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Is Russia’s New Nationality Policy Tailored For Ramzan Kadyrov?

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, with a poster of Russian President Vladimir Putin looming behind him, addresses a rally to mark the Day of Russia in Grozny on June 12.
Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, with a poster of Russian President Vladimir Putin looming behind him, addresses a rally to mark the Day of Russia in Grozny on June 12.
The draft Strategy of a State Nationalities Policy currently in the final stage of discussion contains a provision that could allow for the consolidation of the North Caucasus republics into a single territorial-administrative entity of which Russian President Vladimir Putin could appoint his protégé, Chechen Republic head Ramzan Kadyrov, as head.

Kadyrov has systematically sought to extend his hegemony beyond Chechnya for the past several years. But whether the strategy was drafted with the explicit objective of facilitating his aspirations is impossible to say.

Meeting on October 29, the working group tasked with fine-tuning the draft strategy approved the final wording of the section in question, which now reads: “...develop the practice of forming large territorial-administrative units in the R[ussian] F[ederation], endorsing in them new forms of territorial government conditioned by a combination of natural-climatic, economic, and ethno-confessional factors.”

It is not clear whether the new proposed model would be applied simultaneously to the whole of Russia or whether one or several individual regions, such as the North Caucasus, would be selected as a controlled experiment. Tatarstan and unnamed other “national republics” have already expressed opposition to the idea. It is also not clear whether one or all of the new mega-districts will replace the existing network of federal districts, and if they do not, or the two systems do not dovetail exactly, how political and economic responsibility would be divided between the presidential representative to the Federal District and the head of the new territorial entity.

In addition, no final decision has yet been taken on whether to resurrect the Nationalities Ministry that Putin abolished in 2001. In his seminal article on nationality policy earlier this year, Putin argued that a separate government agency is needed to focus on nationality policy. And after his reelection as president, he ordered the creation of a presidential council for interethnic relations, which he personally chairs. That council, which drafted the new strategy, includes no fewer than four former nationalities ministers (Ramazan Abdulatipov, Valery Tishkov, Vladimir Zorin, and Vyacheslav Mikhailov). But it is an advisory body with no executive powers.

For that reason, during successive discussions of the draft nationalities strategy, representatives of the North Caucasus republics and of Tatarstan have consistently argued the need for a new Nationalities Ministry. Debating the strategy last week, the State Duma, too, advocated the creation of a new ministry and the allocation of a minimum of 1 billion rubles ($31.78 million) from the state budget to finance it.

Putin first experimented with the practice of merging federation subjects in the early 2000s, around the same time as he abolished the Nationalities Ministry. As a result of the mergers of six autonomous okrugs into larger, neighboring oblasts, the number of federation subjects was reduced from 89 to 83. But in the North Caucasus, plans to subsume the Republic of Adygheya into surrounding Krasnodar Krai triggered heated protests in Adygheya and were quietly shelved.

Two years ago, Putin, then Russian prime minister, floated an alternative model for regional economic amalgamation in the form of a “macro-district” comprising the southwest Siberian oblasts of Tomsk, Novosibirsk, and Kemerovo, and Altai Krai. A few months later, “Vedomosti” reported the existence of a blueprint to redivide Russia into 20 administrative regions.

Public discussion of the draft nationalities strategy ends on October 31 and Putin is to formally approve it by the end of this year. Assuming that he then appoints Kadyrov to head a new mega-region, Kadyrov would thus have carte blanche to impose on the entire North Caucasus his bastardized version of Chechen Sufi Islam. Whether he would also assume responsibility for implementing the grandiose plans drawn up by the presidential representative to the North Caucasus Federal District, Aleksandr Khloponin, for a string of high-end tourist resorts financed largely by foreign investment is not clear.
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by: Anonymous
October 31, 2012 04:55
'Vladimir Putin could appoint his protégé, Chechen Republic head Ramzan Kadyrov, as head."
Oh, I see. Parts of Ingushetia and Dagestan are already out of the question. Now he wants the whole Caucasus.
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by: Dan from: Duro
November 05, 2012 17:59
The Caucasus will not accept this. Kadyrov is disgusting and obviously not competent in his role as a leader. To be Putin's lap dog, yes, but, what else? I sincerely hope that this ridiculous plan does not follow through. It is almost as if the Russians are eagerly trying desperately to create a situation that will allow them to go in with arms and massacre the native population at some point in the future. When will Russia fall now, is my question.
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by: Anonymous
November 06, 2012 04:32
Its not a bad idea, more mega mosques will be built in every town.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
October 31, 2012 05:27
Is Russia use my reminding it about "consolidation" - for good?
To consolidate North Caucasus nations as part of Civilization
Of Ibero-Caucasian CIS, known since 12 milleniums ago?
History of Russia was just opposite - spying on nations
They learned best hopes and killed it, adding own ego.

The CIS of pre-Georgian kingdoms, like Hetia, Media,
Lidia, Iveria and so on, became usurped empty word
By evil empires - Persia, Greko-Macedonia, Vizantia,
And finaly Russia, unleashing genocide on the World.
Maybe Russia would limmit it - usurping pre-Georgia?

Not likely, Varaga-Prussia still the same. They raped
Osetin girls, even intermarried few, by Russian spies
Of GRU, Spetcnaz and Boldyrev army, get pregnant,
Grow Gauliters of Osetia, occupied by Russian guys,
Baby-killers of Beslan, enslaving all Osetins in ranks:

Pre-Georgians and Medians be mocked under Dans,
Which mocked under Guns and Skiffs, which all too,
Mocked under children of Russian rape, when done,
Who are slaves of Russian rapes, watched by GRU
And expelled, looking, Georgian Ingushes of "Osetia".

Ingushes thought to awoid evil, by refugees crouded,
Even planed built two hydroelectric plants - attacked
By oboroten's of Russian armies and also occupied,
As Osetia - be platcdarm of Russian invaders bunks.
After Checnia crushed, largest slave-army remained.

About two thousand childrens of WW2 criminals now
In Battalions, like Yamadaev's, some are "oboroten's".
Russia got as much from rest of Caucasus, together.
It is why enslaved Causasus that Russia makes bow
Russia forge plathdarm for Russia, voshkas-invaders.

United by one Gauliter battalions, 10 thousands or so,
Among invading Russian armies to Caucasus South,
Russia get ready to repopulate Caucasus by swines,
From Azerbaijan Sea of oil to Georgian Sea of wines.
What if Caucasus will not help you that much - Tiers?

What if US telepaths will finally brake Russia hypnose
That Russia use on any genius with Caucasian nose?
What if your crimes against humanity and God in vain?
What if new flying "wine tiles" of new Kartveli fly again?
What if Russia's spies miss steal from new Einshtein?
What if (horrible) I'll change corrupted by Ruissia USA?

by: Aftab Kazi from: Washington DC
November 01, 2012 02:39
Politically oriented fictionalizing of poetry in an open political form also creates new stereotypes. Please respect the very ethics of poetry, because, great poets have often expressed their view envolped, because of their apoliticalness, hence, trying to achieve utmost objectivity. These poems are neither mystical, nor romantic, but purely political, attacking one or the other groups, without realizing whatever their innocence, or role might have had been. Also, do not reflect polemically ancient history with modern day events, as we do not have either necessary evidence, nor final answer to historical questions, which are totally controversial. Your poetry will be ultimately treated as polemical. Let Georgians grow in liberty with their own political spirit, not by a poet's personal political convictions.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
November 01, 2012 10:53
It isn't poetry at all, Kazi. If you are Russian from DC,
You might compare me to Efiopean Russian Pushkin.
Inspired Russians repeat his "non-political" evil peaces,
Like to Mitckevich: "You poet and I poet, but your Princes,
Polak, is briskly marry our Proudly Noble Officer, a Russian.

As our Proudly Noble princess will not go for a briskly Polak."
He also called Jews "Coarsen Judas, 'farfluhter' Solomon"
And his apogee of hate of Russia to Ukraine was quack,
Being so evil that if non-Russian read it, he'll go crack,
Or, reading "Mazepa", he'll wish all the Russia gone.

Still, as another poet said: -"Ne vynesla dusha poeta",
If even one is not a poet - he must right truth of World
The way it is, as I do and as shortening an "Alfa-Beta"
So it wouldn't sunk in endless prose I tailor few words.
My modest arrangement of lines is not a poetic sword.

Since birth - dying on the cross and in "pain amplifiers",
I have neither wish nor time write any poetry, as prayer
That like many fortunate leaving out of trillions I created
In my brake-through, by Russia-USA was expropriated,
So that the enriched and their proxies be my criticizers.

I am not sure whether I can write poetry at all - it is hard.
Let's try write something, going for your educated beard.

They tried another threat, the Jesuit's inquisition,
Kill my old mother, if I refuse create for their glory,
As plagiarized slave - I had to decline the invitation.
They started killing her three days before my birthday.
They killed her three days after birth of American nation.

They like symbolics of their deeds, as "High Priest’s" hunt.
Yesterday I left on her grave few flowers with six roses.
Today three roses gone, three on ground - stamped.
Even our graves in order threatening their bosses.

by: Anonymous
November 05, 2012 02:50
ossetin liars showing pictures of Ingush dead people as their own in liar-propaganda campaign:

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