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Pro-Serbia Activists File Criminal Complaint Against Albright

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (file photo)Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (file photo)
Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (file photo)
Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (file photo)
After a video emerged in October showing former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright calling a group of pro-Serbian activists “disgusting Serbs,” the group has now filed a criminal complaint against her for spreading ethnic hatred.
A Czech film director and member of the civic group Friends of Serbs in Kosovo, Vaclav Dvorak, filed the complaint on behalf of the group. 

According to the Czech news website, iDNES, the press release by the group states: “Any ethnic hatred coming from the mouth of a former high-ranking politician, who was involved in the NATO intervention in the Balkan conflict, we perceive as an expression of cynicism and disrespect to all the victims.”

As we previously reported, the activists confronted Albright and her associates at a book-signing event promoting her memoir “Prague Winter” in a Prague bookstore on October 23. 

Albright served as U.S secretary of state from 1997 until 2001, including during the 1999 NATO air bombing of the former Yugoslavia, intended to drive Serbian troops out of Kosovo and end the conflict.

Led by Dvorak, the activists primarily protested her role in the U.S.-led bombing of Yugoslavia and her interest in Kosovo’s state-owned telecom and postal company. In September, "Bloomberg Businessweek" estimated the telecom deal could be worth as much as $753 million.

However Albright is not the only former U.S diplomat to have business interests in the postwar Balkans. In June, the Austrian financial daily "WirtschaftsBlatt" reported that Wesley Clark, who served as NATO commander in Kosovo from 1997 to 2000, has expressed interest in a business deal involving the conversion of lignite to liquid fuel. According to the report by "WirtschaftsBlatt," Clark’s Canadian energy company, Envidity, is prepared to invest $5.6 billion in the project over the next six years if it receives a license.The company has filed a request with Kosovo’s authorities but has yet to receive permission to explore the country’s coal reserves.

Lignite is one of Kosovo’s most profitable natural resources. Europe’s smallest state is the world’s fifth-largest producer of lignite. Lignite also makes up 97 percent of the total electricity generation in Kosovo. 

-- Deana Kjuka
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
November 14, 2012 16:36
So, Mad elaine administered the NATO bombing to drive the Serbians out of Serbia??? Will she administer a NATO bombing of azerbaybaydjan to help establish a free country out of Artsakh-NKarabagh??? Or the armenians there should become drug dealers and human organs traffickers first and then seek the mad woman`s help???

by: Marko
November 14, 2012 18:15
That's right !! Keep fighting!! Serb Is Kosovo!!!
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by: Davor from: NY
November 16, 2012 16:46
Wake up. Kosova is a free and independent republic. Serbia lost any claim to Kosova with its century-long brutality against the Albanian population living there.
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by: guest
November 17, 2012 00:55
Most of them have come from Albania itself. Albanians must be masochists to move there.
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by: otto from: berlin
December 01, 2012 00:19
live and let people live...while croatia and serbia are/were/ is dividing bosnia...and EU<ESA<RUSSIA are silient about all this...Croatia and serbian Television and pop culture are innovative ways of promoting their country's tourism. Has Croatia struck gold in South Korea?
show was scheduled to become an instant favourite among reality fans in South Korea. And as a consequence, Croatia is likely to become the next big travel destination for many young Koreans
They soon learned that the reason behind this astonishing rise of Zagreb to Korean stardom was The Romantic in Croatia. A new reality show
Television, pop culture and social media have become the new frontiers for promoting tourism in the new globalised world, and it looks as though Croatia is in for a tourism boost from an unlikely source, according to an intriguing report in Croatia Week on November 25, 2012: South Korea.
According to the report, the Zagreb Tourist Board had a surprising surge of interest from South Korean females at the recent 25th Korean World Travel Fair, which was held in Seoul in June....why Bosnian young educated people and TV don't promote the Bosnian nature and beauty on TV,showes,newspapers,... does Bosnia have Tourist Board do the same ...i traveled Bosnia few times and Bosnia-Hercegovina is as even more beutufel than Croatia and people are more friendly than in Croatia...Otto,Berlin

by: Just a simple Serb
November 14, 2012 19:25
Just by naming this news with a "Pro-Serbian Activists..." You are making it of minor issue and presenting her almost like a victim here. I just wonder, if she said disgusting Jews or Muslims or Blacks would it be a new that you could call by it proper name? Would that be acceptable?

by: Jack from: US
November 14, 2012 20:11
Albright is a vulgar, lying, hateful person, and a war criminal, an epitomy of US government
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by: Brady from: Canada
November 14, 2012 23:06
The Serbs murdered innocent children and raped many thousands of girls who had cried everyday for the Serbs to stop killing their family members. During these wars by the Serbs, the Serbs were showing many things on their T.V but the crimes their army was doing in these countries. In fact, during these wars, Serbian T.V was showing propaganda movies, comparing Bill Clinton to Hitler, yet they did not realize they have a Hitler of their own in Slobodan. As far as Kosovo goes, Kosovo had no choice, again just look what they (Serbs) did in Croatia, Bosnia and finally in Kosovo? The crimes committed by the Serbs were real - rape, torturer and murder of many Muslim innocent children. In Bosnia, the serb cowered's hided in the mountains and killed people in Sarajevo with snipers for years. The international community saw what occurred in other places and did not want that to continue in Kosovo. The Serbs are upset with Kosovo because Kosovo fought back with NATO, they took the pains of war right to the front steps of Belgrade- they gave them a taste of the real pain that they caused in previous years to others. Kosovo had no choice but to brake free, you can't expect someone to stay in an abusive relationship. The international court ruled 10-4 in favor of the Kosovo independence, and clearly stated that Kosovo did not violate any international law. In other words Congratulation Kosovo!
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by: Daniel from: USA
November 15, 2012 11:01
So, it's OK to murder innocent Serbian civilians by your logic? As far as I recall, individuals involved in war crimes have been sent to the Hague and put in prison. Am I missing something? The ethnic Albanians committed horrific crimes against Serbs and nobody was punished and that is not OK.
Also, comparing Milosevic to Hitler shows your utter stupidity. The facts state that 100,000 people of all ethnicity makeups died in Bosnia, and most of this number were soldiers. In Kosovo, the number was less than 10,000. This is all according to internationally agreed upon figures (UN). Now, Hitler as far as I can recall MURDERED 6 MILLION JEWS, and in OVENS! You are disrespectful to the dead.
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by: Shlomo from: Canada
November 16, 2012 00:49
Brady, it is so obvious that you only watched TV...and TV in Canada at that. The Western media poisoned your mind, but judging by what you say here, there was not so much of it to poison anyway.
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by: Lazar from: Australia
November 17, 2012 09:34
Brady isn't Brady from Canada
He is Behir the shiptar from Albania
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by: John Harduny from: Reston, VA, USA
November 15, 2012 18:59
I reluctantly agree about hateful and lying. And silly too. US government idiots created a hotbed of Muslim hate in the heart of U-rope.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
November 14, 2012 21:01
God, today (Wed.) MILLIONS of people were demonstrating on the streets of Spain, Italy, Portugal and other European countries against the policies of economic genocide imposed on them by Frau Merkel (MANY serious European newspapers have been transmitting the protests and their REPRESSION LIVE the whole day!) AND Israel - after having been promising to "attack Iran" for so long - went back to the only thing it's good at - killing Palestinean children.
And the RFE/RL keeps "informing" us about the most important event on earth - someone complained about someone.
I really pity you, guys: after all, all of you must have received education as journalists - and now you have to work as cheap brain-washers.
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by: DEDA CVETKO from: Nueva York
November 15, 2012 07:57
Eugenio, the struggle of Serbian people for freedom, respect, democracy, dignity, social fairness and justice, rule of international law and physical safety in no way, manner or form belittles or diminishes the dignity and honor of the brave Europeans who went out to the street today to demand *** EXACTLY THE SAME *** .

In fact, Serbs have been demanding social justice and fairness long, long before our brave European cousins woke up from their cozy and comfortable stupor and realized that they were being devoured alive by their social, political and financial masters (oh, well...better late than never...some people are slower than the other). it's just that back then when we were pioneering dissent, we were seen as lowly, unruly barbarians and primitives from the the Balkans (yikes!) who should be paid no mind because - alas - one can't expect BARBARIANS to act like civilized folks and show some respect for the authority . I am glad that the polished and civilized men and women of Europe (finally) realized that we are all in the same boat, first class, second class, third class and stowaways alike. We are all on the same Titanic called Europe that is heading for the ocean floor at warp speed. Perhaps - just perhaps - if we do not demean and denigrate each other, we can save each other from the monster of social and political tyranny. But we MUST do it together. If one drops, the whole family perishes.

The struggle of Serbian people in Kosovo and the struggle of brave people in Athens, Lisbon, London and across Europe are all parts of the same cloth. In the immortal words of Benjamin Franklin, "Either we are going to hang together, or they will hang us separately".
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
November 15, 2012 17:39
Dear Deda, I absolutely agree with most of what you said. In fact, if you followed the discussion on this forum, I never missed an opportunity to support the people of Serbia (especially those who happen to live under NATO occupation in the town of Mitrovica that NATO by all means wants to transfer under the rule of the Albanian kidney-trafficking mafia) in their struggle against the NATO agression and occupation.
One thing I DISagree with you on is when you say that all the Europeans have to try to overcome this crisis together. The thing is that the Germans are actually the ones imposing this policy of economic genocide - which is right now destroying the lives of millions of people in Greece, Spain, Italy or Portugal - on others and they will not give up this policy line that easily. So, I believe that - as Lao Tse said :-)) - some things will have to be broken first before they can be put together again.
Cheers from Vienna to Nueva York!
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by: DEDA CVETKO from: Nueva York
November 16, 2012 04:41
Dear Eugenio, my (Italian?) brother:

(I am again responding to your first comment, because VoA would not me respond to your second)

First of all, my heartfelt thanks for the kindness and support you lent to the suffering Serbian people in Kosovo. I assure you that your generosity of heart and spirit will not go unnoticed.

Regarding Germans: I am not sure I agree with you. Yes, we can say much not-so-complementary about Germanic peoples if we really MUST. We could, for example, say that they are rigid, harsh, unyielding, emotionless, and with a Texas-sized messianic and narcissistic complex. Or that they can be petty and pedantic in the worst sense of the word. We could say that they are terribly repressed and unliberated from their own prejudices. We can say that they are emotionless and calculated. And I guess we would be right on all counts -- perhaps!.

But I have made a DELIBERATE decision to ignore their negative traits, for the same reason I have decided to ignore the nasty and horrible traits of my own, Serbian, tribe (such as rancor, lack of discipline, opportunism, envy, avarice, occasional displays of malice and violence) and focus on their good and positive aspects, which are too numerous to list here.

For each monster like Goebbels or Mengele the German people gave us, they gave us ten times more in brilliant geniuses of human soul and spirit: Bachs, Duerrers, Beethovens, Mozarts. Handels, Manns, Boells, Brahms, Heines, Goethes and Hesses. The contribution of German people to the human civilization is truly MONUMENTAL!.

Just as it is critical for Serbian people to feel that they are a rightful and legitimate part of the European family of nations, it is critically important that we do not react to the corpofascist policies of the Merkel government by blaming the plain, ordinary German people. They have nothing to do with Merkel-Goldman Sachs conspiracy. In fact, in some bizarre way, they are being held hostage by a charismatic leader in pretty much the same way they were in 1933.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
November 16, 2012 09:18
Dear Deda, well, first of all, I found your comment very interesting and insightful - it's a pity we have too few such comments on this forum.
Second, you are saying: "We do not react to the corpofascist policies of the Merkel government by blaming the plain, ordinary German people". Well, ok, let's not blame the ordinary ones, let's blame just their leadership, if you will. BUT if you look at their actions today - you realize that what we are living through is an attempt on the part of this German (democratically elected - which, by the way, was the case of the previous German "elite" that was elected by the ordinary Germans to rule their country back in 1933!) elite to - again - try to construct here in Europe THEIR OWN NEO-COLONIAL SPHERE OF INFLUENCE.
When you read, for example, about the degree to which the Germans have subjugated the people of GREECE:
(a) there are German financial controllers who "supervise" the Greek Ministry of Finance and give the Greek Finance Minister (and the entire Greek govt!) ORDERS on how this presumably "independent" state should formulate its fiscal and monetary policy;
(b) Officials from the German Interior Ministry are again "supervising" actions of the Greek Ministry of the Interior (under the pretext that the Greeks "can not" on their own control their migratory flows) - and again give them ORDERS on how their policies should be adjusted;
(c) all those conversations in the German media concerning the necessity for Greece to "sell one of their islands" in order to pay their debts is pretty much remeniscent of what was done to Serbia in respect to Kosovo - basically STEALING a part of the national territory of the state and erecting on this stolen piece of land a German/NATO protectorate!
And the saddest thing is that the Greek people today are just "guinee pigs" in this THIRD GERMAN attempt to turn (chunks of) Europe into their German colony - once they are done with Greece they will move on to colonize Spain, Portugal, Italy and other European countries. And I am afraid that this third attempt will end for the Germans the same way the previous two ended back in 1918 and 1945 - and this European day of Action against the policies of economic genocide that took place the day before yeasterday (Nov. 14th) is just the beginning of this common struggle against the German neo-colonialism!

by: RD
November 14, 2012 21:29
Madeleine's dark side is coming out. She has shown the world what an unethical individual she is.

by: Brady from: Canada
November 14, 2012 23:03
Kosovo has always belonged to Albania, Iliret and the Dardania Kingdom owned Kosovo and much of the Balkan way before serbs ever came to the stole Kosovo and we took it back! And we will never let you steal Kosovo ever again!I'd recommend to moderators to moderate some comments here, which are full of racism and hatred, and do not serve at all in the discussion. They are merely sick nationalists wasting their time.
Kosovo should and will join the EU when it fulfills the requirements to join. At least we do not need to hunt for war criminals like Serbia does. The rest of the conditions will be fulfilled with the time passing. Let's not forget, Kosovo is only 4 years an independent state. The neighbouring states had plenty of years ahead to fight corruption, crime, etc (e.g. Romania, Bulgaria) and still without completing those requirements, they joined the EU.
If you compare crime rate Kosovo is safer than Stockholm, as one swedish policeman once said for the newspapers. So sick nationalists take a deep breath, relax, apologize for your country's crimes committed against Kosovo's population, and stop your propaganda, as the justice (read ICJ) has said its word, and the number of countries recognizing Kosova is on the rise (97 and counting), and we will join EU and UN. If not, I think Switzerland is doing quite well without EU. Just leave us alone.

Serbs need to look in the mirror and see what crimes they did in 90's. just like the nazis had to do. The serbs cannot keep acting like the victims here...I just don't know how they (serbs) can be the victims. Just look at what you the serbs did in Croatia, Bosnia and can't keep running from the truth because it will catch you sooner or later. 200,000 killed/raped in Bosnia. 10,000 killed/raped in Croatia, 10,000 killed/raped in Kosovo. This has been proven by many multiple sources.
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by: DEDA CVETKO from: Nueva York
November 15, 2012 07:36
I am curious to find out why - if indeed Kosovo was always Albanian land, as Albanians categorically and without any reservations claim - no one has ever managed to find a SINGLE historical trace or material evidence of their presence in the territory (let alone a significant Albanian archeological find) dating back more than 200 years. The historical myth of "Illyrian" kingdom of Kosovo predating Roman times and its alleged continuity with the modern Albanian history is about as fanciful as stories of King Arthur's fabled Camelot or the legends of Beowulf or the Niebelungs.

Etymologically, the name of the Province - EVEN in its Albanian variant (Kosova) - is 100% Serbian. To the best of my knowledge, the Albanians do not even have a proper name for the territory they claim to be their own, other than the one coined by the medieval Serbs. In the wake of NATO's 1999 intervention, efforts have been made by some Albanians to rename the province to "Dardania", but those efforts never really took any root, presumably because UN administration of the Province (UNMIK) did not have much patience for ethnic and historic revisionism.

Yes, Serbian empire did conquer the territory, wrestling it from the Byzantine control in the 11th century (meeting practically no resistance, for the reasons I think should be obvious and self-explanatory). However, the Serbs did maintain a consistent ethnic and cultural presence in Kosovo - even during the intermittent periods of Byzantine, Bulgarian and Ottoman rule - long before the Province was formally incorporated into the Serbian state: the Serbs initially settled the territory in the early 7th century, when the first Slavic tribes allied with Avars and Huns laid siege of Constantinople (just to offer a sense of perspective: this was a few years BEFORE the birth of Islam). The uncontested legitimacy of Serbian rule of the territory has been recognized by tens, if not hundreds of successive rulers, kings, popes, doges, patriarchs, presidents and even sultans, as well as modern international law, ever since. In 1389 Pope Urban VI actually sent an armed regiment to assist Serbian monarch in defending the Province from the Ottomans.

This state of affairs was finally affirmed and legally codified by the Bucharest peace conference of 1913. The only time during the modern time that Serbian sovereignty of Kosovo was interrupted was during Hitler's occupation of Serbia (1941-45). Not even Austro-Hungarian empire questioned Serbian claim to the province during its occupation of Serbia (1916-1918).

The Serbs' undisputed and contiguous presence in the territory can be easily and without much strain traced back to the 9th century, which was some 1200 years ago. The Serbian claim and/or possession of Kosovo has been longer and older than even Mayan or Aztec tribes's possession of their native domains in North America. In short, other than the long-extinct ancient Roman population of Kosovo, the Serbs are truly the ONLY surviving indigenous population of Kosovo. However, the Serbs - unlike to Albanians - never sought to acquire the land for themselves alone. For centuries, Serbs have lived in Kosovo alongside Turks, Jews, Egyptians, Greeks, Albanians, Bulgarians and Gypsies. This all changed in 1999.

The facts of the matter are rather simple: Serbian historical, ethnic, cultural, and legal claim of Kosovo can be traced back at least one millennium (emphasis on 'at least') and is BEYOND FACTUAL DISPUTE. Just like Germans did not lose legal or moral title to the German lands because of Hitler's genocidal rule, the Serbia never lost its moral or legal claim to Kosovo because of Milosevic's crackdown on Albanians.

For a fully documented and academically researched information on Serbian medieval history, including the history of Kosovo, see:

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by: Brady from: Canada
November 15, 2012 15:20
The only people that question the existence of "Illyrian" kingdom in the Balkan are the serbs, they keep changing history to their liking (I.e. Bosnian genocide - which the entire democratic world has CLEARLY stated that there was a genocide there, I mean you had mladic and other top serb officials saying "We are going to get rid of all Bosnian Muslims" on record) Yet the serbs are still in denial and state that it never happened. You can't keep changing history! What the serbs did there to Albanians in Kosovo was evil...Kosovo had every right to brake free, you can't except someone to stay in a broken and abusive relationship. Kosovo as well and much of the Balkan was under the Illyrian kingdom way before serbs came along and stole it, and in 1999 the Albanians took Kosovo back.

by: saucymugwump from: USA
November 14, 2012 23:57
From Der Spiegel's "An Insider's View of EU Efforts in Kosovo"

"[Kosovo] is still dominated by corruption, clan loyalties and drugs ... corruption is quite high among Kosovar police officers. I was told that, if you're caught with a stolen car, all you have to do is pay the officer a bribe to take care of the problem ... Kosovo is firmly in the grip of organized crime ... look at the many new gas stations and shopping centers, where there are almost no customers. It isn't too much of a leap of faith to conclude that their main purpose is to launder money."

If pro-Serbian activists are "disgusting Serbs," then what should we call the hopelessly corrupt Kosovars?

by: DEDA CVETKO from: Nueva York
November 15, 2012 01:02
This peddler of ethnic hate and anti-Serbian venom - to remind VoA's readership - is the SAME PERSON president Obama honored with a Presidential Medal of Freedom a few months back. Just exactly what her contribution to the American nation or the cause of freedom and democracy - other than bombing and dismembering a founding nation of the United Nations illegally and without legal international mandate - nobody really knows.

Someone please inform President Obama that his honoree is inflicting a serious injury on the reputation and good name of the President of the United States, the Executive Branch of American Government and the United States in general. The damage caused by Ms. Albright's immoral words and deeds is much , much, much graver and more serious than general David Petraeus' sexual shenanigans for which he submitted his resignation to the President a week ago. Unfortunately, because Ms. Albright has powerful backers in high places, the news of her immoral public behavior were totally blacklisted by the mainstream media.

This despicable display of ethnic hatred should not remain ignored for a single moment. Any further attempt on part of President Obama and his cabinet to hush up this immoral and ugly ethnic hatred should be seen as his express approval and endorsement of such act.

I am calling on President Obama to withdraw the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Madelaine Albright IMMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT MUCH ADO.

by: Paece to Balkan from: Balkan
November 15, 2012 04:43
all this above propaganda comes from serb radicalized organizations that are well organized in Germany,Austria,Canada,Australia,and Chicago...albright was fighting for peace and justice in Balkans when serbian army was killing hundreds of thousands bosniaks,croats, albanians...she is the one that deserves Nobel peace price...where were EU officials when was this going on...they were taking pictures like Philip Morion and Butros Gali with chetniks above Pale looking on sarajevo while serbian army with mladic killed ten thousand people in sarajevo alone...shame on the serbia,eu, and international community...and now we hava a srpska in bosnia that is found on genocide and killing of poor people...please world :stop this srpska republic of shame and their leaders and give a bosnian people normal state
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by: Brady from: Canada
November 15, 2012 23:54
I agree, too much propaganda from these serb national thugs the same thugs responsible for starting/supporting multiple war and when some one like Albright came along and stopped them with force they were shocked . I'm tired of these serb nationalists all over the Internet these days STILL spreading propaganda, when did they learn how to use a computer anyways?
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by: Mila jevrejka from: Srbija
November 24, 2012 22:47
Municipal Court in Belgrade and goverment of serbia and international community needs to know that Dragoljub "Draza" Mihailovic commander of the Serb-nationalist, royalist Chetnik movement during World War II, Mihailovic forces fought for Axis Powers and were allies of nazi germany and they killed hundreds of thousands minority balkans people including bosniaks,croats, albanians and jewish people and made drina river turn red from bosniak and jewish blood becuse they decapitated thousands of bosniak men,women and children on top of bridges above drina river and same thing happened in 1992 thru 1995...and on the end the serbs and serbia were awarded with republika srpska...only state that is founded on genocide and given a name republic of srpska by USA,Russia, dayton, PIC, and racist foundation of EU that don't care about minority people of europe...shame on all these Unions that almost destroyed nation of Bosnia and Hecegovina and its peole during 1992-1995 agression by serbia , croatia on this poor country of Bosnia-Herzegovina and are doing the same since 1995 thanks to dayton and the nazi parties like HDZ 1990,SNSD and astablishment of republic srpska and its govrnment.
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