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Protest Held In NYC Over France's Armenian Genocide Legislation

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip ErdoganTurkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan
Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan
Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan
NEW YORK -- About two dozen people of Turkish origin or descent gathered in front of the French Consulate in New York on January 5 to protest the French genocide bill, which would criminalize the denial that the mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks in 1915 constituted genocide.

The evening protest, which was organized by the Young Turks Association, featured around 20 people waving Turkish and U.S. flags as they chanted "shame on France".

Mae Sonmez, Vice President of the Northeast Region at the Assembly of Turkish American Associations, moved to the United States 23 years ago.

She maintained that the bill was both "unfair" and "illegal," and that numerous attempts by the Turkish government to discuss what had happened were rejected:

"The Turkish government [are] always asking Armenia [to] open the books, let's discuss on both sides," she said. "But they never open the books...we never can discuss archives and what is the truth."

The Turkish government maintains that the massacres, in which 1.5 million Armenians were killed, were part of civil unrest during the fall of the Ottoman Empire and that there were heavy casualties on both sides.

The French bill would impose a sentence of up to one year in prison, along with a 45,000 euro ($58,000) fine, for anyone who denies the genocide.

The bill, which has passed the lower house and awaits a vote in the upper house of parliament later this month, has caused relations between the two countries to fray.

After the first vote Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan swiftly halted bilateral political and economic contacts, suspended military support, and withdrew the Turkish ambassador to France.

Erdogan slammed the bill as "politics based on racism, discrimination and xenophobia," and accused France of committing genocide in Algeria, a sentiment echoed by several people who attended the protest on January 5.
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by: John Smith from: Los Angeles, California
January 06, 2012 09:05
How is the bill "unfair" and "illegal"?
Denying the Holocaust in France and other EU countries is punishable crime, how is the Armenian Genocide different?
It is fair, and is absolutely legal. The politicians who are representing the French people have almost unanimously agreed. It is the French people's choice. Maybe the turks should try it. It is called democracy.

What is illegal, is the blatant denials of the turks that these events ever occurred and when faced with documents, they claim civil unrest was the cause. What civil unrest?It was the notorious turk army and the Kurdish thugs and gangs (ordered by the turks) against armless, defenseless, and helpless civilians, consisting mostly of women, children, and the elderly, since the men, young and semi-old were all arrested and brutally murdered. Maybe these people should take a look at that pictures and read the eye witness accounts from unbiased third parties that were there during that time, including the American Ambassador, Henry Morganthau Sr. and others.

Also it seems those turks that "protested" are still driven by the brainwashing that their governments use. They cluelessly parrot "but, but, but ... Armenia won't open their archies!" without understanding how pathetic that lie is.

What archives are these? ALL the government and private archives are open and in fact are on the web, accessible from anywhere in the world. Why would someone even need to open "archives" that are 1. Already open and available. 2. They already admit that the killings occurred but insist that it was due to "civil unrest"?
What "causalities" were there on the turkish side?
Let me guess, they are claiming that those civilians killed "millions of turks", right?
Good luck proving that. There is not a single document or eye witness account supporting that pathetic allegation. This is just like claiming that a rapist also suffered when he/she raped someone and the rape victim is equally to be blamed on what happened and was the direct cause of it.

The irony in this that turks who are well known for their racist mentality over the course of history accusing others of racism, and in fact in turkey, if they want to put someone down, call him an idiot or accuse him of being clueless, they call him or her "frech", and erdogan even has the nerve to accuse France of committing genocide while he denies the real Genocide ever occurred.
Do these people even know that the word Genocide was coined by Polish/Jewish lawyer Raphael Lemkin after what he learned of what happened to the Armenians at the hands of the turks?
How can Armenians be denied recognition of the systematic killings committed against them as Genocide while the word was coined because of their sufferings?
Only turks think like that. Not surprising too. These are the same people who claim that this bill is "unfair" and "illegal" and go as far as claiming that it is "against free speech" while they have the notorious law 301 in turkey which anyone daring to speak or publish anything that criticizes any part of turkish history can face criminal prosecution and can be jailed several years as a result. But that is not stomping free speech, the laws that prevent disrespecting the innocent lives lost is preventing free speech, all in the twisted world of the turk nationalists. The same people who committed the Assyrian, Kurdish, and Greek genocides, the same people who invaded Cyprus and the same country that keeps violating Iraq's sovereign territory and air space.

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by: fred
January 06, 2012 10:21
France the same time tries to stop Turks occupying their country, what's now in progress.
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by: Eliza from: S
January 06, 2012 15:58
Amazing comment John! Clear, full of facts, and to the point. Love it!
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by: Kevork
January 06, 2012 19:38
John, I was going to comment, but based on your excellent comments and analysis no comment from me is necessary. Your post summed up the behavior of Turks very well touching upon all the important issues. Thank you.
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by: Simon from: USA
January 07, 2012 06:26
John, I am Armenian and agree with you. But I cannot agree with your deliberate attempt at consistently using lower case "t" for "turks," which is blatant racism. It undermines your message.
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by: Sylva-MD-Poetry from: Origin : From Genocide La
January 07, 2012 12:26
Who is Armenian...He will never say ...I am Armenian...
We don't have Simons We have Seemons...
Say I am a Human...Some Turks are never Armenians
But do defend Us more than Armenian...
When they killed and confiscated all our home
and slayed our grandfathers...
Was it racism by words or by scimitars...!?!?
Awake don't play games...
Awake and use your conscious...

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by: Anonymous
January 13, 2012 14:44
Arguments on both sides would be sufficient to prove their point but both governments are hypocritical in their actions so personally I think that they are both wrong for their actions. Neither country has the right to deny or force a way of thinking among people. Keep this out of politics and implement it in history class debates, and yes, what I mean is let the historians debate and decide. I don't see why this issue has become so complicated when the solution of the problem is clear. Anyways, i'm not going into specifics with this topic but I will with your post. It feels like this issue is pursued through other interests and not the issue itself by nations like France. Regardless, I feel that your own argument is only serving your own interests and is biased. You open the doors for criticizing and bashing the "Turks" yet you refuse to acknowledge or state the French wrong doings or criticisms, because there are many, so I don't know why you would stay one sided.. Maybe you hate the Turks? Who knows. Therefore, although you put a good effort into your argument. It is rather a bad one because you did not include both sides. I'm not saying all your arguments are wrong, but they are generalized and if you are going to make extreme claims you might want to back them with solid references. Some of these claims are highly debatable.

by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
January 06, 2012 13:39
So this is the top of the news for today acc. to the rfe/rlers- 25 `people` protest against.....Sorry prez.Obama failed in his Medical care system reforms,has he succeeded these `people` should have been taken adequate care of,but here is the good news-now that the right honorable st,Matthew Bryza and his bartered turkish child bride are back for good in Washington DC to wash their hands and con-science they have joined the mass protest to reach the number of 25.Allah akbar.
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by: Alex from: LA
January 06, 2012 21:41
I like reading your comments "camel anaturk"

In addition, this article is paid for by "Turkic People Against The Truth"
aka Republic of "Ottoman" Turkey, yummy sounds politically correct.
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by: Sylva-MD-Poetry from: Origin: Genocide Land
January 07, 2012 12:00
Please, Don't use word "Allah Akbar"
Because your God doesn't represent Islam
Quran did not say kill pregnant mothers' wombs by scimitars to guess the unknown sex...rape girls..
Hurl boys in the rivers and from heights
This is not written in Islamic religion...
Quran is written in Arabic letters
Your book and Allah is from Seljuks and not from
Al- Quran Al-mubeen
Have you read the real Quran in Arabic letters
and not Turkish Translation...!
If you can answer back...!
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
January 09, 2012 21:40
Dear Sylvia,I have used these words in a sarcastic sense in order to satirize the self-righteousness of the turkey allahtans.Now Alex,turkic does not equate turkish -the turks are one of the many families of the turkic proto tribe.And there is not an`Ottoman`republic but an `Ottoman` empire.And of course these 24 and many others did not represent the real Turkey of today-when Hrant Dink was murdered a few hundred thousand turks demonstrated to the slogan of `We are all Hrant Dink`,so there is some hope for Humanity in dadjgastan as well.Finally lets leave political correctness for the likes of WMD seekers in Iraq and now in Iran,we are not politicians,just humans,I suppose.

by: Artarutiun from: Toronto
January 06, 2012 14:03
The Genocide Word by Raphael Lemkin

by: Bob from: USA
January 06, 2012 15:20
You should be extremely naive to believe that the planned and executed mass murder didn't take place. You should be extremely naive to believe in Turkish government's desire to "get to the truth" when they maintain strict penalties for mentioning the word 'genocide' in their own country (see You should be extremely naive... or you should think the readers are...

by: Andrew Lackey from: Boise
January 06, 2012 15:42
Wow, a whole dozen people or so. Why is this news? France can do as they please and the Turks have no room to talk when it comes to censorship, human rights, nationalism, etc.

by: Ed Arakelian from: Canada
January 06, 2012 16:11
There are no more "books" to be opened!! Lots of historians have studied the events in detail and concluded there was a genocide. It's high time the USA recognize this like Obama had promised.

by: Hay from: U.S.
January 06, 2012 18:07
This bill is about defending democracy and freedom of speech. The turks attack everyone who would dare to speak about the Armenian Holocaust. Once, the Islamist leader of turkey, Erdogan said, "democracy is a tool to wich we use to reach our goal..." The turks don't care about democracy or free speech. -otherwise, they would not arrest, torture, and/or kill people speaking about the Armenian Holocaust. The turk politicians and the army were behind the Armenian massacres. The turkish paid "historians", with denial of the facts, are also responsible for crimes against humanity. There is no back door exit out of this. The turks must pay for all their crimes against humanity.

by: Milia from: Los Angeles, CA
January 06, 2012 23:32
The same Islamofascists that massacred:
100,000 Bulgarians.
1,500,000 Armenians.
700,000 Assyrians.
1,400,000 Greeks
And so many Kurds...

And these Turkis supremacists racist apartheid leaders are whining?
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by: Sylva-MD-Poetry from: From genocide Land
January 07, 2012 12:34
Please don't use word Islamophobia
Use word Turko-Phobia...Ottomano-Phobia
Muslim Arabs did not kill Armenians
They suffered under their rule 500 years and hanged their May 1916
Famous Poet Assad Rustom wrote from wAshington when they hanged his friends
" The Sons of Turks you are never Muslims"

by: Mike Desilets from: Toronto
January 07, 2012 01:31
Why doesn't the Turkish government hold it no biased study with the contribution of academics from all around the world, why do they need Armenia or anyone. The problem is a Turkish problem. Almost everyone else in the world know a Genocide happened.

by: b from: usa
January 07, 2012 02:17
I would like to know the name of the shadowy person who wrote this RFL article. RFL should be ashamed to publish the story about 24 people protesting about a fact in history that cannot be disputed. This desecrates the memory of the 1,500,000 Armenian souls who perished. I have more than 24 people protesting about various causes in my basement and this doesn't make news. RFL is another NWO capitalist pseudo-governmental enterprise sold out to the highest bidder. Turkey should once and for all APOLOGIZE to the Armenian People for GENOCIDE and CRIMES COMMITTED AGAINST HUMANITY. Armenians are a Christian people who will forgive if a mere sorry is asked for. Of course your bosses at RFL don't care about Christianity or human life anyways. Let's see if you have the guts to publish this.
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