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Podcast: Political Theater With A New Script

Vladimir Putin's annual press conference has a lot of familiar elements: the advance hype, the game-show-like atmosphere, and the predictably servile questions.
But this year's event also had something unusual: a crop of journalists who were not in awe of the president and who were unafraid to challenge him with tough questions.
From the lively sparring over Kremlin policy to the unexpected snappy comebacks to Putin's trademark putdowns, it was political theater that reflects how much Russia has changed in the past year.
In the latest edition of "The Power Vertical Podcast," I discuss these issues with co-hosts Kirill Kobrin of RFE/RL's Russian Service and NYU professor Mark Galeotti, author of the blog "In Moscow's Shadows."
Podcast: Political Theater With A New Script
Power Vertical Podcast: Political Theater With A New Scripti
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NOTE TO READERS AND LISTENERS: "The Power Vertical" will break for two weeks as I take a breather for the holidays. The blog will be back in action on January 7 and the podcast will return on January 11.

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by: Ray F. from: Lawrence, KS
December 21, 2012 18:32
(This comment was originally posted on an earlier power-vertical entry)
I actually listened to most of this performance, and in all honesty, was quite impressed. Putin was definitely energetic and engaging, and even with the tough questions, in full control of the proceedings. (In the telling moment you refer to, where the reporter referred to Putin as ‘Vova,’ Putin came out looking better than the reporter.) He spent the first five minutes reviewing the successes from the past decade, and from a Russian perspective, sounded very convincing. He hammered home the point that the stability provided by his form of government has allowed many Russians to improve their standard of living. While some of his audience might have trouble believing this assertion, VVP appeared fully convinced of its truth.

by: ablack from: Eugene, OR
December 29, 2012 23:52
The link is dead for this. Someone please check it.

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