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Podcast: Osama Bin Laden -- In His Wake, Doubts About Pakistan, Use Of Torture

The death of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has dominated front pages and airwaves around the world this week, and "The Blender" is no exception.

In Episode 17, correspondent Ron Synovitz moderates a discussion with Mohammad Amin Mudaqiq of RFE/RL's Radio Free Afghanistan and correspondent Abubakar Siddique, who specializes in South Asian affairs.

Daisy Sindelar
They discuss the decision by U.S. President Barack Obama not to release photos of bin Laden's corpse; the criticisms being leveled against Pakistan for not doing more to track down the terrorist leader, who was hiding in plain sight; and whether bin Laden's death may provide an opportunity for reconciliation talks betwen the Taliban and the Afghan government.

This week's host, correspondent Daisy Sindelar, looks into the question of whether the ends justify the means. That is, was information obtained through so-called "enhanced interrogation" techniques -- what many people call torture -- ultimately crucial in the capture and killing of bin Laden?

In other news, producer Nikolay Pavlov and RFE/RL's Radio Free Iraq look at the lives of a group of Iraqi men, women, and children who are forced to rummage through Baghdad's garbage dumps in order to survive.

And Pete Baumgartner and Merkhat Sharipzhan, the editors behind our "From Our Bureaus" wire -- reveal some of the significant stories from RFE/RL's vast broadcast region that aren't getting the attention they deserve in the Western press.

The music featured in this week's show includes "Ze Ghame Kasee Halakam" by Ustad Arman and Tahir Shobab; "Stergey" by Fay Khan; " "Ma3na El 7ob" by Inaam Wali; and "Definition" by Kruder & Dorfmeister (yes, we already used that one last week, but someone here really likes K&D).

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RFE/RL's The Blender -- 5/6/11
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 07, 2011 07:42
The "issue" of Pakistan's "loyalty" and of torture,
Simce comming from the same three USA elefants:
1. "if one have power, one must use it! We are Big Boys!"
2. " If we have such oportunity of power let's get a fortune!"

3. "If we are just Yanks, going small, let's ask Old Empires,
The British, the Russians, the Germans and the Austrians
And Levites - they all in our "think-tanks" - advise big game!
It's good US inventing New-Tech for their World Empires!"

What happen if you run out of resources and real minds?
When you are colony of the Imperial resurectors again?
Where will you staff your right to "bear arms" - if Tech
Of new technology Total Tiranny will devour "Welt"?

And what if after Russian-like Cheyney is Tramp,
Look-alike with Russian-Prussian, for President,
Of USA colony, looks-alike as one that got damp
Nerve gas on Georgia and will do it to USA best?

In WW2 the torture was used behind enemy lines
Or in heat of combat, when a fresh info might help
In immanent and immediate threat cituation hours,
even still illegal. After that prisoners went to camps.

High rank prisoners were only asked to cooperate -
Some did, like general Paulus - to advise a backup
On character of some of other generals, for planing.
But they understood the evil done by nazi Germany...

The reason USA fall and lured for it, the tree elefants,
Imagening themselves with the Imperial resurectors
As masters of individuals and nations, like in Bechtel
Coorporation they used to say: "Slicing to a "shmectel"
All of you, we will know all about you and your nations,
That allow us to master over all of you and devour you."

Pakistan knew less about than you did about terrorist
That went to part of US government, told about planes
They want buy, reconstruct for feul loads and flying aim
For USA landmarks - under your noses -you didnt blink.

There were no info on Bin Ladin location - foreign spies
and proxies, Like Cheyny and others, waiting new "Tech
For Tiranny" and precidents, invade the neighbors sides
By Russian Empire, or they would get Bin Ladin long ago!

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