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Puck You, U.S.A.! Russian Media Starts Fake War On Ice

The Cold War-era produced some of ice hockey's most spectacular memories. The latest U.S.-Russia match wasn't one of them.

After Russia dominated Team U.S.A. at the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championships this week (May 12), Moscow could be expected to relish the moment. The 6-1 thrashing -- handed down in front of a raucous pro-Russia crowd at Belarus's Minsk Arena -- was payback for the embarrassing loss suffered to the U.S. on home ice during the Sochi Olympics. 

But while Team Russia quickly moved on, Russian media chose to rub it in by inventing a controversy by publishing -- as if it were real -- a fake news story citing a real U.S. official. 

After the preliminary-round game, various mainstream media outlets reported that Washington had bitterly protested the loss:


"State Department: U.S.A. Disagrees With Results Of Hockey Match..."


"State Department: U.S.A. Disagrees With Results Of Hockey Match And Talks Sanctions..."

Komsomolskaya pravda:

"Russia Will Pay Dearly For Its Hockey Team's Imperial Ambitions!"


"Dirty Puck Carousel"

The articles -- and many others published in mainstream and also social media -- center on bitter quotes directly attributed to State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki after the hockey loss.

Many of the quotes mirror comments made by U.S. officials and Psaki herself amid rising tensions between Washington and Moscow over the ongoing Ukraine crisis.

There is this reference to various suggestions by Washington that Russia cannot intervene in a neighboring country in this day and era: 

"This game had nothing to do with real hockey," Psaki is quoted as saying at a press briefing. "In the 21st century we cannot play hockey as if it is the 20th."

Another "Psaki comment" draws on an actual statement the spokeswoman made during a May 12 press briefing in which she condemned the disputed referendum in eastern Ukraine, saying "its methodology was highly suspect with reports of carousel voting," among other things.

"The imperial ambitions of the Russian national team displayed during the game demonstrate the same methods seen in the worst years of the Soviet Union -- a dirty puck carousel set up by the Russian team in front of the U.S. net, and democratic pucks blocked from their own net -- and are an attempt to reverse the status quo and are a threat to European security."

When asked by a reporter what "a puck carousel" was, "Psaki" replied that she did not know what a carousel was, but that it was written in the text and that it was something terrible and incompatible with human values. 

The alleged response was similar to Psaki's actual response during her May 12 briefing in which she was asked what "carousel voting" was. Her reply -- that she was unfamiliar with the term and would "check and see what our team meant specifically by that term" -- was ridiculed in the Russian media. 

In yet another allusion to comments made in Washington, Psaki was quoted as saying that U.S. President Barack Obama had expressed his concern about the hockey game's result:

"Russia is not only on the wrong side of history, but on the wrong side of geography, physics, and physical education."

And finally, "Psaki" blasted Russian hockey star Alexander Ovechkin for shaving his beard ahead of the World Championships in an alleged protest against Austrian transvestite Conchita Wurst's recent Eurovision victory.

"It is a protest against European values, against free Europe! In the 21st century you cannot just pick up and shave your beard if you don't like something! This is unacceptable. The beard should return immediately!"

This LiveLeak link provides a rough English-language translation of Psaki's "statement."

What stands out is that while "Vzglyad" and "Komsomolskaya pravda" described "Dirty Puck Carousel" as a parody, others were not nearly so forthcoming. Sports.ru and nabat.in simply published Psaki's "quotes" as fact with no mention that they might be satirical. 

The State Department and Psaki did not respond to written requests for comment on the quotes being attributed to Obama and the State Department spokeswoman.

But for the record, Psaki never said anything about the U.S.-Russia result in the daily press briefing she held the day after the match .

The closest thing to any official U.S. comment on the game came from a former U.S. ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul.

On his Twitter feed, McFaul was pointedly asked after the conclusion of the Russia-U.S. game: "So how did you like the hockey?" 

To which McFaul replied:

-- Michael Scollon
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
May 15, 2014 14:30
USA is just a sore loser, unlike Russia which is not a sore loser having had a huge victory in the Cold War. What is Hillary have to say about this?
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 15, 2014 19:34
Russia is a treasonous thing, its hokey - to betray USA-Europa.
Trained by decades to drive a washer "lovko" with their "zh-pa".
I wrote once about "immideate and immanent treat" - exclusion.
They use it kill nations, as "freedom is treat" - even in "nuzhnik".
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 16, 2014 19:02

Is it another homosexual Russian logic expression?
They compare 21-st Century Russian renewed invading
and annexing by bestial Varyag-Prussak, to breed in
neighbor lands, versus 20-th Century Nazi war crimes,
as 21-th versus 20-th Centuries hokey?
To justify new crimes of Nazi Russia,
while glorifying its hokey?
By the way, previous game should be won by USA,
but Russians were training since 1950-th to use treachery,
They 2 times ambushed, at the end of last and previous
periods, by pseudo May-Ham, secret weapon of Varaga,
"lovko" passing and driving washers by their "zh.pas".
This time they probably used the Russian NLW and
telepaths, being on KGB-GRU-Spetcnaz grounds,
Belorussia, even more loyal country of "Anychars"
to stench of Russian Nazi Empire than Russia itself...

In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 18, 2014 02:59
Another sample of Russian "lovkiy" hokey.
It looks like they convinced some Western critics
That say Ukraine have to talk with people from the East
About their complains and problems - what a "Jezuitics"!
Ukraine will talk, if allowed by the invading beast,
Intimidating locals evil Nazi Russia's donkeys.

People from East will talk too - late demarche
Of metal workers, lead by one of privet owner
Took back a building from Russia's hokey-fee,
Not enough help to beat GRU-Spetcnaz power
Intimidating millions - majority that want be free.

Ukraine and most of people in the East will talk,
Even intimidated three centuries, by Golodomor,
By Russian-German plots and genocide of WW2,
By post war "iron curtain" of hazing - door to door.

In Response

by: Andrey from: Montreal
May 15, 2014 20:58
Eugenio: Did you ever hear of Stanley Cup? It's taking place right now and it's a waaay more important for US hockey fans and players than World Cup.

Судя по безграмотному английскому, в школе вы учитесь плохо, поэтому добавлю по-русски: учите историю, Женя! Россия потерпела поражение в Холодной войне.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 19, 2014 19:09
Please, don't push Eugenio into a gloating match with Russia,
Which Great Power won "Cold War" - nobody did, it was a deal
Agreed by both. Russia defeating itself, posing as old Prussia,
Please "mentor-chistodel" (in Russian minds), the British will,
That gave them choice, be Feudal serfs or USA-like kasha
Of expropriated from CIS loot, 51% for Brits, or be killed.

It's what Russians talked about since 1954-56, they tried
First for colonial empire of serfs - but Brezhnev didn't get
The plan to work, CIS by 1936 Constitution won that time.
Than they tried and still doing blockades, plundering hate,
Accompanied by genocide, cleansing and the annexations.

That suppose to be USA-like old crimes, but be an Empire.
Nations disagree get ultimate suffering, indignity and death.
Russia destroying their neighbors and themselves, be Czar
And rain - it is why they will loose eventually, without rebate.
World is not stupid, finance and rearm Russian tech, armies
And expansion of the evil Nazi Empire to conquer the World.

In Response

by: Derik from: Berlin
May 16, 2014 08:04
You are right.

Hillary sad with comemorated meeting with Lavrov - 'Pregruzka' that sign 'Overload' in Russian not 'Reload' ('Perezagruzka') as she want to sad (I don't believe in such coinsedenses, alot professional consultants helping state secretary in preparations for such meetings)

This is what we can see now - as is we call thing as so we will live, and here no any reasons to blame Russia or Putin. If we do so - this is equavalent to say about self 'we are losers and we do not do anything to fix it'
In Response

by: Bill
May 16, 2014 09:28
RFE/RL reaches a new low in stupidity. The aforementioned Russian media takes are clearly intended sarcasm.
In Response

by: John
May 26, 2014 16:41
Perhaps read the headlines before aspersion casting. Whoops!!

by: Felix from: Germany
June 05, 2014 22:38
Well, maybe the Russians will understand such obvious parody without needing a big fat sign pointing it out? I found the comments hilarious and a great show of the Russian spirit and sense of humor. Granted, US foreign policy is an easy target, which isn't really the fault of Psaki, who might be getting waterboarded in Guantanamo right now for her slight blunders. Get well soon, Jen! We miss your rack!

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