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Popular Uzbek Singer To Give First Concert After Five-Year 'Ban'

Uzbek pop star Yulduz UsmonovaUzbek pop star Yulduz Usmonova
Uzbek pop star Yulduz Usmonova
Uzbek pop star Yulduz Usmonova
By RFE/RL's Uzbek Service
TASHKENT -- A popular Uzbek pop singer has reportedly received official permission to stage her first concert in her homeland since 2007.

Yulduz Usmonova, who was formerly a frequent sight on government-run media, has essentially been banned from performing over alleged antigovernment remarks.

But a concert has now been scheduled to take place on March 6 in the ancient city of Samarkand.

The 48-year-old singer disappeared from state television some five years ago following several interviews with Western media and amid rumors that she had fallen out of favor with Gulnara Karimova, the influential daughter of longstanding President Islam Karimov.

She later lived part-time in Turkey, citing political persecution at home.

A number of performers, including folk singer Sherali Juraev and comedian Obid Asomov, have also vanished from Uzbekistan state television amid reports that authorities have questioned their loyalty to the government.

With reporting by CA-News
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
February 29, 2012 16:51
It sounds like the Uzbeks are an increasingly cultural nation: there are so many cultural news from this country lately. First (as was reported by the RFE a week ago), the govt interrupts the transmission of Turkish soap-operas, then it gives a permission for a popular pop-singer to sing publicly... Sounds like people there do not have too many problems in their day-to-day life, or maybe it's just that those who finance the RFE are for some reason interested in presenting an excessively harmonious picture of the Uzbek society? Is it maybe that the gringos are keen on re-establishing a military base in this country in the view of them being kick out of Afghanistan?

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