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Podcast: War Of The Thieves

Russian police officers and investigators crowd at the site of the killing of Aslan Usoyan, better known as
Russian police officers and investigators crowd at the site of the killing of Aslan Usoyan, better known as "Ded Khasan" (Grandfather Khasan), outside the Karetny Dvor restaurant in central Moscow in mid-January.
It's beginning to look a lot like a mob war.
From Moscow to Sukhumi to Istanbul, the fallout is spreading from last month's killing of mafia kingpin Aslan Usoyan. After more than a decade of peace, the hit appears to have set off a settling of scores among post-Soviet crime groups.

How far will this new war of the thieves go? And what are its implications? 

On the latest edition of "The Power Vertical Podcast," I discuss these issues with co-host Mark Galeotti, a professor at New York University, expert on Russian organized crime, and author of the blog "In Moscow's Shadows."

The Power Vertical Podcast: War Of The Thieves
Power Vertical Podcast: War Of The Thieves i
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by: toosinbeymen from: US
February 09, 2013 00:14
Putin needs to install someone who will protect him and his assets (which some say are enormous) after he leaves power; just like Putin did for Yeltsin.

Would you cover what this means and what specifically you think a successor will have to do in this regard.

Was Yeltsin well treated by Putin? Did they remain on good terms even after Yeltsin criticised Putin in September 2004 when he took over replacement of regional governors.
In Response

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
February 10, 2013 09:03
toosinbeymen says: "after Putin leaves power" :-))). Aha, Putin has already been replaced by Sen. McCain after haveing suffered a humiliating defeat in the presidential election a year ago. The next time he will leave power will be after the "last days" of Bashar al-Assad will have come :-)).
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 10, 2013 22:58
McCain was not "humiliated", it was expected:
Republicans simply were not ready, stole too much,
Economy was down - time for democrats resurrecting,
Meat on USA bones - for Reps come eat later the "shmulz".
So, they let War Hero try and with your "Vasuki" help - to loose.

Another of Russian "Vasuki", Obama, won election, didn't help.
He stole my advice to McCain - preserve people buying power,
But he gave money to the rich, another economy fall to quench.
You and Russia helped him blackmail me - murder my mother,
Steal my ideas and plagiarize. Hate McCain role in 2008 war?
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 11, 2013 11:18

Read last article on Russia:

{February 10, 2013... ...Putin has congratulated the country's diplomats...
...saying that "the authority and influence" of Russia continues to grow.
...Medvedev also sent his congratulations (for)... ..."integration in the framework of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space."
Lavrov... ...said Russia's diplomats uses "the entire arsenal of available means, including modern technology" to carry out their instructions.}

"Authority" of an Empire, strangulating Euro-Asian nations?
Squeezing nations into "economic space" of colonial prison?
Is "entire arsenal" include murdering and deposing political leaders, like in Ukraine and Georgia, trying assassinate them, like last Armenian candidate, murder critics or their family members, like my mother?
Use "modern technology" to do so, like using my biorhythms day to disable me during the killing of my mother?
Use "modern technology" of lying on RFE Forum by Eugenio, to make CIA believe that I am USA enemy and participate in killing my mother?
Or maybe they mean my contribution in advance to prevent Russia-Britain-Bechtel pact of imperial resurrectors to create also supplemental World Halifat and squash other nation in between, including Syrian genuine population?
Well, so far it looks-like Russia only was interested in naval base but ready abandon Syria to be repopulated by Halifat's Arabs,
so that Russia would resurrect Empire and squash in between other nations...

The question is:
Is Russia keep going evil road to expand, while perfecting arsenal of evil, including diplomatic one?
Is Russia trying turn to positive road and rectify its evil, using prudent diplomacy tools, just as everyone would?

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