard nor need for culture. So, seeing that you are all so illustrated and gifted, which you are, you might serve the world better from you privileged points of view to take a more decisive and aggressive stance in the face of pure evil and misery which is blatantly attacking mankind without any accountability nor anyone showing enough courage to either recognize the reality or take steps to challenge it. Long live the Sochi games! Heaven help us all! If no one stands up to the corruption and misdemeanours involved, the EU will soon be bowing and begging on their knees to hold their next conference there in June. So shameful, given the history of the whole area. If no-one among you with all your intellectual history and knowledge takes a step further into reality, people like you are capable of abandoning humanity to a god-forsaken fate.

In Response

by: Ray Finch from: Lawrence, KS
February 03, 2014 22:30
X, Not sure I fully understand your comment, but apparently you suggest that Putin’s Kremlin is the source of all Ukraine’s problems and that the reporters at RFE have an obligation to hammer home this ‘fact.’ The situation looks a whole lot more complicated to me and it may be a tad disingenuous (and immature) on your part to blame the Russian ‘dictator’ for every sin committed by the Ukrainian people.

As an American, I can assure you that ‘building democracy’ is a many-faceted endeavor, and has as much to do with honestly paying your taxes and helping your neighbor as with writing blog entries or protesting against government excesses. Having failed spectacularly in promoting democracy abroad, most of my fellow citizens wish you well in improving your government, but please don’t expect anything more than rhetoric from our elected leaders (or our media outlets) in your current struggle.

(by the way, enjoyed the podcast)

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
February 01, 2014 13:54
By the way, guys, while talking about Russia and about how bad it is: the Swedish Peace Research Inst (SIPRI) just issued its annual study on the top 100 companies activ in arms production and sales. Here is what it has to say on the RUSSIAN comps: "The total estimated arms sales of the six Russian companies in the Top 100 GREW by 28.4 per cent in real terms in 2012—a particularly large INCREASE ".
Here is what it says on the US comps: "As the USA completed its withdrawal of military forces from Iraq at the end of 2011, the trend of FALLING SALES for companies that were highly dependent on equipment and services for US forces in Iraq continued in 2012".
And here is what they say about W. EUROPE: "Most West European countries saw FALLS in arms sales of Top 100 companies in 2012".
Stay cool, guys, and make sure you enjoy the latest podcast :-)).
Source: http://books.sipri.org/files/FS/SIPRIFS1401.pdf
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 01, 2014 23:45
Is it Eugenio and his Russian guys, all over the World,
Enjoying the latest podcast, or "Russian Arms Sale"?
Is it "joy" of his gang becoming very strong and bold,
Or Russia expanding and breeding in our houses,
In Georgia, Caucasus, Ukraine - silencing me?

by: Anonymous
February 01, 2014 16:24
i ask me
pravda dies
and RFE RL is still here ?

wich is its real mandate ?

It was fighting against comunism ?
but comunism died ...

so ?

Only fighting for usa interest ?

But do you have any idea about how much you are pathetic
in your attempt of disguise
as defenders of freedom?

Go to struggle to free the prisoners of Guantanamo
if you care about freedom

by: Anonymous
February 02, 2014 08:26
maybe also

1 state
2 revolutions

by: PermReader
February 02, 2014 17:03
abitious and lonely readers use the seldom possibilities to comment on the self-hearted posts of the complicated life in the non Western countries like Russia,Ukraine or Azerbaijan.The liberal journalists badly understand the psychology of these people ,and their governments make the corresponding mistakes.My impression is that the journalists understand Ukrainians and therfore have no sympacy ,while they doesn`t understand Russians and like them very much.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 02, 2014 22:02
The pushers on both sides of the issue of Ukraine
Try divide Eastern Europe between Russia and Prussia.
Indeed, why say Western propaganda "they belong to Europe"
And Russians "they try take away Ukraine from Russia"?
Free nation, should not be enslaved by their "lazha".

It looks-like West pushing even more than Russia,
Orchestrated, some recruited by KGB "Banderas",
Putting-up some "pro-German" posters for Prussia
Supported by misguiding RFE and other provokers,
As Russia play Ukraine-Russia "boloto" revolutions.

The real Russia, Germany and Austria political game
Is to divide and rule, to repopulate, enslave and maim.
While they all above pretending they have hard bargain,
They deal behind the Eastern Europe back - not arguing.
Look at Putin mean green and Merkel smile for past years.

Ukraine, stay strait and strong, it is race war of eternal evil.
USA, "NATO expansion" beyond NATO for peace is a trick
Of dividing the World among the same empire - old gamble
Can end with Caucasian race and Human Civilization ample
Fall, along with USA, corrupted by "imperial" plagiaristic pigs.

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