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'A Totalitarian Sect:' Youth Group Wants To Kick Mormons Out Of Russia

The Young Guard claims that Mormon proselytizers have direct contact with the U.S. military and that "a certain proportion of young Mormons returning to the United States after missionary work...enter the service of the CIA and FBI."
The Young Guard claims that Mormon proselytizers have direct contact with the U.S. military and that "a certain proportion of young Mormons returning to the United States after missionary work...enter the service of the CIA and FBI."
A pro-Kremlin youth organization in Russia has called for a ban on Mormons, whom it accused of pursuing "questionable activities" on behalf of "anti-Russian interests." 

The Young Guard movement says it will hold a demonstration on November 1 outside the Moscow headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), the formal name of the Mormon Church. 

It plans to present the LDS with a giant airplane ticket marked "Moscow-Washington" to show that Mormons "and their organization" should return home to where they came from.

Similar protests are also scheduled outside Mormon missions in other cities, such as St. Petersburg, Samara, Novosibirsk, and Vladivostok.

The Young Guard defended the move on its website, describing the U.S.-based Mormon Church as a "totalitarian sect" whose missionaries seek to gather Russian intelligence and genealogical records.

Last week, President Vladimir Putin warned his fellow countrymen to be wary of the dangers posed by groups involved in "totalitarian activities" in Russia. He said such groups were now "growing like mushrooms" in the country.

The Young Guard claimed that Mormon proselytizers had direct contact with the U.S. military while  also ominously pointing out that "a certain proportion of young Mormons returning to the United States after missionary work...enter the service of the CIA and FBI."

For good measure, the Young Guards also warned that polygamy and pedophilia were a "widespread practice" in the Church of Latter-Day Saints.

The group also noted that Mitt Romney, the U.S. Republican presidential candidate, is a Mormon, and accused him of holding anti-Russian beliefs.

The Young Guard demonstrations are being held at a time when many foreign nongovernmental organizations are coming under increasing pressure in Russia because of a new legislation that brands them as "foreign agents."

There are believed to be more than 20,000 practicing Mormons in Russia, and the LDS opened its first official diocese or "stake" in Moscow in June 2011.
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by: Anonymous
October 31, 2012 20:30
Ok, since Russia is the ruler of the world, I am now convinced more then ever that Mitt Romney will never become a president of the USA.
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by: Jack from: US
October 31, 2012 21:12
my mother says people should all go and vote for Mitt "Monkey" Romney, since he is the one to bring down Axis of Evil fast, second only to George W Bush. Axis of Evil are US government+Israel+Saudi Arabia+Pakistan. Mitt Monkey will do the best job starting more wars which US government would win, again...
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by: Braveheart from: U.S.
November 02, 2012 23:06
"Monkey"? Cute. An intelligent allegation - evidence of an educated and articulate person. Always encouraging to observe people with such mental prowess share their intellect in a public forum. I am speechless. Mercy Jack, . . . mercy I plead.
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by: Jack from: US
November 03, 2012 16:29
you should not be offended by the Truth. The Truth is: Romney's eyes are of color of poop.

by: james
October 31, 2012 21:06
It sounds communist to me. I am Canadian, but I have lived in Idaho and Arizona where it seemed most people were Mormon. They are harmless and very nice people. This Mormon thing in Russia sounds crazy especially if you actually know and live in Mormon dominated areas. In these areas, the Mormons are actually very respectful of you if you are not Mormon. Also, being from Canada, I have to say i totally disagree with their recent antigay laws.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
November 01, 2012 10:13
Well, James, you are making a good point: those Mormons should just continue living in Idaho, Arisona, Canada and continue having their "harmless and very nice" lifestile THERE, but there is absolutely nothing these guys need to look for in Russia or, to this matter, here in Europe. The first (and thanks god the last!) time I had to deal with these guys was in South Tirol (a North-Italian province) some 6 years ago. Extremely annoying people! There is no way they would just let you walk down the street and do your business: they absolutely need to stop you and waste your time with their stories. Like those sales-people who constantly call you on your telephone. So, the sooner they go back to Idaho to annoy people there, the better (for them in the first place).
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by: Steven from: Mississippi, USA
November 01, 2012 16:11
Well put, Eugenio. Just so you know, they are as equally annoying here in the States. Won't take "no" for an answer, and become pushy and defensive when you call out their "beliefs".
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by: James
November 01, 2012 21:25
You sound like my grandma.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
November 02, 2012 09:25
To James: you are saying: "You sound like my grandma". James, sweety, please do eat some apples and pomo-granades - they have a lot of vitamines and you need a lot of those now that the winter is coming. And most importantly, stop meeting those Mormon guys - they will teach you how to smoke :-))).
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by: Braveheart from: U.S.
November 03, 2012 00:35
Eugenio, I am trying to follow the logic of your comments. Some hopefully succinct questions and comments, with some thoughts and my experience to consider:

What is a "pomo-granade"? (honest questiion - not trying to aggravate). Were you referring to a "grenade" - or a pomegranate (a piece of fruit)?
What does nutrition in winter have to do with the issue - "annoying" Mormon Missionaries? : )
"No way they would let you walk down the street . . ."
Understand your emotionally driven hyperbole, yet the truth is that while some may be annoying (persistent perhaps), most are respectful, gracious, and willingly take cold shoulders many times each day. When I served a mission, I had a gun pointed at my face for knocking on the door and not getting past "Hello".

"Absolutely nothing these guys need to look for in Russia & Europe." More hyperbole. Brief of my experience when we spent several weeks in Stavropol, Russia, to adopt our two daughters: We provided $1000's of dollars to the economy via the cost to adopt. We purchased clothes for the kids in the orphanage, and the staff some toiletries, a case of apples, a case of oranges, a microwave and a digital camera. We gave rubles several times to some cute little Babuska's on the street with their hands out stretched. We met the Mormon missionaries and they invited us to attend a weekly "teaching English" meeting, free to any that would like to attend. There was probably 20 mostly young Russians in attendance. The missionaries were not pushy and just taught English. The Russians wanted to hear from us and what our story was. With our two little Russian princesses clinging to our legs, among other things we thanked them for the hospitality and the opportunity to come and allow us to bring our two new daughters into our family. Afterwards two beautiful young ladies hugged us in tears, thanking us for taking these two little orphans to America. We were there for hours, answering questions and having our picture taken with several of them. A truly wonderful experience.

I accept that you felt annoyed by having Mormon missionaries approach you. Please also accept that there are many other wonderful experiences that happen by having Mormons and Mormon missionaries in Russia. The essense of Mormons' belief is that we all are equally children of a loving God, and he wants us to be happy. The missionaries are there to offer the message to any that are willing to listen. And if someone does not want to listen, so be it.

For what its worth, the message of this pro Kremlin youth organization is patently propaganda and false. To even go so far as saying pedophilia is a wide spread practice among Mormons is incredibly repulsive.

I would love to visit Vienna someday, as I understand that it is very beautiful. And as an Idaho Mormon, I hope that you would be willing to be my guide. I promise I would not mention my religion and I would be sincerely interested in hearing all about Venice, and maybe we could have lunch together, on me. God bless.

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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
November 03, 2012 20:34
To Braveheart: :-))) First of all, Braveheart, you really do sound like la madre Teresa de Calcutta who has spent her entire life spreading love and helping poor people. Just to give a few more illustrations to the harmoneous picture you have painted, please do remind us which one of the US presidents in the 20th century belonged to the same religious denomination as yourself - and I could then maybe help you complement your description of the holy deeds of the Mormons with some equally interesting examples from recent history :-)).
Second, you are saying "I accept that you felt annoyed by having Mormon missionaries approach you". I mean, Braveheart, if you call this "approaching"... Just to give you an idea: I was in the town of Bozen/Bolzano which is a really small nice quiet place where there is "nowhere to hide" :-)). So, what I liked doing back then was sitting in a park and reading some articles on the fate of free Europe. But at some point I had to drop this habbit, Braveheart, and you know why? Because two of your "brothers" in white shirts with ties would really not ... off with their pretty trivial stories. Every time they saw me in the park, they would come up to me and start talking to me (like I ever wanted to talk to them!). So, however sad it might sound, Braveheart, I ended up avoiding the lovely park and having to cowardly turn around the corner just to avoid meeting the two guys in white shirts.
Third, Braveheart, I did not quite get it: which city do you want to visit - Vienna ("I would love to visit Vienna") or Venice ("I would be sincerely interested in hearing all about Venice")? I mean, looking from Idaho it probably does not make too much of a difference, but those are two different cities in two different countries of "free Europe", in case you were wondering :-)).
And finnaly, I am really sorry, but I have to decline your invitation for lunch (even if you are so kind that you want to pay for it :-): the moment I remember a white shirt, a tie and a heavenly smile, I lose my appetite :-)).
And a final thought: if you really come to Vienna on a mission, I STRONGLY recommend you NOT TO "approach" the locals too intensively. The people who leave here are so rude - you won't believe it. Many are even ruder than me :-))). So, the moment you hear from them something like ""Oida, du Trottel!!!", you'd better eat your neat tie the way Mischa Saakaschwili did in August 2008 and run away, 'cos otherwise you might never get a chance of visiting Venice afterwards :-))).
Cheers from Vienna, Braveheart!!!
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by: Braveheart from: U.S.
November 04, 2012 07:19
Eugenio, hello again!
I'm not sure I follow the intent of your first comment/request. No matter really. Sounds like that's a loaded one from several angles.
Second - if you find the white shirt and ties approaching, be more aggressive in telling them "no", I guess. As citizens other than in white shirts and ties on the prowl, we Mormons are fairly boring and docile in alot of people's eyes.
Third - Vienna - Venice, Tomatoe - Tomotoe - I got crossed up. I imagine both would be an exciting excursion yet I hope a benign looking (Mormon) tourist (ahem - with no tie) would hopefully be welcome in Vienna. Not knowing who "Mischa" is, assuming a Russian of some controversy, I am duly warned and apparently do not want his fate! (I shall look him up on Wikipedia.) Cheers to you also. I still think we could have some laughs at lunch, even if you were to choose a soothing broth to ease your stomach. I promise I would leave my "heavenly smile" home to at least allow you an opportunity for some dessert. Warm regards.
"Idaho Braveheart"
By the way, have you tried our world famous potatoes? Hopefully in a fashion other than a McDonald's french fry. :O)

by: goodkarma from: USA
October 31, 2012 23:45
None of it thoughts are even close to the truth. Please see for the real facts.

by: Asher from: USA
November 01, 2012 02:26
As a former proselytizing missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (in a country formerly run/destroyed by Communists), I find this laughable. Let's go over the facts:
1) "Mormons" have no interest in gathering Russian government intelligence. This is an accusation made based on nothing more than regurgitated Cold War paranoia. Missionaries in Russia are sent out to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bring them unto Him via baptism and confirmation in His church if they so choose.
2) Mormons do not practice polygamy and any member found to be participating in such activities is swiftly excommunicated.
3) Pedophilia is an abomination before God and all members of the church and if anyone is found to be abusing children in any way they are also swiftly excommunicated. Where is the evidence that this is a "widespread practice"?
4) The church is heavily involved in genealogical research... where is the conspiracy theory behind that? We wish to extend all of God's promised blessings to His children including those that have passed from this earth. Have more questions? Ask the missionaries.
5) Yes, "a certain proportion" of former missionaries go and work for the federal government of the United States just as I'm sure a "certain proportion" of non-Mormons do. Where is the evidence that they were secretly recruited by the CIA to be spies before entering Russia? I know for a fact I was never contacted...but then again, if I were you'd probably never know. I only wish my life were more like this seedy spy novel they portray it to be.

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for the most part are good people and citizens of their respective countries. Find out more for yourself @ m o r m o n . o r g. Or talk to those friendly looking spies (missionaries) you see walking down the street.

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
November 01, 2012 06:30
What about the Russian Orthodox sect?
The Bolsheviks were right when they separated people from religion and began to arrest the priests.
What we see today?
Drunken priests in expensive cars killing people on the streets..
in the temples selling trinkets, money goes into the pockets of the priests
Drunken priest, priest addict , priest-pervert, priest fraudster it's everyday life of Orthodox sect..

if someone wants to send Mormon from Russia they should demand to send the Russian priests to Siberia or the can hope that russian bandits priests can be corrected with help of a polar bears...
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
November 01, 2012 12:46
You are only right,my Vakhtang Kikabidze,and you forgot to mention those bloody russian priests drink only russian vodka,and never georgian wine!!! I have a better suggestion to punish them-send `em not to Siberia ,but to Georgia and force `em to drink the best adulterated pigswill in the world- georgian `wine`!!! And I also think we should all go back to paganism,like you and the glorious georgian orthodox pagan church!!! Amen!!!
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by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
November 01, 2012 16:16
What are you doing here camel?
Here people talk about honest and good Mormons and about a gang of Orthodox priests, who robbed the Russian people..
If you want to talk about monkeys that roam with stones in the Kurdistan and breaks each other's're wrong address.
You need to go to the caves of Kurdistan not on Radio Liberty..

Give my regards to your friends macaques аnd tell them that you all will soon go to the Kolyma with the priests- bandits..

by: Nancy Mereska from: Canada
November 01, 2012 13:54
go to if you want to read the horrible stories of Mormons in North America. I do not want to see Mitt Romney elected president because the Mormons do not know how to keep church and state separate. The Mormon governments in Utah, Arizona, and Idaho are doing nothing to stop the Mormon polygamists there. And, yes, Mormon missionaries do "lie for the Lord (Church)"
Nancy Mereska, President
Stop Polygamy in Canada
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by: T.W. from: United States
November 01, 2012 20:55
Nancy, your grossly irrationale and vitriolic loathing is completely, objectively and incredibly absurd. Your ridiculous, uneducated and farcical statements can be easily proven untrue by reading the general public media news and references. Your obvious disregard of the vast majority of truth about Mormons, who are sincere, good and loving people, only evidences to reasonable people what a shallow, petty and milicious person you are. I am not a Mormon, but I was saved physically and spiritually by family and friends that are. After I left my family and the Mormon church, I found neither respite nor peace anywhere, including an "ex mormon" group, until in the very depths of despair I was unconditionally loved, nourished and helped back on my feet. I was completely, fully and wholeheated loved in a way I never thought possible, that involved hundreds of hours of care, counseling and shared heartache. Your attitude and myopic opinion is truthfully, objective and undeniable wrong.

I have a dear Mormon fried that went to southern Russia and adopted two beautiful little Russian girls. They have vested much love and have healed wounds, helped them resolve childhood hurts and these girls now absolutely glow and love their family. They are thriving, have great schools and friends, and are taught to be very proud of their heritage of coming from Russia.

Your broad and ludicrous swipe at Mormons really is false. Embrace truth and rid your heart of anger. There really is much peace to be found there. Give your tortured and vexed soul some rest.

by: Landon from: USA
November 01, 2012 14:05
I was one of these Mormon "spies" (missionaries) in Portugal for two years. There was an elderly lady that we would teach the gospel of Christ to that was SO happy the Russian people had decided to allow missionaries to enter their borders in the 1990s. I don't know if she's still alive, but news like this, or news of LDS missionary expulsion would probably have killed her.

Is that what you want, Young Guard -- Old ladies dying because you're persecuting a 100 percent non-partisan, multinational religion?

by: PMH from: Oregon, USA
November 01, 2012 16:52
I've had 10 years of having Russian Foreign Exchange students in my home and worked as a Supervisor over other Exchange families who had Russian students. All I can say is that Russia has more to worry about with their youth than some Mormon Missionaries. Considering these youth in my home were supposed to be the cream of the crop, Russian youth has some serious problems. They could use a dose of morality.

I have yet to have one that could understand that stealing was wrong. Shoplifting was a constant issue. One year, the entire female group considered going home and becoming prostitutes was a great career move so they could become rich and then go on to do something else. These were not 'ghetto' children. These were the families of former party bosses, 'Businessmen' aka Russian Mob, Scientists and other educated and moneyed families. So, when I compare Mormon youth I have known against the Russian youth I know, I'm in favor of the Mormons.
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by: Ivan from: California
November 02, 2012 14:35
PMH, those we not foreign exchange students, they were KBG agents collecting information on US supermarket security. They are taking that info back to Russia to upgrade the security systems at their nuclear sites.

by: Aleksei from: usa
November 01, 2012 17:12
The Young Guards have the correct attitude send the mormons packing .They have no business collecting information on each citizen in Russia just like they have done here . What they do with this information they won't tell .Remember mormons call them a religion ,they're are not ,this sect was started by a rabble rouser
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by: D from: USA
November 01, 2012 20:52
Yeah, you sure wouldn't want somebody coming over to Russia and teaching the kids to quit drinking and smoking and be faithful to their wives and work hard and obey the law now. That'd be the downfall of the country for sure.
Of all the problems Russia (or anyplace else) has, the Mormons ain't one.

by: Anonymous
November 01, 2012 18:18
romney did claim that russia was the states' worst enemy. most logical americans think he's pretty stupid, too.
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