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Putin Creates Agency To Restore Russia's National Pride

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to strengthen the "spiritual and moral foundations" of his country.
Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to strengthen the "spiritual and moral foundations" of his country.
By Claire Bigg
The Kremlin is hoping to restore national pride in Russia with the creation of a new agency in charge of promoting patriotism.

The agency will be part of the presidential administration and, according to the Kremlin's website, will be tasked with strengthening "the spiritual and moral foundations of Russian society" and improving "government policies in the field of patriotic upbringing."

President Vladimir Putin formally ordered the creation of the new structure, the Directorate for Social Projects, on October 20.

The initiative has drawn mixed reactions, with critics dismissing it as a Soviet-style scheme aimed at consolidating the Kremlin's power base and curbing an unprecedented youth-driven protest movement against Putin's 12-year rule.

Nikolai Petrov is a political analyst at the Carnegie Center in Moscow:

"As an antidote to political protests, the Kremlin is using ideology and counting on the quiet, archaic masses who don't want change," says Nikolai Petrov, a political analyst at the Carnegie Center in Moscow. "This is why this newly created body will deal primarily with ideological issues."'

'Spiritual And Moral Values'

The idea behind the Directorate for Social Projects was first formulated by Putin last month during his visit to the southern Russian city of Krasnodar, where he toured a presidential cadet school and held a roundtable discussion on patriotism with top government officials and cultural luminaries.

Putin told the gathering that Russia must do more to combat attempts to influence its youth -- a comment many saw as a sign of Putin's deepening hostility toward foreign-funded nongovernmental organizations, which he has accused of backing opposition protests.

"Cultural identity and spiritual and moral values are the subject of intense competition, at times even of an open information war and well-orchestrated propaganda attacks," he said.

The agency's creation comes as the Kremlin steps up its rhetoric against political dissent.

Recent months have seen the closure of the U.S Agency for International Development (USAID) on the grounds that it was meddling in Russian politics, the prosecution of dozens of antigovernment protesters, and the jailing of members of the all-female Pussy Riot punk collective for staging an anti-Putin performance in a Moscow cathedral.

Critics compare the new agency to the Soviet-era Department for Agitation and Propaganda and say it will put a brake on Russia's modernization efforts.

"When the Kremlin instructs the majority to respect the status quo, it blocks its own path toward reforms and modernization," says Petrov. "It prevents itself from using its own legitimacy to move forward. In this respect, I think this project is doomed to failure."

Filling An Ideological Vaccum

The initiative is nonetheless likely to strike a chord with many Russians nostalgic for their country's lost global clout.

Advocates say the new agency could prove instrumental in both filling the ideological vacuum left by the Soviet collapse and rejuvenating the notion of patriotism, still almost exclusively tied to the Soviet Union's role in World War II.

Some analysts suggest it could play a critical role in unifying Russians, provided it avoids the pitfalls of propaganda.

"Today, there is a huge deficit of ideas that could unite people," says Valeria Kasamara from the Laboratory for Political Research at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. "Patriotism could be very effective in overcoming the disunity that pervades everything, the estrangement from collective events. Authorities are doing what they should have done a long time ago. But if -- instead of efforts to inspire positive emotions -- we have clumsy propaganda, it will have the reverse effect. So it's all a question of how this will be implemented."

What kind of activities the Directorate for Social Projects will oversee is still unclear.

The agency reportedly plans to introduce patriotic education programs into schools and to contribute to the creation of patriotic films and children's cartoons.

It will also reportedly issue grants and awards to projects or individuals seen as promoting national pride in Russia.

Claire Bigg

Claire Bigg covers Russia, Ukraine, and the post-Soviet world, with a focus on human rights, civil society, and social issues. Send story tips to​


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by: BillyRI from: Newport RI
October 24, 2012 13:10
#1: Free P**** Riot Muscians!

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
October 24, 2012 14:20
Thanks God, the US does not have this kind of agency - everyone knows what the Beavuses have to be proud of:
- having lost two wars in one decade is an achievement in itself, I am not even mentioning installing into power terrorists that one year later burn your own embassador alive (this is called "being proud of the high degree of competence of the people who you elect democratically to govern your country" :-)));
- burning Korans, desecrating dead bodies of Afghans, bombing civilians with unmanned drones is another thing every US citizen has the right to be proud of;
- bankrupt deindustrialized cities such as Detroit or Stockton is yet another boost to the feeling of the US national pride;
- a sovereign debt exceding 100 % of the country's GDP would also make everyone proud.
So, God bless those people who know what they have to be proud of without any kind of agency :-))!
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by: Julia
October 24, 2012 20:22
Your comments made my day!
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by: William from: Aragon
October 24, 2012 22:20
Hey EUgenio, not to mention the two candidates competing to represent the Republocrat duopoly in the White House. The USA is basically a two-party system where these two candidates are eligible for public funding but their smaller competitors are not. This arrangement is referred to locally as a "democracy".
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
October 25, 2012 08:22
Completely agree, William - that's one more reasons to be proud :-).
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by: blah blah
October 25, 2012 09:59
A presidential candidates' party needs to have received 5% in the previous presidential election to qualify for matching federal funds. Maybe not fair, but hardly atypical.
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by: Sam from: USA
October 25, 2012 21:08
Eugenio's comments are brought to you by the propaganda department that is the subject of this article. Say hi to Putin for me time you pick up your paycheck from your bosses at the Kremlin.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
October 26, 2012 08:52
Hello, Uncle Sam, great to hear from you :-)!
You are probably new on this forum, so you do not know yet that I do not get paychecks from Putin personally - I collect the money in cash (for tax evasion purpouses, you know :-) from the Russian Embassy in Vienna AND I also get food stamps from the Chinese Delegation to the United Nations :-).
Well, I am not asking whether you are getting paid anything for your comments from Hillary Rice and George W. Obama, as long as everyone knows that your govt is bankrupt and can not even afford paying for security of its diplomatic personnel in countries like Lybia, let alone paying Washington trolls yourself for their comments :-).
Have a nice day, Uncle Sam, and don't get cold in the Winter which might happen to you, unless your houshold is one of those poor US households that the govt of Venezuela is supplying with subsidized heating for some years already :-)!
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
November 01, 2012 19:25
Putin in new Proud Russian heat and "vorotnik" - impressive.
Reminding me the WW2 times nazi's and legioner's stile,
And Czarist times coat of "sysknoy" - a little obsessive,
For Crone Prince from "Pure Nastya", would be Czar,
Victoriously defeiting USA - as Eugenio's assessing.

USA didn't start yet any war, Eugenio, 1954 pact did.
Russian-Prussian agencies of Russia, leuring Brits
And Bechtel, forged a secret pact resurrect empires.
They received bomb-concentrate able atomic plants
For ethnic Russia get CIS and devide Europe's East.

As subcequence the USA would be colonized again,
Repopulate more successfuly by redish-greish buts
Than before Great Depression - and keeping it away
From interfering - as Russians, Germanic and Brits
Repopulate the World. USA still do not see that yet.

EU-USA tried to help restore CIS. "Nato for peace",
Provoked by terrorism, missguided by a 1954 pact,
Setup by Cohen, Litvak, Shvartckof overbomb hits
And vindictivity of craized Bush were leured to act.
Russia was allowed limmit the agression, not bust.

Instead Russia and its 1954 conspirators invaded
Some neighboring countries, to genocide-cleanse,
To repopulae land and housing, killing, behaading,
Annexing and forging by pact the colonial Empires,
As by energy and terrorist war - USA be wrenched.

USA yet doesn't comprehend it, you already in war
That Shevardnadze and Gorbachev didn't promiss.
It emerged as Russia and pact, conquering World,
Also have destroy USA, even by from within twists,
Corrupted by Russia, sucking my blood plagiarists.

After Japan attacked - Rooswelt government said:
-"We didn't start yet!" - be carefull what you wish.
Russians inciting nazis of US urinating are mad,
If they think it is enough to defeite US by a "piss".
Putin adding to hat Pride, to unlish tirany squeez.

by: Mamuka
October 24, 2012 18:49
#2 Have Bortko do a remake of "Aleksandr Nevsky"
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by: Vladimir from: Edinburgh
October 24, 2012 21:51

Vladimir Brukhin Patriotism couldn't be commanded especially by an agency, propaganda or any other money consuming burecratic tricks. Patriotism arise in the souls of the young generations when there is no total corruption in the country, when yongsters don't come across at each step of ther life with lie, falsifications and injustice. When citizens are not afraid to speak out loudly their opinion and positions. When people see that goverment respects and takes into account their needs and opinion and strictly follows the state rules and the Constitutions. When people are not afraid of their own ploice and force ministries because they are convinced that they protect but not punish them. When citizen are not have to give bribes at each step of ther life from the maternity hospital up to the cemetery. When people see that there is an alternation of power and all groups of the citizens are represented at the Parlamenta and in in the politicsal parties, including minorities. When people see that the Courts of Justice are independent and not under pressure of the state authorities and rich men. Wneh citizens observe that natural state resources are distributed between all people but not only among a small group of people close to the state authority. When young people from every family could get a free highier education at home and when professor of a university get salary commensurate to his skills and experience but not less than supermarket's cashier. When youngsters see that everything depends on themself and that it is possible to create a career honestly. When the country has an excellent democratic reputation in the World and lives according to the civilized international laws in the family of industrially developed country and has a common point of view with these countries on the major political and economical issues but not in the ring of enemies with a defence consciousness. Only then patriotism will strongly be promoted. No way by agencies, propoganda or commands fro the top. The latter may bring only fake "patriotism". Therefore please don't create a "patriotic agencies" but for the God sake spend these money and put all efforts for above mention issues and make our Fatherland open, just and prosperous!

by: Ray F. from: Lawrence, KS
October 24, 2012 22:06
Another misguided Kremlin attempt to prop-up their diminishing legitimacy. My guess is that this organization will merely be another cash trough where the well-connected can fill their pockets. There is no such thing as ‘top-down, directed patriotism.’ Love of country ultimately stems from decent government that provides good roads, schools, hospitals etc… and an awareness that each citizen has an equal opportunity to improve his/her own welfare. I’ll bet a six-pack that within a year this organized type of Putin-managed patriotism will turn out to be a comfortable refuge for many scoundrels.
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by: Frank
October 25, 2012 09:51
An incomplete follow-up Ray.

In a complete context, patriotisim includes an awareness and ability respond to negatively unfair characterizations of the given people and nation in question.

The Soviet period did a good deal to undermine Russian national identity.

Patriotisim is something that involves nurturing. As long as the aforementioned plan doesn't involve chauvinism, it's a great idea.
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by: Anonymous from: USA
October 25, 2012 15:21
The Russian national identity was undermined when the Czar expanded beyond the Urals, creating the dilemma of sitting on two continents--Europe and Asia. Most Russians live in Europe, while most Russian territory lies in Asia. It was further undermined by the formation of the USSR, which glued many peoples together by ideology. It is STILL being undermined by the existence of the Russian Federation, which currently is struggling more and more to be like the USSR. Tatars for example, are ethnically, religiously, and linguistically different than typical Slavic Russians, so why do they belong in Russia?? Tatarstan is already autonomous, and has its own institutions including a President.
In Response

by: Frank
October 25, 2012 19:42
The arrogant hypocrisy for some (especially some outsiders) to determine which nations can and can't stay together.

Is it not somewhat bigoted to say that a multiethnic nation can't exist because it comprises different ethnic groups? What if the consensus is of a different view? That opinion doesn't count?

On expanding against others, a country other than Russia has (within reason) been characterized as having killed people en masse, with many of the survivors put on reservations.
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by: Anonymous from: USA
October 26, 2012 04:10
I just knew there would be a comparison with Native Americans, I was fully expecting it. So here is my response:
The natives of North America never had countries, governments, or institutions of any kind. They didn't even have written languages. Before the arrival of Europeans, they were nothing more than nomadic tribes in a constant state of war with each other as their lands had no boundaries or borders. The idea that the Native Americans were consistently against Europeans is also mythical. Different tribes formed alliances with the warring European powers such as the French and British. I am not being arrogant, I am only stating fact. Tatars have an identity, and it is not Russian or even European. Since Georgia gained independence from Russia, the original Georgian alphabet has come back into use. I truly believe that Putin is trying his hardest to hold together the Federation despite its different peoples. Since the collapse of the USSR, no common identity has replaced the Soviet citizen.....and I doubt there will ever be one.
In Response

by: Frank
October 26, 2012 11:49
You're being arrogant and ignorant to boot - a technical observation as opposed to an unsubstantiated personal attack..

The Cherokees and Navajos have been referenced as having their own nations, albeit with some differences from what was typical elsewhereat the time. Your point about American Indians fighting each other substanites what? A number of non-Russian peoples from the Russian Empire/Soviet Union are known to have foght against each other more than with the Russians.

FYI the national alphabets and languages of the non-Russian Soviet republics were officially used within the respective republics, with Russian as the USSR wide official language.

In post-Soviet Russia, there's a clearly defined recognition of ethnic Rusian citizens of Russia and non-ethnic Russian citizens of that country. This policy acknowledges ethnic/cultural diversity with no Russian republic currently seeking to leave Russia.

Meantime, some areas outside post-Soviet Russia have indicated a desire to become affiliated with Russia again.
In Response

by: Anonymous from: USA
October 26, 2012 20:21
Nations are defined by institutions, culture, and territorial borders. With the exception of some semblance of a culture the Cherokees and Navajos never had anything else. Tatarstan has all of those things, and it came very close to seceding in the 1990's, (though it is unsubstantiated). The Chechens actually did secede, only to be re-invaded by the Russian army. As you say, there is a clearly defined difference between ethnic and non-ethnic Russian citizens, but it usually involves prejudice and all forms of harassment of Russia's minorities. A person of non-Slavic origin simply can't go for a walk down a Russian street without being attacked or even killed by some racist hooligan. So much for cultural/ethnic diversity in Russia!
In Response

by: Frank
October 27, 2012 09:51
Actually, Tatarstan hasn't come close to showing any signs of coming close to seceding. In contrast, Scotland seems to come closer to seceding from the UK.

The appeal of Chechen separatism has dwindled considerably, as a result of what happened in two different instances in the 1990s when that republic had considerable autonomy. Several years back, a referendum in Chechnya confirmed this point.

Racial profiling and the ongoing bullying and violence against people of color in the US is an ongoing reality.

Some make cheap propaganda out of that. Something that's akin to your delivery at this thread vis-a-vis Rusia.
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by: Anonymous from: USA
October 28, 2012 01:46 I guess electing President Obama is just a form of cheap propaganda right? I seem to recall MANY people around the world back in 2008 claiming Americans were too racist to elect a black president and we completely defied them! Also, every response you have made to my comments so far seem to be more "whataboutism" than a sensible argument. You defend Russia by trying to find flaws in the USA, something Putin also does...maybe that's why you like him so much, right?
In Response

by: Frank
October 28, 2012 09:13
You're clumsily attempting to coverup the ignorant hypocrisy which you've exhibited.

Regarding your last salvo, Stalin was Georgian. The person credited with founding the Soviet security agency was a Polish aristocrat from Vilnius.

FYI, post-Soviet Russian cabinets have been well represented with people of non-ethnic Rusisan backgrounds.

Post-Soviet Russia has had two prime ministers of Jewish background. In the 200 years plus history of the US, how many Jewish presidents andf vice presidents have there been?
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by: Andrew from: Auckland
October 29, 2012 11:30
Frank is being his usual disingenuous self I see.
In Tsarist times non Russian languages were suppressed, often violently, particularly in the Caucasus and central asia.
In the USSR only 3 republics could use their own language and alphabet in any official capacity, they were the Georgian, Azeri, and Armenian SSR's.
All other ethnic languages were pretty much suppressed by the state. Particularly in the Baltic republics and Ukraine.
There were several attempts to remove this right from the Caucasian republics, in the 30 to 60's and again in 1979.
That last attempt was the death knell of the USSR, being the foundation of the south Caucasian independence movements of the 1980's and
Currently the "Ethnic component" in Russian education that was introduced after the collapse of the USSR has once again been banned from federal schools.

In Response

by: Frank
October 29, 2012 17:19
Andrew chimes in with misinformation.

In point of fact, the Soviets attempted to linguistically Ukrainianize an area where Russian was the preferred language.

The coat of arms of the Armenian SSR and I suspect some other Soviet republics included the presence of the alphabet/language of the given predominating ethnic group.

In contrast, the use of the native Irish language (Gaelic) appears considerably more limited in Ireland. On the matter of respecting the languages and cultures of others, the pre-Soviet Russia was not so different from what existed elsewhere in the world at the time.

So much for Andrew's faulty anti-Russian bravado.
In Response

by: Andrew from: Auckland
October 30, 2012 07:42
Frank lies as usual.
Frank, take a look at what actually happened. I know you think the USSR was a heaven for minorities, though that may be your russophilia showing through, but the reality was quite different..
The early soviet period (until 1933) was a period in which the Russian communist party was trying to establish its power, during which they campaigned against "Great Russian Chauvinism" but from 1933 to 1991 "Great Russian Chauvinism" was firmly in the driving seat as non Russian languages became increasingly marginalized
In Response

by: Frank
November 02, 2012 23:20
Andrew lies by saying that I lied. He came up with zilch in terms of finding anything that successfully refutes what I said.

He does this while rehashing anti-Rusian babble.

by: Tony from: Canada
October 24, 2012 22:46
Putin knows you can't jail all the kids so you may as well try to brainwash the rest.
In Response

by: Frank
October 25, 2012 09:53
Tony, if anything, you come across as being more brainwashed.
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by: Tony from: Canada
October 26, 2012 16:56
"Frank" you should be ashamed of selling yourself to this ruling class of crooks and thieves. Maybe one day you'll follow the innocent kids (ex. P*ssy Riot) into these prison camps for crossing the almighty Putin.
In Response

by: Frank
October 26, 2012 21:33
Pussy Riot, as in the not so talented street performers, who attempted to make a name for themselves by disrespecting the chapel of a church that had been persecuted in Soviet times.

Ed Koch and a number of earnest folks outside Russia haven't bought into the BS that Pussy Riot are virtuous and undeserving of a sentence. Considering what they did, the two year sentence is far from a grossly oppressive state.

They could've carried on elsewhere in that manner. There's plenty of such behavior evident in Russia. Had they shown remorse and not disrespected the legal process, Pussy Riot would've likely received less time, if any.

by: john from: canada
October 24, 2012 23:30
This initiative appears to go far beyond just "restoring national pride"!

Sure, Putin has already got his "Eurasianist" propaganda team that includes Aleksandr Dugin and others paid to invent some sort of moral imperative for Russian "sovereignty", a Russian version of "human rights" and a Russian version of "democracy". However, what the Putinists need now is a vehicle to drive the new paradigm right into the hearts and minds of ordinary Russians.

So this agitprop campaign under Pavel Zenkovich, will roll out the Eurasianist world-view message of Russian chauvinism, and Zenkovich is a suitable choice given his background as the Putinist Cabinet's deputy director of press and information.

Ultimately, the Dugin-Zenkovich alliance will construct the Eurasianist world-view and systematically instill this world view through the whole apparatus of the Putinist state apparatus at every level, right down to new school curricula, social clubs, pensioners, youth groups. Nashi will be useful as will the other Putinist social and political groups). Big money will be thrown at it to help grease the skids.

Link to TASS story of this new Putinist initiative to attempt to reverse the moral back-sliding of Russians who are now slipping into the black hole of a Pussy Riot world of "liberasts" and other arch-criminals:

"Kremlin wants its new department to teach Russians to love their country":

Link to Aleksandr Dugin exposé:
Aleksandr Dugin's Neo-Eurasianism: The New Right à la Russe:

In Response

by: Frank
October 25, 2012 12:17
John your comments are over the top from reality. Dugin is an academic with limited influence.

Meantime, the line you seem to prefer includes Andreas Umland, who seems to interact with your linked source Shekhovtsov. Umland is involved the RIA Novosti affiliated Valdai Discussion Club, unlike Dugin.

by: American Troll
October 25, 2012 03:31
On the topic of Russian patriotism, the Kazan Herald says the shootout in the Tatar capital yesterday was a security operation called--and I literally can't believe I'm typing this--"Operation Edelweiss-Tatarstan."

Ponder the ennui and self-loathing behind that chosen name for a moment. In attacking a bunch of Tatars, Russia's own largest minority group, Russian security found it appropriate to name the operation in honor of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet south. Apparently that was a model example of how to handle sub-humans.

Once again, I would rather be a quadruple-amputee dying of AIDS in a Western hospice than be a non-Slav in the Fourth Reich. I wouldn't even trade places with someone like Tina Kandelaki, and she's rich. Chechens and others in the Caucasus can bide their time because even Slav supremacists are eager to "stop feeding the Caucasus". But if you're a Tatar, Bashkir or some other minority trapped in the heartland, escape now. To the US. To Canada. To Papua-New Guinea. Colonize Mars if you have to. Anything. Escape while you and your families are still alive. Any problems you have settling and assimilating elsewhere pale next to your dwindling chances of survival over there. You are already de facto a criminal if you have the gall to be 1) in Russia, 2) non-Slavic, and 3) alive, all at the same time. Removing yourselves is not "doing the fascists' job for them". Only mass-suicide would qualify as that. Think of your families.

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
October 25, 2012 08:24
The attempt to raise patriotism in any other place, means to do the distortion of history and lies..
Let's see who ruled from time to time in Russia..
Maniac and epileptic Ivan the Terrible who killed people for the wrong word
when the Poles dispersed a gang of Russian
A thief and a robber Grishka Otrepyev and party girl Maria Mnishek
Life in Russia at that time: murders -robberies, robberies-murders...

Then comes a maniac destroyer of the Russian people-Peter the First for whom the Germans and the Dutch were much more important than Russian, whom he hated and despised..

Next came Lithuanian Catherine of soldiers brothel..
then аnother Katherine, now a German...

Nicholas II, for whom life of his son Alexis was much more than a millions lives of Russian serfs..

further more:

Lenin- Blank with syphilis of the brain..

Criminal and serial murderer Dzhugashvili..

Uneducated moron Khrushchev..

Affected by dementia Brezhnev..

Tractor driver Gorbachev. not realizing that he has to do and why..

alcoholic Yeltsin....
about Vladimir Vladimirovich I do not want to talk (though, if all of the above put together, something like this...)

Here are some of the history of:

Alexander Nevsky with the Tartars killed and tortured the Russian serfs

His "victory" over the Germans:

ragged gang of Russian under his command attacked 15 German knights, 3 or 4 Knight drowned because of thin ice.

I congratulate you on "great victory", patriots of Russia!!...Hurray!!

In Response

by: Frank
October 25, 2012 09:59
Vakhtang, Russia can't be so bad a place, seeing your choice of residence.

All of your historical references have negative inaccuracies, which can be lumped in a similar manner on other peoples/nations.

People who think like yourself serves as a reason why many Russians wouldn't mind to be better educated at addressing the kind of anti-Rusian propganda which you seem to prefer.
In Response

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
October 25, 2012 11:25
What's wrong here Frank?

I was born in Moscow and studied history at Moscow school аnd if the Russian queen was a former prostitute people should to know about... they need to know the historical truth,not fantasies of hurray patriots..
For example аbkhaz gunmen got out of the caves, killed people and took theу homes .. and on the instructions of the Kremlin, Russian storytellers wrote them history that they have always lived in these houses...
You want a history,like this,yes Frank?
Just watch that bandits not come to you and kill with impunity..

Do you think to tell the truth and criticize scum it is anti-Russian propaganda?

In Response

by: Frank
October 25, 2012 12:58
Vakhtang you're being quite foolish by side-stepping your one-sided anti-Russian presentation which isn't accurate.

Russians and others who oppose such underhanded bigotry have good reason to be better versed on the subjects you touch on.

One of your dubious comments is the how Dzhugashvili (Stalin) is presented. Specifically, his Georgian roots.

Nevsky made the best out of a tough situation. His prudent manner led to a gradually strengthened northern area of Rus which was eventually able to free itself of Mongol occupation.

There were serfs in Russia, as some others had slaves elsewhere.

In Response

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
October 26, 2012 02:52
I'll be Frank with you, Frank, you do not know Russian history...

Russian learned about Nevsky at will of Stalin, who ordered the jew Eyzeyshteyn to make the movie (1938) , to raise the spirit of Russian who were afraid of war with Hitler..

But after the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, film "Alexander Nevsky" was put on the shelf as inappropriate to the moment.and was shown in 1942 when the Russian retreat under the pressure of the Germans.

Prince Nevsky was a nonentity, a drunk and a dud and he did not take any significant role in the history of Russia.

As for his "deeds"'s real history, as it was:

In winter 1242 a gang of Alexander Nevsky ravaged neighborhood Dorpat, dealing a blow to the possessions of Bishop Herman and already on the retreat was caught a small group of Germans - some knights led by the Vice-Master of the Order, Andreas von Velvenom.
Maximally, such a group could have a 20-25 Knights..
in the gang of Nevsky were 1000 bandits..

How do you see the bandit and robber Nevsky was touted by Soviet propaganda machine as the "savior" of the fatherland-))))

Learn the history, Frank...correct history....
In Response

by: Frank
October 26, 2012 12:00
I'll be frank with you Vakhtang, you carry on like a misinformed anti-Russian propagandist.

Nevsky was a positively viewed figure in Russia before the USSR's existence.

Your point about Molotov-Ribbentrop is in the so what category, in terms of not successfully refuting what I've said.

Why highlight the Jewish background of SE? Do you've something against Jews?

Your faulty diatribe against Nevsky is unsubstantiated and not in sync with reality. His prudent policies helped to make it possible for the northern area of subjugated Rus to free itself from the Mongol occupier.

There's a reasonable basis for why the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia and the Moscow Patriarchate view him as a saint. He comes across as being more saintly than Stepinac.
In Response

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
October 27, 2012 03:50
This is good, Frank, that you remember about Jews.
We remember that Jesus Christ was a jew and that the Bible was written by jews.
It means. that Russian believe in Jewish God.
Therefore, the correct name of the Russian Orthodox Church is-Russian Jewish church.
All fundamental discoveries in Russia were made by Jewish scientists
Jews Rosenbergs gave atomic bomb to Russian..
art, film- all set up in Russia by Jews..
Putin brought to power in Russia by jew Berezovsky..
Russia without Jews could not function...

Stop fooling people with this moron Nevsky..He was a Tatar slave who gave in Tatar slavery russian women and children..He was killing Russian, who refused to obey Tatars.
He was like a Russian policemen who served to Nazis

In Response

by: Frank
October 27, 2012 09:57
Vakhtang, your last set of comments further reveals that you've a crackpot views.

For good reason, Nevsky is seen as a Russian patriot, who led a successful defeat of the Germans, cautioned against a Western alliance that would've compromised the Orthodox Christian denomination, while prudently making the best of a situation that involved ar Mongol subjugation.

by: joe from: ccbc
October 26, 2012 15:57
The President in Russia seems to be trying to create a new face for the society of Russia to be proud of. If this agency can restore national pride in its country then I encourage this act as a fellow America I know firsthand that pride in ones country can lead to success. We all would like to be happy and proud. The first thing is to restore the economy because all the pride in the world can’t feed people, only people with jobs can. The welfare state in Russia isn’t strong due to the demand from the public. When economy problems happen it makes it hard for the public to obtain financial liberty. I feel that President Putin is trying to restore it through national pride. This could be a good thing for the nation or it could back fire but one thing is for sure and that is Russia understands the economic down fall and is attempting to fix it.
In Response

by: Anonymous from: USA
October 27, 2012 14:11
Wrong, Putin is trying to create a new ideology for Russians to follow (willingly or by force), and it is something close to true fascism. It is nothing new, it is just a return to 19th century Romanov thinking.
In Response

by: Frank
October 28, 2012 00:55
That WP piece is one-sided tripe.
In Response

by: Anonymous from: USA
October 28, 2012 09:20
Speak for yourself, Frank
In Response

by: Frank
October 28, 2012 12:01
Like other countries don't seek to maintain some aspects of their past in conjunction with the present day. With that thought in mind, one can do similar hatchet jobs on others.

Yes, that linked WP piece is garbage.

by: Andriy from: Lviv
October 27, 2012 13:39
What a clown!

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