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Podcast: Vladimir Putin's Historical Heroes

Tsarist-era Prime Minister Pyotr Stolypin
Tsarist-era Prime Minister Pyotr Stolypin
Vladimir Putin has plucked several role models from Russian history; from the tsarist-era Prime Minister Pyotr Stolypin to Soviet leader Yury Andropov and the early 20th-century philosopher Ivan Ilyin.

Observers have also likened Putin to Tsar Nicholas I, who came to power following the Decembrist uprising and recently -- and less flatteringly -- to Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev. 

For this week's edition of The Power Vertical Podcast, I sat down with regular co-host Kirill Kobrin to discuss whether any of these figures help us understand Putin and his governing style.

Also on the podcast, Kirill and I discuss outgoing President Dmitry Medvedev's last meeting with journalists as head of state.

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Podcast: Vladimir Putin's Historical Heroes
Podcast: Vladimir Putin's Historical Heroesi
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by: Wanda Petrova from: Russia
April 27, 2012 23:10
DEMAND - to stop the inauguration of Putin, take consideration of the actual documents in the judicial review!
Attached is the actual material is one of thousands of evidence that Putin may not be the head of our state - the Russian Federation, and Putin's work should be devoted to litigation and, on the basis not only of my own beliefs, but many of the actual authoritative materials, parts from which I quote a brief quotations, I have personally suffered that could not realize my constitutional right to participate in the elections of March 4, 2012, because the "United Russia" refused to present a candidate for president of the Russian Federation, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev , insight policies brilliant statesman, reformer of vital importance to Russia of reform, innovation, modernization, possessing unique in this combination the necessary knowledge, skills, brilliant ability to implement all the above, it is vitally important for Russia of the case, none of the other candidates for the presidency of the Russian Federation does not have full knowledge and these abilities, and most of all is not suitable for the presidency of the Russian Federation V. Putin, as and does not possess the necessary knowledge, reports of Putin are recognized as empty, not only me, but significant global analysts, consist of three word "if" and "maybe" and turned Russia into a totalitarian model of Asian autocratic dictatorial regime of V. Putin, which Putin has sought all those years without possessing the ability for the president of the Russian Federation and guaranteeing constitutional protection and more - is ruining Russia For many years, and the personality cult of Putin has already exceeded many of the cults of personality, nt not to allow Putin to the supreme authority and the Bole to the presidency of the Russian Federation, TREBOVANIE open court proceedings in the criminal investigation into all the activities of V. Putin. acting on the citizens of Russia, not only physically, or in the form of incentives or penalties in accordance with the measure of citizen subservience, but also morally corrupting, psychologically, mentally and physically distorting the psyche of children, adolescents, a shameless lust corny age male, a figure completely immoral, corrupting the minds of citizens and especially children, adolescents, young people, for many years convex mussiruya themselves in this regard and particularly nasty with the well-known figure - Kabaeva, public sources in Russia and in the world with Internet reliably known seizure and subjugation - Putin to all media, TV and other public sources, Putin is the actual fatal authentic moral values and spiritual foundations of Russia, all this is actually accurate to the attached document establishes a constitutional and criminal law, the invalid state employment office to Putin is no longer acceptable to be Russian President Putin I want to stop the inauguration of Putin, and to take court proceedings in the criminal activities of all government positions Putin of Russia.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
April 28, 2012 08:51
Ok, Wanda, we will demand "to stop the inauguration of Putin"... Ok, I have just done a couple of phone-calls and they say: "No problem! The inauguration of Putin will be stopped!" :-))).
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by: Mark from: Victoria
April 28, 2012 14:51
Let me guess - he was really born in Kenya?
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by: Frank
April 29, 2012 12:17
Wanda's rant is to be expected at a venue with the list of "Other Russia Watchers" (top right of this page) it promotes over some other available sources.

Talk about "corruption."
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by: Iryna from: Free Europe
April 29, 2012 20:03
It's enoygh that western leaders don't come to inauguration because legitimisation of the regime comes from the West, especially from America. But is Obama able for such a deed? Does he respect himself, America and those Russians who fight for their dignity and democratic future? This is a question.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
April 29, 2012 12:54
It is understandable to me long before the movie "Pure Nastya",
With Putin's near look-alike, Prince, teached by Beckersdorf,
With his German friends, purge and destroy Poets and Pols,
Self-indulge himself with his friends as Super-Friz, anoyted.

As a kid, he was programmed in Leningrad during Hrutchev
To become what later they hinched in the mentioned movie -
As anti-Stalin and anti-non-Russian ingraved mental blocks
To expand Russia of feudals and serfs for Prussian looters.

Stady talking on street of former USSR, half Century, or so,
Live no place for surprise by movie "Pure Nastya", and now
Stolypin, Gallous Builder and hanger of unrestfull, isn't blow.
Neither Andropov - provoker with CIA and Gelena make-go
200,000 best Hungarians to be in USA plagiarized-exploited.

Brezhev is one that by pact of 1954-56 tried restore empires
While destroy nations in CIS and East Europe, he even tried
Conquer with blessing of the Brits Afghanistan, by genocide,
Abolished USSR constitution, to prevent restoring CIS rights.

It is Putin, as he is at large - a product of Varanga-Prussians
That ment to kill third of East Europe and Asia non-Russians,
Another third exploite-die-out in slavery of Russia and camps
And last third, the best, gased with nerve gas "Cheremushka"
Be plagiarized-exploited, while using Russians as their serfs.

by: vytautasba from: vilnius
April 30, 2012 12:36
Very good and interesting podcast. Some terms were difficult to understand. "Middle Class" for example. Does the growth of "Russia's MC" (thought of as a Government achievement) also extend to the vast reaches outside of the two main Russian cities? Say beyond 100 km. Or is the main city dweller life in those cities referred to? Did not understand what Mr. Kiril meant when he said that "Stalin" caused a break from the Russian Revolution. Did'nt he inherit, continue and amplify on what was already well established in Lenin's time? Especially in ideological terms, "world revolution" and so forth?
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 02, 2012 06:56
"Middle Class" go by metropolis of breeding out Varaga,.
Bureaucrats, intermarried with Moscow and Pitersburg
Secretaries of local German extraction, since Ekaterina,
And in all Russia by both races of sadistic Feudal boors,
While inserf Russia labour and Asia refuse - forcing it in.

Kiril right, "break from", but not from Russian Revolution.
Revolution against Russia that betray-invades neighbors
Was lead by non-Russians, including the Stalin's nations.
That Revolution was burried in blood and Siberian camps.
Lenin lead Rashka-Prashka Tiranny was argued by Stalin.

Non-Russians lead by Stalin were too late in "Petrograd",
Returning from Siberia camps and traped by Bolshevics,
But they agrued against storming Winter Palace outright,
Overturning Moscow Parliament and Lenin's dictatorship
And against killing Nocolos Romanov, his family and kids.

Dictatorship of paranoid shcisofrenic collapced in hunger,
Being saved by applying to USA by Georgian government
Of Caucasus and government in exile, Lenin's mad anger
Ended in mental institution. Still recuperating Russia went
For allience with non-Russian nations and their champion.

Stalin offer free elections, Common Wealth of free nations
And democracy - be learned in the West and from history.
Russians, since murder of Civil War and red terror stories,
Demanded allies not blaim Lenin and his bloody Revolution.

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